Japanese Music: SDP – Get Up and Dance

Much like American rap groups, Japanese rap groups also sample.  So for this post, I decided to revisit the Japanese rap group Scha Dara Parr (スチャダラパー), better known as “SDP,” as they kick it old school.  They take Freedom’s 1979 disco funk song “Get Up and Dance” and basically do their own version of it.  The version from SDP’s album runs long but the only copy of it to listen to isn’t that great a quality. Instead, here’s a live version of the song.



The song was liked enough in Japan that Nissan even did a commercial with it.



Of course, there have been quite a few American groups that have sampled the original song from Freedom (and I know most of those tunes), but oddly enough, I never heard the original until after I’d heard SDP’s version and found it that way. Go figure, eh? Well, here’s the original.



For my birthday, I’m going to try to score the SDP CD with “Get Up and Dance” on it and one other SDP album with “Disco System.”

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