UQ Holder Chapter 57 Manga Review (Stage setting for the big finale.)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 57

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 57Santa uses his powers to push back the hoards of zombies, then stacks buses on one side of the bridge he’s on to create a barricade. On the other side, he puts a trawler. While doing this, he recalls being brought back to life, which Sayoko claims credit for (but then denies). The two fly up to the old blimp flying overhead. Despite the beauty of the view, Sayoko expresses how she can’t forgive humanity for the negative things they’ve done. However, she happily agrees with Santa’s sentiment that they’ll be together forever.

In the present, the magic students Santa saved are happy with him, but while Santa doesn’t respect these people, he does seem to appreciate their appreciation.

Elsewhere, Karin assists Touta, who’s now regenerated. She explains that she climbed up from being buried 1000m in the ground. She tells Touta that Sayoko is an onryou — a powerful, god-classed vengeful spirit. Karin speculates that Sayoko was a mage whom upon death, became a receptacle for those who committed suicide, becoming more powerful in the process. Karin doesn’t believe much of Sayoko’s original personality still exists under the weight of so many souls. Karin tells Touta that Ikkuu is OK and that Kuroumaru and Kirie are above them, pointing to the blimp above them.

Meanwhile, Santa is flying to said blimp, where a powerful magic attack nearly hits him, an attack Santa believes comes from Sayoko.


It seems pretty clear that Akamatsu-sensei is not going to redeem Sayoko. I’d love for her to get redemption and be a part of UQ Holder, but he seems to be showing her kind side to make her final confrontation with Santa more tragic.  She clearly cares for Santa, and Santa liked (and was attracted) to Sayoko. They are cute together, which makes her insanity so unfortunate.

In my fantasy world, I’d have Sayo show up and help redeem Sayoko, but that will never happen.

As for Santa, he did appear to start to enjoy the appreciation from the crowds of people he couldn’t stand. So that’s just another thing on his road to redemption.

UQ Holder Chapter 57

I am surprised that Karin was brought back, and she got herself out of trouble (though how someone buried 1000m in the ground escapes is much more of a mystery). I like Karin, so it isn’t a problem, but I didn’t think Sensei would go that route.

And of course Touta is revived, ready to save the day. ^_~

I wish I had more time to write, but real world stuff. *sigh* I need a vacation.

Still, while there were things I liked about the chapter, I really wasn’t that jazzed about it. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I’d call particularly good.

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  2. Sayoko gained power from 240k+ vengeful spirits and she is god class…
    Sensei created someone cute , overpowered and scary to just kill her off in the end of arc T_T

    BTW , let’s me remind you about Blackheart from Ghost Rider , who tried to gain power from a whole town (which is way less than 240+ ) of Vengeful Spirits.
    But so that is why Sayoko told about her time running out , her soul got crushed by all the soul she absorbed and slowly lose her sane self and that pointed out the possible ending: only Sayoko can kills Sayoko

    • Dargor says:

      Akamatsu seems like he’s just upping the ante every thirty seconds to appeal to the “OOOH POWER LEVELS” crowd. At this point, everything means jack and shit since she’ll probably just be regarded as another two bit villain when other entities come out of the word

      • Seimei says:

        Well. So “god-class does not necessarily mean” ultra-powerful enemy can détrire desplanètes “Huh? It just signal that it is a higher level but not necessarily over-powered. All the gods are not equal forces. It not talking about Zeus, Amaterasu or Shiva here. We’re talking at most a minor deity!

        For memory Ryomon Sukuna no kami was after Negima Lexicum, himself also a god, and he got butt kicked by Eva. ^^

        Same for Virxo Nagasha the sacred dragon of Hellas, with which Rakan has managed to make a draw!

        “God-class” in akamatsuvers means “Warning powerful enemy approach” and not necessarily “olala is invincible we will never win!” It may be the case. But it is not required. Again we are not talking of Zeus or the Archangel Michael here!

        And for the record, Kuromaru himself considered at the begining of the investigation, that a god-class spirit could have made the work of the killer. And he said that was a job for an immortal hunter or an exorcist. He did not say “oh woe! A god, if I am right, we are lost!”

