UQ Holder Chapter 45 SPOILER Info and Images!

Here are some SPOILER images and information for the upcoming UQ Holder chapter 45, courtesy of Manga Kansou. No summary or translation of what’s being said there, but likely there will be later on today.  I’ll keep my eyes open for such. (My review of UQ Holder chapter 45 should come out Wednesday.)


The UQ Holder chapter 45 goodness begins.^_^

UQ Holder Chapter 45 SPOILER

The new Emily/Ayaka character?  *lol*

Update: ChaosProphet has nifty info. ^_^

(one note here, hooded uses “ore 俺” to refer to itself which is mostly used by males, so will refer to it as a male for now).

Everyone is surprised with a second class student beating a first class. Seems like hooded boy also was watching. The academy vigilance committee members appear (girls on spoiler pic) and everyone run away. What happened end up in the newspaper, Karin complains to Touta about standing out.

Everyone focus on the murder investigation. They go to the place where the 2 murders happened this time (first was 4 days ago) and using AR glasses see the recording of security cameras on the time of death. First one looks like a suicide (jumping to death) but on the situation doesn’t seems like it was possible for the person to jump. The second one seems like the person was fused with the bathroom wall. Many similar events happened intermittently since about 80 years ago.

Kurou and Touta head back to the dorms. Hooded boy is watching through various surveillance cameras:

Looks at Touta & Kurou: “Those two looks like small fries, will ignore them”
Looks at Ikkuu who is friendly talking with girls “Yeah, die. Even if can’t die, die. This one is definitely an enemy”
Looks at Karin “This one, it’s the incompetent woman I turned away last time. Seems like she didn’t learn her lesson and is trying to catch me again. Who would want to join UQH?”

He is typing in the computer while using the “internet assimilation (電網同化)” ability. Seems like he knows where UQH base is and extract their date from there. His age seems to be the same as Ikkuu’s who as born in 2001. And for a strange reason Touta is listed as having been born 4 years ago (2082). Hooded boy “Well then, lets chase them away once more”. Kurou and Touta happen to be at the same room as hooded boy. They greet him. Hooded boy is caught really by surprise.

Hmmmm…interesting stuff there.

Unfortunately, I can’t comment more now (barely had time to get this in for you guys), but I’ll join in the discussions later. ^_^

UQ Holder Chapter 45

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  1. chaosprophet says:

    Sorry, one mistake on my text there: “extract their date” => “extract their data”.

  2. Seimei says:

    Good … So. Here is the transcript of my quasi-commentary on the french forum and I registered because it perfectly retrensmet my thoughts ^ ^:

    “And property does not take me for an arrogant but I expected!

    Astro told us even here there are several months Tota could be an artificial being and it seems that we are moving towards it! I would add that apparently according to him, it would be said at the beginning of the manga that parents would Tota (in addition to being probably magicians) experts in genetics and medicine!

    Everything starts to come together! And I feel that the anti-Tota soon will experience totally different feelings! The prospect of artificial birth do to be a simple test lab is dramatic in itself and I find that artificial beings and other clones often attract the sympathy of the readers / viewers because of their traumatic past in itself. And is a type of background that I have not often seen in Nekketsu. The only examples I have tsubasa chronicle and Tales of Abyss (on this subject, is just after discovering that he was a clone the main character of Tales Abyss ceases to be arrogant and reform his behavior! Hmm hmm VERY INTERESTING!).

    Anyway as I said above, I hope that the future development that ad if it were to be confirmed calm contempt some haters (who will recognize) not only to Tota and especially to the UQ-Holder manga in general (and will even enjoy ^ ^)

    I also a theory. And if Tota was downright … a clone? If there was a second Tota (original?) And if that was the original Tota current avatar of life-maker? In this perspective Fate with the help of parents have created a true Tota clone for the fight. But for unknown reasons parents have Tota am Fate, taking their son / creation with them two years later. This led to the chain of events that are known.”

    What about youAstro (and others)? An idea ?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Astro told us even here there are several months Tota could be an artificial being and it seems that we are moving towards it!

      I’m not the only one thinking this, but you are correct – it does seem that this is the route we are heading to.

      And if Tota was downright … a clone?

      That could be possible, or he could be a culmination of DNA from multiple sources.

      As to the Lifemaker, too little is known about this entity for me to say much.

  3. NML says:

    Hmmm, so Touta may be an artificial being, at least this might explain why he’s able to learn Magia Erebea so easily.
    I wonder if perhaps Negi or maybe his life-force or something else that’s very abstract is sealed inside Touta and that’s why Fate wants him and Evangeline wants to keep him safe.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Hmmm, so Touta may be an artificial being, at least this might explain why he’s able to learn Magia Erebea so easily.

      It would explain a great deal.

      I wonder if perhaps Negi or maybe his life-force or something else that’s very abstract is sealed inside Touta and that’s why Fate wants him and Evangeline wants to keep him safe.

      Maybe. We’ll see though.

  4. Gummy Peach says:

    That girl looks like Asuna and also Arika. Look at the facial features such as the eyes and eyebrows 😀
    And is that a sword the other girl is carrying? :/

    • shadow_s_writer says:

      I think the girl on the right is on a broom, or a flying staft, like Negi ‘s.

      The Center girl might be Arika’s grand-daughter, the one that meets Asuna in the future.

      • I doubt it.

        Also , I`m pretty sure you meant ” Ayaka Yukihiro ” not Arika , Not to mention , The one Asuna met was Ayaka`s great great great grand daughter and Thats in the year 2135 , We`re still in 2086 in UQ Holder.


      • Dargor says:

        Arika’s great-grandaughter is further in the future. Asuna woke up much later then when UQ Holder takes place.

        Still think we got screwed over a decent sequel series in that regard. The futuristic adventures of Asuna Samurai Jack style trump UQ TOUTA TOUTA TOUTA any day. That and every single one of her plot threads was left unresolved and incredibly vague at best.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Arika’s great-grandaughter is further in the future. Asuna woke up much later then when UQ Holder takes place.

          Assuming Ayaka is the one meant, this could be just the granddaughter (or the like).

          Still think we got screwed over a decent sequel series in that regard.

