Usagi Drop – 03

うさぎドロップ Episode 03
Usagi Drop – 03

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

Usagi Drop - 03While watching TV, Rin becomes upset because a TV program is about death. The following day at work, Daikichi decides to confide in Gotou-san, a young woman who’d taken a demotion after becoming pregnant in order to have more time with her child.  Meeting for lunch, Gotou-san is surprised at what Daikichi has done. They also discuss Rin’s recent bed-wetting problems as well as the causes and possible solutions.  That evening, Daikichi’s mother calls to see how Rin is doing in her new home. Daikichi tells his mother that they will be coming by for the weekend because he wants to go by his grandfather’s place in an attempt to learn more information about Rin’s mother.

Usagi Drop - 03The weekend comes and Rin is happy on the train, but arriving at Daikichi’s parent’s home, Rin becomes withdrawn. Daikichi’s sister, Kazumi, comes by and is shocked that Daikichi was serious about caring for Rin. Rin stays close to Daikichi all evening until it is time for her to go to bed. After she falls asleep, Daikichi’s parents ask about Rin’s behavior. Daikichi says that she behaves normal at home, but here among those who had treated her so poorly when Daikichi’s grandfather died, Rin thinks that they are angry with her. Kazumi gets irritated by this accusation, but their mother agrees that a child could think this. When Daikichi teases Kazumi, she hits him with a thrown orange.

Usagi Drop - 03The following day, Daikichi’s mother provides some special yarn string for Rin to make string figures (like Cat’s Cradle) and some small beanbags to teach Rin to play otedama.  Haruka brings by her daughter Reina at Daikichi’s request and Rin has a playmate while Daikichi goes to his grandfather’s house to investigate. He finds a modem behind a cabinet but no other computer equipment. Returning to his parent’s home, he is greeted by a cheerful Rin, who’s hair has been done up like Reina’s and wearing Kazumi’s childhood clothing.  Kazumi isn’t sure about Rin wearing such old clothing, but does agree with her mother that the do look good on Rin.

Usagi Drop - 03Daikichi and his father talk where Daikichi learns that his mother had not always been a housewife.  When it is time for them to go, Rin quietly asks Daikichi if they can come back. Daikichi asks on her behalf, which touches his parents and sister. Daikichi’s mother tells Rin she can come back anytime she likes.  On the train ride home, Daikichi asks if Grandpa had a computer. Rin says that his maid, Masako-san, did but that Rin didn’t like her since Masako was always angry with her. Daikichi recognizes the name as Rin’s mother.  The following day at work, Daikichi has another talk with Gatou about things.  Gatou teases Daikichi that he should be teaching her since her kid is only two.

Usagi Drop - 03That night, Daikichi wakes up and discovers Rin has left the futon and is getting dressed.  The gets panicked when she realizes he’s awake, but Daikichi assures her he isn’t angry with her, whether the wed bed is the result of sweat or not.  Rin worries that Daikichi might die before her, so Daikichi does what he can to assure her that this won’t happen until she’s an old lady.  He also tells her that she can wake him up if needed and that he would take her to the scary toilet. At work the next day, Daikichi goes to his boss to get transferred to a department with less hours and tells his boss about Rin. His boss agrees to make it happen, though Daikichi’s kohai aren’t happy about losing him.


Usagi Drop - 03Watching a series like this, I keep thinking, “How could you not love Rin?”  She’s so cute and adorable, not to mention precious, intelligent, and just a really good girl. Its hard enough understanding how a mother could abandon her baby (and I am going to assume that the “Masako-san” Rin remembers is in fact her mother), but how could Daikichi’s relatives have been so cold?  Fortunately, that has all changed as Daikichi’s parents have grown fond of Rin. Heck, even Kazumi seems to have done so with Rin now addressing her as “Kazumi-oneechan.” I’m glad this has happened as Rin continues to find acceptance and won’t have such a hard time.

Usagi Drop - 03Then there’s Daikichi. You know, even though this is fiction, I figure that somewhere out there, there’s been someone like this who’s taken in an abandoned child. I can totally respect such a person as Daikichi because being a single parent is tough enough without having it suddenly thrown upon you. I’m glad to see that Daikichi broke down and spoke to his co-workers and boss about his new situation.  The first week of Rin and Daikichi’s life together has been mostly apart because of his long working hours. Now, maybe Daikichi and Rin can spend some quality time together, which would further alleviate Rin’s fears about abandonment and death.

So far, I’m really glad to have picked this series up.  I hope the rest of the series continues to be as good.

Usagi Drop - 03
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2 Responses to “Usagi Drop – 03”

  1. aniphiles says:

    As always, Usagi Drop is a pleasure for me. I fell in love with the art style. 😀

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Yeah, it looks pretty good. Got a look-see at the manga and the anime captures the character designs pretty well, in my opinion.

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