        This is funny like your memory is failing when the information does not go in the direction that you would like Dargor lol.

        “At this point, everything means clustering and jack shit since she’ll Probably just be Regarded as Reviews another two bit villain When –other entities come out of the word”


        1. is already the case. Have you forgotten Fate? According to me it is much stronger than Sayako and HE ISN’T A GOD (yes I repeat what I said earlier!) But most of all: you have already forgotten that the Magician of the Beginning is probably return at the UQ-Holder epoch ? Incidentally he is also a god. Yet Sayako absolutely can not compare with him!

        Hence my point: the gods do not have the same force!

        2. As usual I see the childishness of your words. And you told me to grown? lol The more immature here is YOU who you complain about every detail that you do not like me. But didn’t fear. Over-master is return, you and him, together will be able to please you in your mutual mistook of Akamatsu’s work since he does not do what YOU want. Again: And it told me grown? lol

        • Seimei says:

          ps : oops an error : “Well. So “god-class” does not mean “ultra-powerful enemy can destroy planets” Huh?”


    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      BTW , let’s me remind you about Blackheart from Ghost Rider , who tried to gain power from a whole town (which is way less than 240+ ) of Vengeful Spirits.

      Sadly, my only knowledge of Blackheart is from the Marvel Avengers Alliance game. ^_^;

      But so that is why Sayoko told about her time running out , her soul got crushed by all the soul she absorbed and slowly lose her sane self and that pointed out the possible ending: only Sayoko can kills Sayoko

      That’s an interesting theory.

  3. SL from MH says:

    So, Sayoko has become the host for the souls of about 240,000+ people who committed suicide. And in doing so her own soul has been corrupted and mashed together by them and she has become a vengeful spirit, with her own soul having little influence left on herself.

    Sounds a bit similar to the ‘Gillian’/’Menos’ from ‘Bleach’. But well its not something that matters.

    Now what i was thinking is that if Sayoko’s soul can become the host for over 240,000+ dead peoples souls, then wouldn’t it be possible for Santa to host the original Sayoko’s soul inside of himself, that way they can still be together.

    On another note, one thing i would really have liked if Santa had told all those surviving people the truth regarding himself, i.e., he is actually a person who had committed suicide because of the harsh bullying he had to face. I know its something that won’t matter as we would be seeing a ‘Reset’ as soon as Kirie is cured, but i would really would have liked to see the reaction of those at fault that this whole event is because of them and the way they had treated others.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Sounds a bit similar to the ‘Gillian’/’Menos’ from ‘Bleach’. But well its not something that matters.

      Well, Akamatsu-sensei might be drawing from similar Japanese mythological sources.

      On another note, one thing i would really have liked if Santa had told all those surviving people the truth regarding himself…

      It would have been interesting to see their reaction.

  4. OverMaster says:

    So, almost a quarter million people in the Mahora area commited suicide ever since the point Negima ended. Wow, Akamatsu sure likes to violate our memories of that setting, doesn’t he. At this point I’m waiting for the chapter when we’re told 3-A was tortured and killed in a long and painful Satanistic ritual. But it’s okay, because now we have Touta!

    No, Seimei, I’m not going to read through your long blocks of oddly written and reasoned defense, so please save them.

    • cold_menthol says:

      I know Karin said “in this area”, but are you sure it’s only in Mahora/Amanomihashira area? 3000/year, or around 8/day is not a small amount of suicide, so I thought when she said area, she meant New Tokyo..

      • shadowofthevoid says:

        Actually, the Mahora area alone seems likely. Japan currently has around 30,000 suicides per year, or 82-83 per day on average. If that rate were elevated in the future — which is also likely as it seems that future Japan in the Negima universe makes Japan’s Lost Decade seem like a walk in the park —, then a heavily populated area like Mahora and its surroundings having 8 suicides per day sounds plausible. For reference, assuming the Tokyo metro area has the same suicide rate as the whole of Japan, it averages nearly 20 suicides per day on average at present.

        • cold_menthol says:

          So you’re saying, statistically, we can say that current Tokyo contribute nearly 25% of suicide case in Japan?

