Ah! My Goddess Ch. 297 Manga Review

Ah! My Goddess Manga/Oh My Goddess! Manga
ああっ女神さまっ Chapter 297
SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Keiichi finds himself puzzled as to why he’s suddenly back at the starting line with Daitenkaicho Tyr. Tyr explains that Keiichi ran out of time. He asks if Keiichi thought he was going to die. Keiichi confirms this, so Tyr says that though Keiichi might not fear death this time, he’ll still be afraid. He points to Keiichi’s trembling leg, so Keiichi asks Belldandy for help. Tyr immediately throws up a barrier to prevent Belldandy from using any magic, challenging Belldandy to defeat it. Belldandy surprises her father by not using magic, but simply cheering Keiichi on.

Keiichi takes strength from this and takes off on the course again. A suspicious Tyr asks Belldandy what she did. She says she did nothing but give him encouragement with force and feeling. Tyr is amused by this, calling it witchcraft. Belldandy says that if this is the case, then she’s a witch.

Tyr and Belldandy watch Keiichi make his way through the race, this time easily making it past the point he got to the previous time. Keiichi’s progress makes Belldandy cheer and Keiichi think that he’s got it made, but Tyr thinks otherwise.


Well, as slow as the racing part of this is going, I no longer think chapter 300 will be the ending chapter unless Fujishima-sensei ends the manga with a massive-sized chapter 300. There have been manga that have ended thusly, such as Ai Yori Aoshi.

I was amused by Tyr’s instant assumption that Belldandy would use magic to help Keiichi and his subsequent daring her to try to breach his barrier. Well, if a daughter can’t tweak her father, who can? ^_~

Beyond that, there’s not a lot to comment on. That’s because the chapter is just a pretty straight forward “Keiichi takes his second attempt on the track” story, and that second attempt hasn’t even been done. Who knows what Tyr has in store for Keiichi.

Still, it was an enjoyable chapter for what it was.

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