          Yeah, well…^_^;;;;

          • chaosprophet says:

            If we estimate the little girl Asuna met age (going with 7 years old) and knowing she was Ayaka’s great-great-great-granddaughter, we can get an average age each of her descendents would have a child and an estimate age of birth would be on these lines:

            1988 – Ayaka
            2016 – daughter
            2044 – granddaughter
            2072 – great-granddaughter
            2100 – great-great-granddaughter
            2128 – great-great-great-granddaughter

            So age wise, if a Yukihiro, it would be viable for that girl to be Ayaka’s great-granddaughter / the grandmother of the girl Asuna met in 2135.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            That makes sense.

        • Seimei says:

          ahahahahahahahahahhahah! Excuse … me … I … have to … take … my breath.

          Good going I’m kidding, but there’s enough teasing. I’m talking seriously.

          I might as well say that in Negima, Ala-Ala-Alba had NEGI, NEGI, NEGI! If you will look more closely at the Ala-Alba has won NO important fight! Except against the daughters of Fate (but this is not so fabulous) and Setsuna who broke tsukuyomi (only at THE END!).

          ALL the rest had NEGI! The Ala-alba served just pulpit Conon or distraction the time Negi arrives.

          Who faced and defeated Chao Linche? WAS NEGI!

          Who saved nodoka and his band of treasure hunters bounty hunters? WAS NEGI!

          Who beat Dynamis? WAS NEGI!

          Who beat Rakan? WAS NEGI!

          Fate has stopped? WAS NEGI!

          And do not tell me about the artifact Natsumi or heroic contributions of Nodoka, they do not count. Yeah because obviously for you in UQ-Holder has done all that Tota (Tota properties sure trapped Fate alone is beat hands down. He was not about to be exploded the face and ingenuity of Kirie did not all saved. not well on Tota has aLL DONE huh? like kuromaru bsolumen did not risked his life to protect against Kaito Tota suffered a lot of Christian anti-vampire magic until the magia-erebea breaks the seal. of course. for you he just played the role of “Yamcha.” in agreement with you, but then it also applies to almost totalitee members Ala-alba in Negima.

          So why take into account the role of Natsumi at the end or that of any character Negima since you deny the role that had hitherto characters UQ-holder?

          And above all it makes me laugh that your ideal scenario (Asuna in the future) is nothing but a cliche THOUSAND TIMES reviewed (the character of the past arriving in the future and learning to live there, and more with a harem inverted) and you DARE say that UQ-Holder is cliches? As we say back home in France “it is the hospital that cares for charity!”

          Like about cliches. I’ll set the record straight to happiness because I’m sick. Make an inventory of those Negima it’ll be fun.

          Already the characters:
          Asuna: Basic Tsunedere with a feisty personality seen hundred times! His background? That of Elie Rave-Master is almost identical.

          Konoka & Setsuna: a dedicated protecting a princess (! Which serves as a “healer” group Negi because a princess MUST not fight) and is more in love with her) samurai. Woah! Super oiriginal!

          Yue: the gifted brainy not good at school because it’s boring. It also seen and reviewed!

          Nodoka: shy and fragile girl in love with the hero but hardly dare to talk to him (I could cite a hundred manga or quasi clone character Nodoka is present alone Naruto, Hinata is exactly is character Nodoka And as it becomes.. safer it later)

          Kaede: Ninja!

          Ku Fei: As is well known Chinese ALL comers in another country MUST do know kung fu!

          Chachamaru “has a rebot there a soul?” So … Astro Boy, Ghost in the shell, apple-Seed and I forget! Have all the manga where this theme is discussed! And I speak not of novels, films or series!

          Eva: a vampire girl ice queen which is actually very nice woah! Is original! (sorry about that but for me the personality of Eva in UQ-Holder does not shock me had everything! His coldness was due to the 600 years she spent trying to survive. She was so cold and disillusioned. But Negima since it anyway spent 60 years with Negi has the fact that it is not détins on it that would have shocked me! Before leaving UQ-Holder I started to write a fic that taking place in 2140 (after the epilogue) and Eva was barely cold in UQ-Holder. faitt in it was the same director Mahora! (by the way the hero was the great grand-son of Negi and his team n was not composed of girls (there were goods dedants.) He was in an orphanage owned by Eva but she did not manage himself. Chachamaru was the manager. ^ ^

          All this to say that for me Yukihime IS Eva. In fact she learns even whole philosophy that Negi: “No matter the age or sex, from the moment a person chooses to fight, drafts in the opponent did not make him preferential treatment! “. Is good evidence that it has not changed much!

          If you talk after his appearance there I am a little more agreements. But at the same time is normal. If we had seen a woman school teacher with Haircut and Eva dressed in vampire would have recognized it immediately lol).

          Fate: “I’m a villain who wants to save the world by force I become a friend of the hero because he convinced me by force his fists!” (Do I need to say more than this single sentence?)

          And I forget! The example his legion!

          Then the scenario: The hero wants to find his father (cliche a thousand times used again), then he meets a rival (kotaro), then he participated in a tournament (cliche!). Then he confronts an evil noble ideals (Fate), we say that it is impossible to save the world without sacrifice and ideals, the hero refuses to find a solution to save everyone (cliche!). The wicked refuse and want to fight the hero to prove who is right. The unsuccessful hero has its share of darkness (magia-erebea) but thanks to the vision of all his friends (NDE Negi) he overcomes his darkness is getting a new power. Finally, it beats the villain and rallied to his cause.

          Nothing shocks you? This frame is almost common to ALL the Nekketsu with some variations! And you dare tell me that UQ-Holder is cliché? For now I think not, I honestly do not see or you see clichés in the script! lol

          Doing exercise with UQ-Holder.

          Hero, so maligned Tota ^ ^ (note that some of his critics do not necessarily come from haters. As already done most of the reviews for Astro Tota come ^ ^. Having said that maybe some of these objections can some helped to relativize their point of view on Tota (if future developments that lie ahead are not doing their already this effect ^ ^)).

          Already do Tota overexploited compared to other character. Honestly I think NOT.

          Already Dargor you (and some others here) you often say it is over-cheated and won all his fights “because he is the main character.” WRONG! Tota has previously won here I repeat NO serious fight. He has won NO big fight!