          • shadowofthevoid says:

            Considering that the Greater Tokyo metropolitan area has about one-fourth of Japan’s population, then assuming suicide rates are roughly constant across the country, then yes, Tokyo could account for 25% of all suicides in Japan.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            I’ve no idea why your comment got caught up in the spam filter. Sorry about that.

          • yeah , let’s remember about the first vol, boys from Touta’s village aim for a job in Neo Tokyo , that “town” has a huge number of people inside and every where else are almost abandoned

          • shadowofthevoid says:

            @ANB. I think it might be because I responded directly from my own WordPress dashboard. You know how the reply widget at the top of the screen turns orange when you have new replies to a post you make? That thing. It’s the only time I’ve replied using that method. I guess I have to reply directly here at your blog.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Well, the guys and I will have to keep an eye on the spam folder counter. You shouldn’t have to come directly here to comment.

    • Seimei says:

      If is the case I hope they have really MUCH suffered before dying Hahaha!

      More seryousely, I never liked this band of stinks Negi”s fangirls dumb. Especially when you consider the rumor that negima would never be of a harem at the base but the publisher has imposed Akamatsu. They polluted Negima for me.^^

      So yes, long live for the badass immortal of UQ-Holder, they relieve my eyes and my brain overdose of this stupid schoolgirls who really TAINTED my pleasure in Negima and prevented it from being a perfect battle/action manga! ^^

      And I’m not alone in thinking that! the world is not composed of worshipers of the 3-A and college mahora, as you seem to believe huh? over-master. ^^

      ps: you see I did not write a commentary on two pages eh? lol

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think Sensei is making some kind of political/social statement by talking about bullying and suicides.

  5. Setsuyume says:

    This was truly a great chapter!

    1- The reactions of the ppl on the bridge… “yessir!” lol And did the black haired girl just get a crush, haha! When those elitists asked Santa’s name, I may be wrong, but I think he gave them the cold shoulder?

    2- We get to know more about Sayoko’s nature and Santa’s background! I had no idea he could be that powerful!

    3- Karin coming back was unexpected…I thought she was “fused” with the ground? Anyway, welcome lol

    P.S. and for a nostalgic moment…THAT BLIMP! S2

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Karin coming back was unexpected…I thought she was “fused” with the ground? Anyway, welcome lol

      Yeah, that’s one of those, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” escapes. Karin may have a power we don’t know about that allowed her to escape, but for now, it was just, “I need to get Karin out, so she’s out.”

      and for a nostalgic moment…THAT BLIMP! S2

      Stored computer art is easy to use. ^_~

  6. cold_menthol says:

    It seems we are all expecting to see a reset from Kirie, including me. Doesn’t that mean they will need to face Sayoko again? That makes me wondering how far the battle against Sayoko in this time will go.

    • Setsuyume says:

      Nah, I think she’ll go back in Kirie’s reset as well. After being defeated, she’ll spend her final moments remembering her past on that “flower bed”, in Santa’s arms…*sob*

    • chaosprophet says:

      She can go back too like Setsuyume said and after already reaching peace or something on the matter. An alternative is that Santa may choose differently after going back when she asks him if he wanted to get back at everyone in the world. And possibly reach to her before she goes nuts.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      That’s a good question.

  7. Magine says:

    Each time, Santa has more points in favour about be a member of UQ Holder

    Then, finally Karin appeared in this chapter, she was buried 1000m in the ground LOL the poor there will never be excavated so much across the ground in her life

    Is Sayoko a god-classed? then, she is as a character of UQ Holder, also is a “god”

    Did Touta learn fly? because Sayoko and Santa are in the sky. The face of Sayoko, it already seems that there is nothing of her.

    The zeppelin where Sayoko is, it remembered me the scene of the zeppelin that Chao used in the mahora festival when Negi went to fight against her.

    • i think it’s likely same blimp that they battled, Sayoko said that the blimp were around since the day she born and till the 2130 when Asuna wake up i think there were a screen that have the blimp

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Is Sayoko a god-classed? then, she is as a character of UQ Holder, also is a “god”

      She’s not a deity. She has the power of one.

