Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 392

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Chapter 392

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Risa, Izumi, and Miki are in a restaurant wondering what to do with the infamous Enemy of Summer Break homework. Risa decides that after all these years of slacking off on it, they should do the homework and get it done early, shocking her two friends. Miki says the problems are too difficult for them, but Risa decides they should divide the book into thirds, but they will each need someone to assist them. Risa states that they need Hayate (Hayata), Hina, and Chiharu, whom she feels are not only smart, but could not refuse a tearful plea.

Hayate is the only one to respond to the summons, coming to Izumi’s home. Miki and Risa are not happy to hear that Chiharu and Hina passed on helping them because they figured out Risa’s one-third homework plan. As such, they take off to get them, leaving Hayate with Izumi. Hayate conditionally agrees to help Izumi study, providing she takes it seriously. Izumi is happy about this and promises to do it right, imagining a happy experience. However, Hayate doesn’t do things the way she imagined as he’s intent on properly teaching her so that he’s not being saddled helping Izumi all the time with homework. As such, he sternly stops her from making tea and forces her to sit down and study.

Izumi states that the problems in the homework are too hard. He encourages her to think hard for herself, but she seems unable to even understand the basic instructions. Hayate tells her to find stuff she can do, but she finds that it is all hard for her, even though Hayate is questioning if the homework is actually very easy. She finally finds a kanji question she can answer — writing her name.

Hayate sees his strict teaching isn’t going to work, so he takes another approach. Unfortunately, Izumi uses a phrase that makes it seem that she’s not going to learn when in fact, she was using it incorrectly. Hayate says he’s worried about her future, but Izumi says that she though he’d support her in the future. He bluntly tells her he’s not supporting a stupid girl, which she finds mean.

Meanwhile, Hina and Chiharu are forcing Miki and Risa to do their homework.


So, we get another one chapter story. Unfortunately, it isn’t that funny, but it is somewhat fun.

I was amused at Risa’s whole notion of actually doing the homework, even if they each did a third, then got someone smart to help them do their third of the homework.

The funniest bit came at the very end, when it is revealed that Hina and Chiharu are forcing Miki and Risa to actually work.

As to the rest of the chapter, it is nothing more than an indulgence to allow Izumi have some screen time with her crush, Hayate. This is a harem manga series, so Hata-sensei is obviously stoking the fires a bit for the Izumi angle, not that anyone expects Hayate to end up with Izumi.

Having this story mostly take place at Izumi’s mansion poses a problem. I couldn’t help but think, “Where’s Kotatsu in all this?” That was the first thing I thought when I finished the chapter. Its not that I want that bozo around, but considering how much Hayate hates Kotatsu, one wonders why that wasn’t enough of a reason for Hayate not to come by Izumi’s home at all. Of course, since Hata-sensei is in this one chapter gag story mode, it is possible he might do a Kotatsu chapter next week before Hayate goes home.

Anyway, not much else to write about this chapter. It is what it is, a silly chapter about Miki, Risa, and Izumi trying to skate on homework and failing.

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4 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Manga Chapter 392”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lol, it’s like Miki and Risa are prisoners, since Hinagiku tells them they’re not leaving til they they finish their homework.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Izumi writing her name as the answer is so much like in episode 2 of School Rumble when Tenma writes her name as the answer on the test When Harima is trying to give Tenma the answer.

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