          Tachibana: an enemy random gift you could be sure that he would dismantle.

          Kaito: Well … No. Kaito defeated Tota indisputably. Without magia-erebea, Tota has lost (and himself adet!).

          Nagumo: not only is it full UQ-Holder who defeated him and his army but also Tota fled before him! And I do not consider that it has cut the arm at the end as a victory Tota.

          Chao: he became trapped as a beginner (which it is) and is Ikku who saved the day.

          Fate: The galley in front of him and is anti-petrification application kirie who saved them all!

          So NO it is not overfished or invading! There is nothing to rename the manga “UQ-Tota” Dargor, I’m sorry!

          Second criticism: “It is foolish and arrogant.”
          So already silly not that much.
          For example, when he realizes that his friends are with Fate, if it was a cliche of Nekketsu foncerait it anyway (luffy, natsu, Naruto) and property is the opposite! It recommends kirie to abandon the mission and retreat and is Kirie wants to continue the mission! Who is the idiot here?

          Face Nagumo he understands that he is not size and flees. WHERE do you see the idiocy?

          When arrogance. It was something else. But is mostly a matter of taste. Some enjoy this part of his personality, others do not. It does not make a bad hero.

          “He learned too fast” again NO. It took TWO MONTHS between his fall in the cellar and back. There are enough progress in this period of time not? When the Shunpo, he surely learned the basics in the basement. Ok actually it was karin board to learn during the mission to the slums) Do not prevent Kaito tells her Shunpo itself actually. It teaches him a tip for better control is different. Tota already knew the technique since Kaito sees train. And he probably been a week between the meeting between Tota and Kaito and attack immortal hunters.

          Incidentally: Negi has learned in a week so I think. And I would add that the problems faced by Tota were identical to those of Negi. He could not control the distance. But if you read the arc of mahora tournament., You will find that the trick Ku-Fei gives a Negi is almost exactly the same as Kaito. Take support on the ground. Passing the trick ku-fei is just before the duel against Negi and Takamichi control the shunpo OUTDOOR duel! (CLICHE!) So now, that’s enough bad-liver! When the magia-erebea. If you insurgez because the Tota has from the beginning, I dare say “you misread Negima! “Remember Chao-Lichen when Negi fight and it breaks the seal preventing them from using magic. Runes appear on his body. Runes very similar to magia-erebea! In addition, the magic circle that appears at this time is almost the same as Negi when he enters Raitei-Soso fashion! So magia-Erbea is hereditary! Point to the line! Akamatsu has nothing CHENGE what he has already said he fully respects his universe.

          And for those who say “is not just to become a power-up banal” while not already, because I remember that Tota HAS NO CONTROL magia-erebea!

          And also. Who said that was the ultimate power-up or that it was to remain for eternity? Perhaps there are even stronger powers? (already I’m sure in Akamatsuvers aliens exist so there surely has much stronger than the life-maker in the world monsters, not to mention the mythological gods or angels and other arch-devils. But I think that Akamatsu leave it to the authors of fanfiction and it will make its official power level (not informal) to life-maker). Or Tota discover new facets of the magia-Erbea and perfected yet.

          “His goal is cliché” Well then … NO!

          NEGI CLICHE WAS GOOD BLOOD! “I want my father and surpass! “How many times we have seen it!

          Precisely the fact that Tota is a goal Wave makes LESS THAN NEGI CLICHE!

          “Tota is impulsive and go-getter” Uh, no. I have already given examples above. But indeed it is even less getter that Negi. Seriously Negi is supposed to be a genius. Yet from the arc-mundus magicus it uses almost his brain.
          Specifically he did not use his brain three times in combat in the manga since he becomes a warrior-mage at the end of Volume 9 or 10: Takamichi against, against Chao Linchen (to use the Cassiopeia) and against Rakan.
          ITS ALL OTHER FIGHTS had the unleashing of power! It is no different in this respect Tota (Tota has shown great intelligence against Fate, Negi While facing him, was already beginning to use more muscles than his brain! When his impulsivity, such as when Tota draws his sword because Fate insulted Eva.

          In agreements but then Negi should also be delivered to the mob. After all he reacts similarly when Godel treated Arika “Queen of misfortune” before him. This mistook the reflection of all his friends and putting students in danger! What maturity! What wisdom!

          Okay now that we have solved the case of Tota turn to others:

          Kuromaru: stereotypical samurai indeed. But his background is equally if not more interesting than Setsuna.

          Karin: lesbian possessive (or sister complex) is quite original in a shonen and power is also original (total invulnerability ouch).

          Kirie: Oujo-sama capricious and irritating but has a power that we do not see here too often in Nekketsu.

          Ikku: really the only stereotypical character from beginning to end for me. A mixture of terminator and “one who travels in the future” (except that here was a coma).

          Genjoro: not quite seen before. But his power is original and in keeping references to RPG Akamatsu, as the power to kirie elsewhere.

          Jinbei: ditto, not quite seen before

          The context: the cliche would have had to make a world where everything is real. The plan Negi walked 100% 3-A is venerated as a new religion ect (as in my fic actually). Akamatsu has done? The opposite? I do not. It was 50/50.

          The plan worked Negi (magic is known and accepted in society, Mars has been terraformed, mundus-magicus is saved, the Earth’s energy problems are solved through the magic ect …
          BUT There was a climate catastrophe of 2050 (predicted by our scientists around the same time for our real world beyond. So that Negi and Ala-alba intervened or not, he probably would have taken place. Ca n ‘therefore in my opinion nothing to do with the draft Negi! in fact it would be worse if they had not intervened. because thanks to the magic, the situation is more bearable (electricity is unlimited and free drinking water is cheap) it would be without the magic. Their fights were not therefore unnecessary contrary to what you seem to think seeing the world UQ-Holder.) the ala-alba is led by Fate (Member founders have probably left being disagreements with Fate) who rules the world tyrant. And more life-maker is probably still active (still want an anti-cliche. An evil that can not be overcome permanently. Nekketsu normally In a final antagonist is always killed. This is not the case here. and besides, we can even imagined that perhaps Tota and UQ-Holder may only seal which would mean he would return again in an endless cycle. has original for Nekketsu ^ ^)

          Compared to expectations of future Negima is therefore surprising and not predictable or cliche ^ ^. There is still some way to go to reach the utopia seen by Asuna in 2135 and even this time will surely its problems.