      Did Touta learn fly? because Sayoko and Santa are in the sky. The face of Sayoko, it already seems that there is nothing of her.

      Touta doesn’t know how to fly (yet), but he can leap. That being said, he can learn to fly in about five minutes, so expect that he’ll be flying soon.

      The zeppelin where Sayoko is, it remembered me the scene of the zeppelin that Chao used in the mahora festival when Negi went to fight against her.

      It is the same one. Akamatsu-sensei is just reusing old computer art from Negima.

      • Seimei says:

        “She’s not a deity. She has the power of one.”

        Though. I think she is a deity. It is simply a lower rank, even human mages (but very high level !) could beat her. Her status for me is comparable to Ryumon Sukuna no kami or virxo nagasha as I already said.

        For the record, the onryo, in the japanese folklore are really considered the souls of dead beings become lower gods. However, are the spirits of vengences. And to appease them, ancients japanese buit shrines and vowed their worship as other Shinto or Buddhist to gods.

        The most famous case is suguwara no michinaze to Heian period.

        And seeking property similar cases in other cultures must exist.

        A note at the end of Negima, Sayo became the guardian godess of Mahora ^^.

        As I’ve said there are several “levels” of the gods. All the gods do not have the same power abd force. Sayako is probably one of the lowest among the thousands of divine beings (good or evil) existing in all akamatsuvers. Perhaps ati Sukuna no kami level I would say.

        • Frederica Bernkastel says:

          Actually, god-class in Negima starts at power level 2800 as the God Soldiers during the war were ranked at that level while Ryoumen Sukuna no Kami who is also a god-class is ranked at power level 8000. So basically Sayoko’s power level is either at 2800 at bare minimum and possibly 8000 at maximum. A lot of posters here have concluded that Sayoko should be around Kagetaro’s level which is around 3000, the reason for that is because Touta with base Magia Erebea was enough to knock her out and make Sayoko scared of him and Kagetaro generally showing much more impressive destructive power than her. So in the end while Sayoko is considered a god-class, someone like her shouldn’t be a threat to high tier Negima characters.

          Rakan’s power level chart.


          Translation for Rakan’s chart.


          • Seimei says:

            Ah lol I never thought to consider the “divine men” of Megalomesembria as true deities. I thought that was just a name to give them “a badass style”. ^^

            However, if your theory is just then that would confirm what I said last week, that the status of “god” is a matter of “spiritual quality” or “level of consciousness.” Not necessarily power.

            What really differentiates a god of a non-god is the fact that god is virtually indestructible and immortal. The Negima Lexicum said about Virxo Nagasha:

            “Vrkso Nagasya
            龍樹 ryuuju

            Dragon’s Wood, an ancient and sacred guardian beast of the Empire, wise beyond the reach of humanoid. As a Spiritually Powerful existence close to That of a God (as Ryumon Sukuna no kami) even if it is PHYSICALLY destroyed, it can not Be ANNIHILATED. ”

            (Also see on the fansite “Vetus”)

            Does it say anywhere that the gods can not be defeated. However it is said that the gods can not be annihilated. They always finally revive (as the mage of the begining for example ^^).

            That is the real difference between “those who are gods” and “those who are not gods.”

            The force is not ALWAYS a factor to be a god ^^.

            This does not preclude the fact that the most powerful gods (the great divine beings different mythologies: Zeus, Poseidon, Ra, Shiva, Odin, Thor, Sun Wukong ect), in addition to being indestructible is also almost invincible of course! ^^.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Thanks for the reminder on the power charts. ^_^

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Good point there. I personally still think she’s not a deity, but I suppose she could be at that level now.

        • Frederica Bernkastel says:

          I think you misunderstood a lot of things. My comments regarding the God Soldiers as gods is meant to support YOUR argument that Sayoko does not necessarily need to be powerful as people like Dargor is complaining about Sayoko being classified as a god would overinflate the power levels. I am completely aware of the contents of Lexicon Negimarium and even used it on a discussion a few weeks ago on how Sayoko could be defeated through a spell like Lagena Signatoria. I don’t use the info on Vetus because the translator on that site only uses the summary of the Lexicon Negimarium and not the whole content so it is better to use the Del Rey version which is official and has all the complete details.


