Sailor Moon Crystal – 07 (Shoujo romance and the Magic Girl)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal – 07 Review
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Sailor Moon Crystal - 07Usagi and Chiba have a chat in his apartment, where he reveals he is an orphan who’s trying to recover the Legendary Silver Crystal to hopefully regain his memories. As a result, Usagi finds herself more attracted to him. Luna has a chat with Sailor V, but denies knowledge of her when Usagi asks more. Meanwhile, Queen Beryl pays a visit to Queen Metalia, for whom the human energy they are gathering is needed to resurrect her. Queen Beryl recalls how she became involved with Queen Metalia, then thinks of her own plans for the Legendary Silver Crystal, which do not involve Queen Metalia. She activates her plan to have everyone in the city start looking for Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 07At school, Usagi, Ami, and Mako discuss Sailor V, but are surprised when Umino speaks of everyone’s desire to find Sailor Moon. Usagi struggles with the fact that she’s hiding information from the others about Tuxedo Mask. Meanwhile, Usagi and the others see everyone looking for Sailor Moon. Usagi brings a DVD she found to the arcade, which the Sailor V game character says is a brainwashing DVD. The town is going out of control with people looking for Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon starts freeing them, but Zoisite stops her. Zoisite defeats the Sailor Warriors and captures Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask frees her briefly, but is defeated. Sailor Moon is down, but she’s saved when Sailor V and her cat show up to defeat Zoisite.


This episode was mostly dedicated to lovely shoujo romance. Ah, shoujo romance. Isn’t is all so very sweet and shoujo. Well, shoujo romance is what it is.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 07

As to the story, I can’t remember why Luna lied about not knowing anything about Sailor V to Usagi. I’m sure there was a reason, assuming it was in the original manga at all.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 07

Also, I don’t remember Queen Beryl having her own plans for the Legendary Silver Crystal. Well, it has been a long time since I read the manga, and the manga didn’t impress me that much to begin with (which is why I stopped reading it after the initial story arc).

Sailor Moon Crystal - 07

As for Usagi, it is so laughable to have her as the heroine. She can’t do a thing for herself and is constantly getting her bacon pulled out of the fire. This time, Chiba couldn’t save her in his Tuxedo Mask gear (she being in her Sailor Moon garb), but thankfully, Sailor V was there to save the day.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 07

It is also laughable how the Sailor Babes are so easily defeated after their introduction. Zoisite blinks and the girls drop like flies.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 07

Oh well. Time to move onto the next episode and try to get caught up.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 07

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