          Heroes: a team of immortal, not only has anti-cliche (no one has ever done that!) But in addition, contrary to what you claim, THEY ARE NOT OF GARY-SUE!

          From the beginning we are told that “immortal does not mean invincible.” That Jinbei remind the next tome!

          Each type of immortality to his strengths and weaknesses. Some immortals can be easily killed (Fate, Jinbei), others more or less easily (kuromaru, Ikku) and others are virtually invulnerable (Eva, Negi, Tota, karin, the life-maker (although it s’ is particular) ect …) but even then, the “invulnerable” can be overcome, including being sealed. You said here often (or is it Over-master?) In UQ-Holder there is no tension because the heroes can not die. Is already partly false I explained but also if a character is sealed and you do not have the ability to break the seal is as if he was dead! You want to know what a manga action without any tension for heroes? Read Hellsing, after you can no longer say “bah characters uq-holder are invincible! “.

          And excuse me but again stop bad liver-five minutes okay? Who honestly believed AN INSTANT SEL that one of the main characters would die Negima? Whenever is almost the case, they find a trick or property there are reinforcements. It also is cliche! Pus and the manga is not even 100 chapters! Knowing that e Negima turn took place in this period who knows if in Chapter 100 UQ-Holder will not take example Akame ga kill? And even if is was not the case what? I already feel the tension in each fight UQ-Holder not need a turn to “Akame style.” ^ ^

          Well now the pavement sorry but I was REALLY tired of some hypocrites who walk on this blog (they are ultimately not so many indeed, there Dargor, Over-master and two other gift I forgot name) the other regulars seem modern and fully appreciated UQ-Holder judging by theories that are exchanged (and they do not say that UQ-Holder is perfect huh? Just do not yell at the first fault and by not invent advantage to force the line huh?). In fact the ONLY reason you do not like this manga I think is because it contradicts your predictions at the end of Negima and because the 3-A are not worshiped as goddesses. Be honest. Because as I have shown the argument “is cliche! “Not worth NOTHING.

          Whenever I said that they call me fanboy. But is not true. I just hate those who are bounded and PIRE who make excuses.

          Because honestly, between UQ-Holder and manga or the hero’s dream “like Negi and 3-A” or-Ala Alba serves as a model, are revered everywhere ect. I think the least cliché is UQ-Holder, because in either case it would have just had a bad remake of Negima. The hero takes to the “white wing” model, he calls his “wing black, blue, green” group ect and follows the teachings of the ala-alba. Seriously you would not feel a slight tracings of Negima? Me though. I know something I build my fanfiction like that. Now would have been worse eh? Have to undergo again harem Negi in heroin (I know some here in a dream the night but you’re not everyone Besides it would really give the impression that Sensei would have said. “I take NO RISK and I did EXACTLY the same thing No new characters or passing of time! “the goodbyes Occasionally yes, having a new main character in NO time!)

          So when UQ-Holder started I just stopped. Not only because I wanted to do a fic that is consistent with the official timeline and I could not risk making a fic in 2140 without knowing what was going to Tota and what would be its position at the end. But mostly I’ve realized that just Akamatsu stood for “example Negima” and that I was doing a trick shot ATTROCEMENT.

          So when I hear you booed UQ-Holder with fallacious arguments such as “is cliche! “This ignoring TOTAEMENT that Negima is probably 10 times more cliche (which does not prevent him from being a very good manga). And most importantly, have the ideal scenario scenario THOUSANDS OF TIMES more cliché than UQ-Holder (Asuna adventures in the future with an inverted Dargor seriously have you lost your mind harem! Not only is STILL more cliché UQ-Holder but most everything I want him to Asuna is back in time and find the 3-A as in Negima! She deserves it, you’re selfish!)

          When I see it so I rather feel that is YOU gentlemen fanboys and the haters I said it honestly without mockery. Negima and you idealize seem hoist higher than it is according to your own criteria, knowing that they normally classify as a bad manga since you hate cliches. You contradict your gentlemen! And especially you agree that you touch ANY of your preconceived ideas about this manga and the conduct of its sequel, even when it comes from the author himself! According to me is a kind of fanboyism also sorry to learn!

          Negima is great for me despite its cliché and is also the case of UQ-Holder. Neither is perfect, but the university they form between them is close to perfection because it is extremely wide and permissive. There are almost all in and we can all add! That is the mark of genius Sensei. It is not his manga themselves but the vast universe he has created. So see some crying like children because their Christmas gift is not to their liking I find it childish and again do not see them insult! One can find that some doctors are bad but shoot the hospital is abusive. To be more clear: UQ-Holder has flaws, but surely it is not worth it to invent all parts (or more accurately removing “defects” (since you “cliche” is synonymous with “failure “visibly) to Negima to magnify those of UQ-Holder) or to self-proclaimed it a bad mangaand especially not “the worst manga of the decade”. While it is VERY far from deserving it!

          Here! A wise!

          • Dargor says:

            If there ever was a textbook example of a post qualifying for TL;DR status, this would be it.

            I’m just going to say that even without taking Negima into account, UQ Holder is mediocre at best. If it wasn’t for the fact that its a Negima sequel (Even that its debateable. It doesn’t want to deal with any of the Negima baggage of the past but tethers itself to its hip and tries to ride off of the good will of former fans hoping for some fodder for past characters regardless) and Akamatsu’s own name tied to it, I doubt UQ Holder would generate as much traffic as it would. And compared to Negima, it ain’t a lot, even fifty chapters in.

            Word of advice dude, really try to constrain you’re rants to a couple paragraphs are more. If you get that bent out of shape over a opinion to disagree with, you either have to learn to ignore it or at least try not to off on a tangent that no one really cares to read.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            This is just anecdotal, but I know traffic draw for UQ Holder spoilers nets me only 200-300 extra uniques/day (average). Compare that to Negima, where I could easily net an extra 1500+ uniques/day (average) while posting spoilers.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            ahahahahahahahahahhahah! Excuse … me … I … have to … take … my breath.