          However there are a few points that I disagree, the whole “can be destroyed but cannot be annihilated” is not exclusive to gods in fact it also applies to demons and it was stated in the volume 8 of Lexicon Negimarium. It even said that “As defined here, to be a demon is to have an existence as powerful as that of the gods, and to be possessed of equally vaulted spiritual powers.” So basically demons and gods are equally opposing forces but the whole cannot be annihilated is not exclusive to gods. Also there is no reason to believe that Sayoko should even be compared to Ryoumen Sukuna no Kami and Vrixho Nagasha, unlike Sayoko we are aware that Ryoumen Sukuna no Kami is estimated at power level 8000 and Vrixho Nagasha is power level 12000, both of those numbers is beyond anything Sayoko has shown especially in the latest chapters. You even mentioned in your previous post that Sayoko is much weaker than Fate and we all know that way back in Negima, Fate’s power level is estimated at 8000 while Rakan is at 12000.

          Another thing someone like Graf Wilhelm Josef Von Herrman was defeated by pre-festival arc Negi and Wilhelm is actually considered as a demon not just by classification but also the whole “can be destroyed but cannot be annihilated” applies to him not only him but also the Slime Sisters who we all know that they are very weak also needed to be sealed. As you can see it is mentioned here in chapter 71 that he still needed to be sealed even if Negi were to defeat him. We also see in the festival arc that one of the God Soldiers wearing an armor similar to Eva Units from Evangelion was shot by Negi but later it is started to reform so that basically proves that the God Soldier is not only by name but it also has a powerful existence comparable to that of a god and a demon. This is also similar case with Sayoko who can reform even after being destroyed unless she is sealed, exorcised, or something like Negi’s 9th combat spell is used against her. So overall you are right about “force is not ALWAYS a factor to be a god” but but I have to disagree that “can be destroyed but cannot be annihilated” is exclusive to gods or powerful beings as that type of immortality also applies to Wilhelm and even weak demons like Slime Sisters.



          • Seimei says:

            So to start, thank you … It comforts me to see that I have another ally that cold-menthol in my fight against the haters lol.

            Well more seriously thank you for the clarification, I know that the “demons” also have the perfect immortality. But I preferred booked my argument only to divine beings to avoid saying silly things, because demons are difficult to define clearly compared to the gods but also to other spiritual beings (youkai, fairies, geniuses, nymphs ect. ^^).
            But indeed if even the sisters slimes have the perfect immortality of gods and demons, then yes my theory is more than validated lol.

            Regarding Fate in revenche I’m disagreements with you. Towards the end of Negima Rakan réalitée states that its strength is equal to his and that of Nagi. So 12000.
            Moreover I was talking Fate UQ Holdder era that in 80 years has become much more powerful. So nothing prevents Sayako to have a power equal to that of Ryumon Sukuna no kami. Which is already much trops for the group of Tota unless using techniques of exorcism.

        • Frederica Bernkastel says:

          You’re welcome. Although I still do not believe Sayoko should be somewhere near 8000. As I said before in previous discussions, Touta who punched Sayoko with a Magia Erebea in the most basic form of Actus Noctis Erebeae is enough to knock Sayoko out and make her scared of Touta. Negi on that form is around 1100 so I would assume Touta would be more or less in the same level. Touta cannot use Armationem which puts Negi at 2200 according to Rakan’s chart and that 2200 figure should be based on Agilitas Fulminis (only using Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens as a supplement) which is not the same technique Negi used in Rakan’s fight which is He Astrape Hyper Ouranou Mega Dynamene. This actually makes the numbers more consistent and accurate since if you tried to argue that Sayoko is anywhere near Ryoumen Sukuna no Kami which is 8000 then that will only help Dargor’s argument that Sayoko would inflate the power levels further more 8000 is already the strength of Cosmo Entelecheia level if Rakan used those numbers to estimate the average Averruncus way back in Negima.



