Hayate the Combat Butler Love (and some site news)

Howdy folks! Well, it is a highly busy time for yours truly, mainly because I have over 2600 more posts on this blog that need to be gone through, have their images corrected, have certain formatting problems with some posts corrected, and finally to make some long overdue tweaks on older posts.  Also, because the blog is now on WordPress, I need to set what is called a “featured image” for each post, which is the image that you see when you come into the main page of the blog, or via one of the many archive pages.  It is also the image that Facebook picks up on.

I’m working my way back in time through present, but when I hit a post where I linked out to other post(s), I correct said links (which were pointing to Blogger), and then follow said link to correct the problems with that post. I also notice when posts start trending, and if it is a post I’ve not previously corrected, I correct it.

Of course, that’s just me being busy on the blog side of things and doesn’t touch on the things going on with my personal life. ^_^;

Still, one of the fun things about going back and fixing things is finding new things at the same time. Being a big fan of the Hayate the Combat Butler manga, several posts I’ve written regarding volumes that Viz has not gotten around to (thanks to their two volume a year release policy, which means we in the U.S. get further and further behind with every passing year) I decided to add the Japanese covers too. Sadly, I had not really paid much attention to the Limited Edition volumes, which have some rather interesting artwork when compared to the regular edition covers. Take a look.

Hayate the Combat Butler LE 29

Hayate the Combat Butler LE 32 + 0

Hayate the Combat Butler 0Of course, that last cover is from a special volume done for the Hayate the Combat Butler: Heaven is a Place on Earth movie (which I reviewed here).

I’ve also learned that in many of these Limited Edition manga releases, Hata-sensei has some rather ecchi artwork. ^_^;

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4 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Love (and some site news)”

  1. mr. Poneis says:

    The new layout is great! (black and cherrieblossoms are a interesting combination!) and your dedication to fix old posts is awesome… Indeed I would like to have that kind of resolution to fix my old blog…

    And (♪~) these covers are incredible!!!

    Até mais ver

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Thanks! I’m going to see about scoring some more of these covers. I wish I had the money to buy the LE volumes, but alas, I can’t. 🙁

      • mr. Poneis says:

        the best we can do is wish huh… well Hayate did say that the ones that don´t give up is the one to smile in the end… though Santa was the first one to disagree… awesome as always…

        Até mais ver

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