            And you are going to need to catch your breath after such a long post. ^_^;

            Anyway, Negima drew in a lot of fans. Yes, it had cliches in it, but once we got to volume 3, the story started tightening up and became interesting. Negi’s growth in power was rooted in his desire for power, stemming from the attack on his village and his desire to become as powerful as his father. We saw him driven, reaching down deep at times, but sometimes paying a price for it. That made him interesting.

            With Touta, he has no desires other than to get to the tower for asinine purposes. Thus is ability to overcome everything with little effort is not interesting. With Fate now in the picture, Touta at least has motivation to do something more meaningful, which improves his standing a lot.

          • chaosprophet says:

            “This is just anecdotal, but I know traffic draw for UQ Holder spoilers nets me only 200-300 extra uniques/day (average). Compare that to Negima, where I could easily net an extra 1500+ uniques/day (average) while posting spoilers.”

            The problem with your comparison, how far was Negima in when you would get that traffic from it? UQ Holder is only in chapter 45 now. While the earliest Negima post I can find from you here is this http://anime.astronerdboy.com/2007/01/negima-chapters-155-159-spoilers.html

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            The problem with your comparison, how far was Negima in when you would get that traffic from it?

            That’s a good point. And to be further fair, when I started doing the spoiler thing, the net gains on traffic were in the hundreds initially, but they grew week by week until we got to the 1500+ range.

            With UQ Holder, there hasn’t been any growth on a week to week basis. The traffic graphs are roughly the same from day 1 until now.

            I can say this for sure — as best as I can tell, there are no unsolicited links coming into the site for the spoilers as there were back during the Negima days.

          • Seimei says:

            Well, there is one thing on which I chord is the length of my post. I should know, however, that more text is more along the chance to make a stuffed text errors is large. I will take your advice in very high regard. ^ ^

            For the rest of my answer (regarding the “mediocrity” of UQ-Holder) I allow myself to think of other people. Not because I’m too scared to face my opponents face, but because they are proof that I’m not the only one thinking what I think (and also because they write much better now English than me ^ ^ ).

            Start by someone everyone know on this blog : Hata.

            To the question “I can not love this series. (UQ-Holder) Qu’elqu’un little help?”

            That’s what he says:

            “the story so far lacks focus, or a goal for our hero, once that is revealed (I am betting Mars Wars) the story should get better.

            and truth to be told, we are near the end of book 4, and both the story and the discussion intensity on the net has increase dramatically the last few weeks, compares to Negima, where it really did not pick up until near the end of book 5/Kyoto arc, I would say UQH is actually moving along faster than Negima, memory and time can play trick on one’s impression, it would be interesting to go back and read the first 40 chapters of Negima discussion to see how people bitch then.

            why? there is no reason for you to continue to read if it disinterest you, and if it is as painful as you said then taking a break of a few months then READING it all at once should work out better for you than to follow it week by week, that is how I read Hyate now,

            if you still want to read it week by week, then it is still well within your tolerance level, and you are just bellyaching. I myself haven’t even bother to read Hyate or post in Hyate forum for months already. I will get back to it when something big happen, like in”.


            Note that it gives you exactly the same advice as me. “Stop yourself a moment” … and back in fifty chapters? But it would be a shame, Chapter 45 might give us a seriously starting plot (the mystery of the age of Tota).

            But I have not finished I still better now. Read this entire topic: http://forums.mangafox.me/threads/509083-Before-you-start-reading!

            You will see that not everyone has a different vision of the relationship between quality and Negima UQ-Holder.

            Some small samples:

            “Seems like it’s set falling on Timeline B (Asuna is sealed). It can not be C since falling on That timeline timeline theMagic world is destroyed. I guess it Could Be A Timeline though, since we only know what happens 7 years into the future. I actually leaning Toward A Timeline since Eva is still a chibi doing her own thing in Timeline B but not too sure. It’s definitely Between A and B, I doubt it’s a separate timeline That Did not APPEAR in Negima. UQ Holder! holds up as a stand alone. I do not think reading Negima is needed but you will definitely miss the references like Fate, Yukihime, Some landmarks, Magia Erebia and so on purpose that’s all They are right now, just some references to Negima. Knowing the story of Negima Has not affected the plot of UQ Holder! Currently. I’d say également, if you do not like a harem-fanservice kind Manga, Negima is definitely not for you. Negima is way too Focused on the harem and fan service, right to the very end of chapter 355 it’s run. I’d say Negima manga is an average, not the best and not the worst. I enjoyed it aims it’s definitely overrated. ”

            Another (by the same author): “Well I guess I can Agree With That. Backstory is good to know altho I think if this WAS read as a stand alone, Would not it affect it much Because as you Said, altho all this info is not backstory Revealed Currently, it MOST Certainly Will Be at Some Point. We’ve already HAD Some backstory with the questions for Fate, more will come in time. Purpose yeah, I’m not saying it’s not worth knowing goal again it’s not really needed.

            Negima is, it definitely is a harem / romance / fanservice manga Focused. Even the final chapters-have Negi sneezing clothes off, Ku-fei confessing her love and so on. Yes, the manga gets more Action packed later on in the series aim That About did not mean it removed Any of the harem / romance / fanservice. In fact, It was the very thing consists in Negima. Pretty much every chapter HAD Some kind of focus on thesis elements.

            Now you say do not spread this misconception …. but what misconception is there? It’s better to tell the truth than pretend it is something it Is not. I for one, as I Said, enjoyed Negima. May I think it’s average but there certainly is nothing wrong with liking average manga. Every Manga Has flaws, All which the harem side is definitely a BIG share of the flaws in Negima, HOWEVER Does it have good parts aswell. The work is very well done, Especially falling on the second half of Negima and the character development is definitely one of the best I’ve seen in a Manga so far. I’ve read through Negima 3 times now, I really enjoyed it and I still think it’s average. I actually just finished reading it again yesterday. So I’m just Stating what is in the manga, it’s very heavy on the harem / romance / fanservice purpose it Also has great Action Toward the second half and great character development. Do not misguide people and say thesis Elements diminish a lot later on in the Manga When Clearly, it Does not. ”

            This confirms what I have been saying for months here: for some fans of Negima the presence of the 3-A was torture and disappearance of the harem in UQ-Holder … a real release!