          • Seimei says:

            Any edge I must say that I love this kind of “technical discussion” I feel like we theorists magic Ariadne lol ^^

            For what you have said I would be with you if agreements scale power remained stuck at “the end of Negima.” But Fate, in the UQ era, is clearly greater than in Negima (14000, 17000, 20000? More? Impossible to determine without official data.)

            But we can at least considered that 8000 is clearly not an exaggerated level of power in the akamatsuvers. In fact is precisely here that starts “league monsters” as the Rakan’s words lol but it’s nothing special. It’s ONLY the beginning.

            I’ve said before I Think, but for example, I always thought that averruncus had a power of 12,000, so they were stronger than Ryumon Sukuna no kami. In addition it would be naive to believe that we will stagnate for a long time at the power limits of Negima. Either the power scale will eventually climb, or we will not have official power scale upload in UQ Holder forcing fans to extrapolate.

            The problem of Dargor (apart from being a hater to start lol) was that he assimilated the rank of divinity to be overpowering, as if Sayako already bursting the ceiling power Negima. As we have proved all this is not necessarily the case.

            However yes, this ceiling will be broken, I have no doubt, but not by Sayoko This does not preclude Sayako being powerful and having read chapter 58, I can tell you that the power level “8000 units” is worthy of Sayako.

        • Frederica Bernkastel says:

          A lot of those numbers are speculation on your part. The power level of 8000 was the stated power level of an Averruncus unit which is a fact that came from the manga. I even gave you a link that translates the power levels. Rakan mentioned that Fate is at 8000 in Negima which is equal to Sukuna. He may have gotten stronger in UQ Holder but we have no idea by how much what matter is that we all know that Rakan is stronger than Fate by the time they fought and it’s pretty clear that the difference in strength with Rakan’s 12000 and Fate’s 8000 even if you argued that somehow Fate has gotten stronger than the average Averruncus unit by the time he fought Negi it doesn’t change the fact that 8000 is the benchmark for an Averruncus level opponent unless you try to disagree with Rakan’s claims. Fate only won because of Code of the Lifemaker which erased Rakan from existence. The league monsters Rakan is talking about are clearly the level of Cosmo Entelecheia. I have seen what Sayoko could do at chapter 58, that kind of destructive power has been done by Chao Lingshen’s Ourania Phlogosis and early magic world arc Negi’s Kilipl Astrape. So it’s nothing surprising. Yet, you missed the part when I said that Touta knocked Sayoko out and she was scared of him. Not to mention while Sayoko’s destructive power is impressive her physical strength, speed, and durability is not. She is basically a glass cannon. I repeat Touta’s Magia Erebea form is only Actus Noctis Erebeae. Negi at that time using that form is only at the level of 1100 it is not infused with Armationem to make him any more stronger. There is no reason for Sayoko to be scared and feel threaten if she is someone as strong as Sukuna and leagues above Touta and friends. There is also no reason to believe that Touta is already near the level of Sukuna or an average Averruncus unit. He has shown nothing but blow up buildings at best and that was when he was in berserk form while someone like Kagetaro could blow up 1000 buildings if he used his 1000 lances. If you seriously believe that Touta and friends is already near the level of Cosmo Entelecheia in only 50+ chapters while it took Negi and friends to reach that level in 200+ chapters then you’re just proving Dragor’s point.

      • cold_menthol says:

        Did Touta learn fly?

        The way you’re saying it reminds me of HM 02. :p

        Touta doesn’t know how to fly (yet), but he can leap. That being said, he can learn to fly in about five minutes, so expect that he’ll be flying soon.

        I expect him to least be able to do void instant movement in the very near future, maybe next next chapter (ch 59). Or, did he already do that?

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          If you are speaking of shundou, Touta’s already mastered that. He hasn’t performed any gate moves that I’m aware of (shadow gate, water gate, etc.).

          • cold_menthol says:

            I mean, the shundou that’s performed in mid-air. You know, an alternative for flying, like what Kaede and many others in MSN did, or Miyu in Fate/kaleid. Well, not really Miyu, but what she did is similar.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Ah, OK. Thanks for the clarification. I’m not sure if he’s done that or not.

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