            I strongly advice you to read the whole topic and especially the post of introduction of “Censored” (Shadock for short ^ ^). He himself admits that the beginning of UQ-Holder is “more exciting” than Negima. View that I share and it also tries to defend Negima, which does not prevent it being a big fan of Negima. In short its opinion on these two manga is almost identical to mine (I said it is not the author extracts the topic I posted!) …

            However I do not fully agree with him (but is partly the case about the stifling presence of the harem), when he says that Negima is a series of average quality compared to UQ-Holder (the exact opposite of your opinion is ^ ^). For me the two mangas are excellent. After you tell me it does not say openly that UQ-Holder is the best. Is true (and according to me I say they are of equal quality. The only thing that puts UQ-Holder on a higher level Negima in my mind, is the fact that this manga is dedicated to action / adventure and has virtually no trace of harem. and if ever there was one, it would be composed of only two or three girls and not all of the main characters!). However, given the way he belittles Negima (a rather exaggerated way also!) And he makes no criticism of UQ-Holder. I think we can assume that he prefers this manga Negima. ^ ^

            Meditate on that.

            Ps: in my final post is rather long but since most consisted of quotations, it is not so much in fact lol.

          • Seimei says:

            ps (2) : my post was for Dargor lol^^

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        It does seem to be a broom to me, but your point stands. ^_^

    • chaosprophet says:

      Do you guys meant Ayaka instead of Arika? In any case she does remind me of Ayaka and Takane.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Looks like a broom to me.

  5. Aki says:

    Hmmmm the hood figure using ore seems like a trap like those girls who speak like guys…

    Anyways 4 years ago? Wasn’t that the year touta became an immortal?

    If not that mean touta is an artificial human similar to fate but much more human

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Hmmmm the hood figure using ore seems like a trap like those girls who speak like guys…

      *lol* No traps, please. (But this could indicate that Hoodie might be the Gravekeeper.)

      Anyways 4 years ago? Wasn’t that the year touta became an immortal?

      You know, I have to confess to being a little confused about Touta’s immortality. If he was already immortal, then why did he need to drink Eva’s blood to become a vampire?

      If not that mean touta is an artificial human similar to fate but much more human

      I think Touta is an artificial human, but different from Fate, who’s an artificial humanoid construct.

      • Aki says:

        Akatmatsu sensei is making his story so complex…

        In regards to immortality at the start if the series they did mention there were many variation of immortality, I assume touta initial version was a weak one and drinking her blood had upgraded it

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          It almost seemed like whatever happened initially was something just to keep him alive. I suppose we’ll find out more later.

      • chaosprophet says:

        There are a few females that use ore, although is rare. Btw, the Gravekeeper talked with a kind of mighty and older feel like Eva, which doesn’t seems to be the case with this one.

        From the spoilers, Hood seems to say his age is the same as Ikkuu (I’m not completely sure just from the spoiler, but it should be obvious on the actual chapter). In that case he being the Gravekeeper, Zect, or anyone we know seems unlikely.

        From what I understood, two years ago she transformed him into an stronger mortal servant (kinda like the half vampires with the sports girls on Negima volume 3 but without ever curing it) but for him to actually become a real vampire he needed to drink her blood completing the transformation. It’s not rare on vampires stories (at least on anime) that for someone to become an actual vampire they also need to drink the blood of the vampire.

        Now I’m guessing Touta already was able to survive an level of damage that would kill a normal person even before (likely because of ME). At least the way I understood that scene is that Eva was going to tell the Konoe couple it’s already too late to save the boy looking at how much damage he took but noticed he was still alive somehow.

        And when he became a vampire ME may have merged with it so he already don’t have the normal vampires weakness and may be even more immortal than Eva (on Karin level)?

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          From what I understood, two years ago she transformed him into an stronger mortal servant (kinda like the half vampires with the sports girls on Negima volume 3 but without ever curing it) but for him to actually become a real vampire he needed to drink her blood completing the transformation.

          OK, that makes sense. I’d totally forgotten about that aspect of Eva’s power, and that this could be cured.

          And when he became a vampire ME may have merged with it so he already don’t have the normal vampires weakness and may be even more immortal than Eva (on Karin level)?

          We got some clarification on that in the chapter (which is what I wanted to discuss and ran out of time for).

  6. Seimei says:

    Astro :
    I do not quite agree. It is true that the Kyoto arc marks the true beginning of the story but for me Negima becomes interesting that from the Mahora Tournament (has to say to Chapter 100) is why the deadline “50 chapters “Dargor seem to me absurd. I especially agree with Shadock on mangafox: the beginning of UQ-Holder is in my eyes better than Negima (and even than most Nekketsu). I usually get bored at the beginning of Nekketsu (bleach, Yuyu hakusho, hunter x hunter, Kenichi) then there comes a time when occurs a “upheaval” in the narrative. Was also the case for Negima.
    But there are Nekketsu where upheaval never happens. Because it is not necessary (Naruto, Inuyasha, One-Piece). Uq-Holder seems to me PERSONALLY be one of them. Now an upheaval is quite possible and even probable but not until ALL the numbers I think are introduce. That’s why I bet on Volume 12. Knowing a number takes two volumes to be introduced (1-2 numbers by arcs), there are still 3 (4 if you count Gengoro), we are in Volume 5. We arrive at approximately Volume 10-12 for the real story takeoff.
    In fact it already begins with the revelation of Tota (his real age) begin to appear and many different tracks scénarioss emerge gradually. I trust Sensei, contrary to skeptics. In fact I have the impression that it handles better scenario than UQ Negima. Reread the manga from the beginning. You will see that all the events fit together perfectly and each arc (especially since the arc Nagumo), we discover not only a new number but also a piece of the past is already proving Tota!

    Nagumo arc: magia erebea
    Fate arc: Tota is the key to release Negi
    Mahora arc: the true age of Tota (and maybe something else!).

    Sensei knows brief pertinament where it goes I have no doubt. But even having read all 38 volumes of a sudden, I did not have this impression in Negima except from Mahora Tournamant and ESPECIALLY the mundus-magicus.

    • Aki says:

      I’m going have to borrow some philosophy from the Manga on Manga… Bakuman…

      Basically there are many types of mange but the most dominate and best selling ones are Mainstream series that consist of battles like Bleach and Naruto and the Non-Mainstream that consist of thick juicy story and involves many psychological warfare

      Negima would have been a Comedic Ero manga that focus on erotic light hentai and comedy to fuel its run but like many series… when it gets old it gets old so it either come up with something new and carry on or shift the genre.

      Negima took the mainstream Battle manga route with Kyoto trip being the starting line, Mahora Festival arc being the development and turning point of comedic child teacher involved in ero scene to a well trained battle mage capable of fighting hardcore battles and Magic World arc being full on Mainstream Battle Manga.

      • Seimei says:

        “Negima would have been a Comedic Ero manga that focus on erotic light HENTAI and comedy”

        Olala that I read so as aberration! lol ^ ^

        HENTAI? Withdraw the horror of your sentence heretic! added ”
        shotacon “while you’re at it! xd ^ ^
        More seriously and joking aside, Negima is absolutely not a hentai manga and especially not a shotacon lol. A ecchi manga-ish, why not (and still I think not)

        I know very well that you have not said it in this sense, but let me give you some advice Aki-san: correctly chosen your words okay? (I know, I know I have the same problem but PRECISELY, I am well placed to talk ^ ^) Negima has a pretty bad (and unfair!) reputation because of his harem of 33 girls chasing a kid 10 years. And this without any explicit or even implicit scene during ALL the manga! But the basic context to some hasty enough people to qualify for even unhealthy doubtful manga! (fortunately they are rare to be extreme!). So not added! I reassure you, nobody has ever persecuted me because I love Negima huh? However it makes me sometimes enrage read some reviews on the net about this manga! Opinions filled with prejudices and misconceptions!

        All of you, do you understand now why I think is a good thing that you either switch to other things with UQ-Holder? Rather than going out forks and torches because “3-A are not es heroines” (which is just a chance instead ^ ^) or “the characters are too cliché” (which is debatable because as I have shown in a previous post, almost all the main characters in Negima are a true blend of clichés even bigger and visible than UQ-Holder! Except maybe Negi … and we could discuss ^ ^ ) let the patient (and not just to “50 chapters” huh?) and trust Sensei. Rumors say that the origin Negima not even had to have Harem, it is an order from the publisher. If this rumor is true (and I think she is ^ ^) so he can finally do as it pleases. I repeat do trust him.

        Besides that helps enormously enlarge the perspective of the universe. Manga in general sees the history of his universe spread over a dozen great year maximum (in the story, I speak not of the publication). Few exceptions exist (“Dragon-ball or” Jojo bizarre adventure “). Through UQ-Holder of the university Negima just joined this circle very close. And of course the number of characters and possibilities that universities that offer this Negima already made ​​so rich and supple also increase, it pleased me.

        Certainly all the mangas akamatsu are in the same university, this extension does not start yesterday. But as some have said here. UQ-Holder is the first manga Akamatsu also be strongly linked to one of his earlier works.

          Me anyway, so far I’m not disappointed, not at all actually! Well you tell me I have a high tolerance for authors. But even so, how I feel weariness when a manga bothers me even a little. This is not the case at all UQ-Holder! No chapter annoyed me except the first four! (the travel)

        And believe me guys. If the information spoilers prove accurate, it could be goods that UQ-Holder enters a new dimension as Negima entered a new dimention around Chapter 100 (mahora the tournament). I even already dozens more exciting as each other potential scenarios. I think we will soon be much higher than “the grandson of Negi continues the legacy of his grandfather.” The questioning of the official origins of Tota is for me the beginning of it. And I think Astro and another here (in cluding you Aki-san ^ ^) as the presentiment.

        ps; I said that I’m not looking down on you arrow Aki-san, even though my review might suggest.

        • Aki says:

          Yeah ecchi would be the right term…

          Anyways this brings back the whole topic from few weeks back….

          Why are we back at this full on slug fest with serious debates where we r full on flaming and creating drama.

          I don’t know about the others but seimei, you need to cool down and chill out… Some of us are here for a light hearted discussion. If you want a argumentive fight go to reddit or 4ch or whatever and take your heat out on the people there.

          Astro is just a blogger that is sharing spoilers with fans who take a similar interest, there is no need to go this far.

          The thing I don’t understand is how are you taking my comment and flaming it into a full on debate? All I did was REFERENCE bakuman and stated what kind of genre it is and how Akatamatsu has altered the direction the genre would flow so that he can pull in readers and keep the series running.

          As the death note duo have explained in their bakuman manga, author will try to divert the story line and often change the tone or genre or the story for example amano akira sensei turned kateikyou hitman reborn from a comedy to a full on main stream battle manga, one piece started off as comedic but is now mainstream battle, negima was ecchi/comedy but turn full mainstream battle

          The point I’m trying to make is to justify your examples like the kyouji trip, is what akatmatsu sensei is trying to achieve by changing the story slightly to flow in a different wat and pull in readers, there is no doubt that the series turned really mainstream battled during the chao lingshen arc.

          Anyways yeah… Cool down and don’t steer off the rail…

          If it regarding touta being a miracle worker… Let just say I already see him as rakan mark II in some sense in being a rather broken character

          • Seimei says:

            Oula there is a misunderstanding here! I NEVER thought your comment was a “flamming comm!” I also said in my postscript. You did not notice that the first paragraph of my comment was humorous? ^ ^

            My “rant” was intended for those who (like Dargor for example) continue to rehash all the time: “Oh, how the harem was more interesting than the immortal cliches Pff band”. Whereas:

            1. Has wrong, as I’ve said Negi’s harem was filled to the brim with cliches, rather than UQ-Holder and even its history when analyzed coldly cliche is that that it seems.

            2. Fassen It is time they mourn, 3-A will not return as major characters! And scénrio will not be provided bad (they believe the cliche scenario, but was wondering if it is not by revenge they consider ALL the manga missed. I would be almost ready bet that if the scenario remained the same but the numbers of UQ-Holder were members of the 3-A became immortal instead of new characters they would have considered that the manga is excellent! How sad!

            3. I agree with you I prefer the friendly debates and échenges-friendly rather than cockfights verbal theories. But I can not help it. I HORROR bad-faith. One can find fault with UQ-Holder while enjoying the (as does Astro) but the judge failed completely just because it does not meet all of our desires … NO! Is what I said that was a bad Negima manga despite the fact that I find the 3-A pervasive? I do not! I am the first to say that was a great manga! So pity the few couple of blog haters (yes because besides they are not many on this blog eh? But they scream so loud that one is forced to hear “Put water in your wine “(French-speaking ^ ^).

            You think there are only fighting I like UQ-Holder? Wrong! Yes I love them but I also like the way in which the concept of immortality is treated (“each immortal its strengths and weaknesses, immortal does not mean invincible!”), I love mélenge magic and science fiction I like the idea that life-maker can still return (which actually just an anti-cliche antagonnist! generally each Nekketsu the antagonnists are defeated so definitive, here antagonnist CAN NOT be definitively defeated (and I hope that even Tota can not destroy him forever!) was awesome! I like the idea that space takes a big role, I like the idea that magic is globally known and its use is widespread, I love the script ect … They are not only fighting interress me!

            So much for the explanation.

            Otherwise, the Tota would “mark Rakan?” Uh, no. I think about it the day I see him fight on equal weapon with an ancient dragon as Nagasha just with gravity-blade.

            Again I repeat, for me its progression has nothing abeterrante yet. He learned the shunpo quickly? Negi did too. He magia-erebea? It has not more controlled, it is implicit that the Chao Linchen had too, is inherited. He has destroyed the barrier of Fate? Yes is true but it is likely that gravity-blade has an anti-barrier and even without this spell, the resistance of the barrier Fate has never been precisely defined in Negima. It speaks of a sword having a weight of 500 tons! It must generate considerable energy! I would have found its aberrant progression if he had defeated the three hunters immortal him-only in the slums (and not just stood up to Kaito) or if he had defeated Fate in one shot at their first meeting!

            I conclude by saying that Negi grew faster and surpassed Nagi. It is according to me the logical successor Negi also growing faster and outperforms! As they say: “The next generation always surpass the previous” (proverb used very often in Naruto ^ ^)

            So no, Tota IS NOT a “broken character” or “Gary-Sue”. Alucard (Hellsing) and Natsu (Fairy-tal) are Gary-Sue, not Tota ^ ^.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        It took the battle manga route, but Sensei also had a really interesting plot to go with it. It was just a shame that he ended the manga without resolving all those plotlines properly.

        • Aki says:

          I don’t have the breath to argue with seimei… And btw I’m saying ur comments are just flaming me to start a horrific argument with you… And I can get quite rude and argumentive and this blog is not the place to hold such ugly comments, so chill out seimei

          @ astro I do agree that the sudden spend was a shame because the series felt like it was on track for a new arc. Negima did start off rather generic… Like typical ecchi comedy that had a few experiments like unique students which made you wonder how many there were.

          Also in regards to uq holder, I to had high hopes for an adventure/journey, but I guess sensei doesn’t want the series be a complete fresh start so he speed it up, thankfully the pacing has settled.

          • Aki says:

            Basically settle the argument and END IT NOW… We have seen and heard enough Seimei, let’s not repeat such drama every week. I started one a few weeks ago and out of respect for others, we all agree that this blog is not the place to have such argument.

            Chill out and speak with us casual manner, let’s have a light hearted debate and not a stressful argument that upset others.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            And btw I’m saying ur comments are just flaming me to start a horrific argument with you…

            Being rather tired at the moment, when I initially read this, I thought you were saying “honorific argument,” to which I thought, “Uh oh.” *lol*

            …thankfully the pacing has settled.

            I agree, the pacing is better.

          • Aki says:

            Lol I’m rather tired myself, it does get off putting when we start arguments like this one your blog, sorry about that.

            I not sure how the other feels about this subject, but it is rather unpleasant to do it on a blog rather than a public forum… And it annoyingly stressful having to think of a response when your half asleep.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            I’m fine with debates. It can make things interesting. ^_^

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      For me, Negima was rather “meh” for the first couple of chapters, but Eva’s introduction in volume 3 made me interested, and of course the Kyoto arc starting in volume 4 sealed the deal for me.

      UQ Holder started off interesting to me, but then when the road trip with Eva, Touta, and Kuroumaru suddenly came to an abrupt halt to get them to UQH HQ so that Touta could do pass their test in record time while mastering Gravity Blade and the like, that’s when things started falling apart for me. That’s not to say there haven’t been interesting things for me, because there have been, but I feel that Akamatsu-sensei wanted to hurry things along to get Touta to Negi’s level quickly before telling any kind of real story.

  7. chaosprophet says:

    Chinese raws are out. We do get to see hooded face in the end. Lots of hair. From the face I’m not really sure if that is a male or female.

    • Aki says:

      I read the chinese raws! OH YES IT ANOTHER TRAP!!!

      Also getting a strange of deja-vu because the girl really reminds me of Chisame

      • chaosprophet says:

        I’m curious about all that hair. Just someone that stays inside so much the hair keeps getting bigger? Or is hooded a being like those youkais that have very long hair and can use it to attack?

        It reminds me of Watamote main character and Chisame, yeah. He/she is too old to be Chisame herself, and to young to be Chisame’s child. Maybe an apprentice!? According to Hata’s info:”the computer setup is still screen, keyboard, servers (11 of them), and even a laptop, again, that is the exact same old setup Chisame has 80 years ago”.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          According to Hata’s info:”the computer setup is still screen, keyboard, servers (11 of them), and even a laptop, again, that is the exact same old setup Chisame has 80 years ago”.

          I didn’t catch that at all.

          As to this person being Chisame’s child, I agree, but if Negi hit it with Chisame, I could see some half-something entity being born who has Negi’s immortality and Chisame’s computer skills.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        For the powers this person has, yes. Heh. That would be funny if this were somehow a spawn of Chisame and Negi. ^_~

    • AstroNerdBoy says:


  8. Setsuyume says:

    …that creature seems to have breasts! O_O

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