UQ Holder Chapter 62 SPOILER Info

Here are SPOILER images for the upcoming UQ Holder chapter 62, courtesy of 2ch. (My review of UQ Holder chapter 62 should come out Wednesday.)


The UQ Holder chapter 62 goodness begins.^_^

From ChaosProphet:


Seems like a female gets into the male bath (Kirie fall there?)
Touta is angry with Kuroumaru that he held back on their everyday training.

They meet the thugs who still are thugs. But Santa says that it’s better the way it’s now than he becoming cooler but the world ending.

At a later date
During early morning practice Touta spots Ikkuu and goes to ask hims some advice, but there is Tatsumiya Mana who didn’t change much from 80 years ago.


A bit more of detail from another post by same person. Kirie invades the male bath, and Karin goes there to take her back but also get labelled as a pervert.

Mana returns?! Well now, well now. That has me excited.

UQ Holder Chapter 62


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  1. chaosprophet says:

    I was thinking this was going to be just two break chapters. But can it already be the start of next arc? Or is just a mini arc and Mana appearing is to bring some kind of information?

  2. SL from MH says:

    Mana’s return could point towards the possibility of a Demon World related arc later on.

    • Seimei says:

      I knew you’d like it Rana-san ^^ I immediately thought of you when I read the spoils! ^^. By cons I’m tempted to wait another week before reading the chapter, so I would not have to wait TWO WEEKS before crispy revelations.

      By decidedly against Ragna I see that the case is hopeless Dargor I do not know what your notice against. I mean. If even a former apparitio the 3A convain do not, then why does he continue to comment UQ Holder? lol

      Because when I try to explain to him I almost makes me treat iidiots, maybe you (who likes UQ Holde without being an absolute fan as I am) could try to explain to our friend Therefore, the loss of 3A (with some elected) is good and why this bunch of dumb schoolgirls were NOT “relevant persons” (again, exceptions), because I’m tired of talking to a wall narrow-minded.

      Besides I have trouble understanding his state of mind: “I hate this manga but I still continue to leave comments above every-week.”
      This is for me an aberration which falls almost of “mental masochism” (Nobody here sees an insult, I just give my feelings).

      I think it serves strictly nothings except fuel his frustration (and this is the same about Over-master) is almost absurd!

      After this is just my personal opinion.

      • Seimei says:

        ps : “relevant CHARACTERS” sorry an erro.

        • Dargor says:

          Oh look, its a Strawman. Always a pleasure to see you. Most people would be slightly offended when someone tries to belittle them or their opinions without coherently providing evidence to the contrary and not resorting to thinly veiled insults to one another, but in my perfect little world, we’re both above that. Before we go any further, pay close attention to what I am about to say because I’m only going to say this once.

          1. I never gave two tin ***** if 3-A ever appears again in UQ Holder. In fact, I’d rather not see that happen at all. Running around trying to defend UQ Holders while going back to belittle another series is inflammatory and just trying to start **** for the sake of itself.

          2. I am allowed to express my frustration in a series if I so choose. Calling it a ******* mental sickness while going back and trying to say its not meant to be insulting does nobody any favors.

          But hey, next time you write a malignantly venomous post to a cosmically incompetent, pitifully pathetic ******* alcoholic douchebag loser like myself who only serves only to contaminate the populace with his decay and rot, maybe, in my own fumbling way, I’ll finally see the light and realize that the series I spent nine years with was utter **** and come into the glory that is UQ Holder. Such would be a dream come true I’m sure.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            I think you and Seimei should probably not read each others comments to save on blood pressure meds. ^_^;

          • Seimei says:


            1. First we chord on one point, 3A (except perhaps Ayaka and of course members of the proto-UQ of the year 2065)

            2. Yes of course you have the rights, was indisputable. BUT, the question to ask is, after the 350th time, is it still necessary to be given when such point of view has not changed one iota? I do not think so. I agree that “mental masochism” was excessive, I’m sorry. But honestly I was trying NOT to insult you. I REALLY feel that you hury yourself for something insignificant. THIS IS JUST A MANGA!

            3. When I do not like (or not like anymore) a manga I IGNORE IT (and when I said “IGNORE” mean “ignore completely.” I do not talk about it on a forum or anywhere else on the web (in real life with friends is different because there are fewer possibilities to be poorly understood or even remarks misinterpreted. Your exemple is also speaking, I thought you were a hater, so you yourself said this had only indifference for this manga This okay for me. But I’m sorry to tell you but your behavior iS that of a hater, so perhaps you yourself do not understand what is a hater).

            I never expressed a negative opinion on an author orhis work on the internet simply because PRECISELY I respect enough fans of the work for that (“each with their own tastes and preferences” is my phylosophy). But not only, This is also because I feel I have better things to do with my freetime than to post comments of haters on a manga that I will never love anyway at EVERY chapter release…

            On this subject, I prefer to avoid you false hope but it is VERY likely that the life-maker reappear in UQ (I hope to be the case if, moreover, unlike you it seems). That it was said

            “Purpose hey, next time you write a post to a venomous malignantly Cosmically incompetent, pitifully pathetic alcoholic ******* douchebag loser like myself Who only reserves only to contaminate the populace With His decay and rot, maybe, in my own fumbling way, I’ll finally see the light and Realize que la series I Spent nine years with utter **** was and come Into the glory That Is UQ Holder. Such Would Be a dream come true I’m sure. ”


            1. I have NEVER told that Negima “was utter ****” okay? I said that the idea of a harem of 33 girls was an aberration even for a hrem. Is that I denied the quality of the manga? I Do Not. I LOVED NEGIMA DAMN! But it was not ideal from my point of view.

            You wanna know what I would have liked to 3A? Whether it is a mixed class! 15 girls, 15 boys! And there are many couples, not just an aberrant harem of 33 schoolgirls who all fall in love with a boy almost 10 years! And do not tell me about Kotaro and Natsumi, I said “MANY couples”, not “TWO couples.”. So yes, I persist and sign, Negima is NOT an example to follow in the treatment of female characters!

            Similarly ala-alba could be mixed!
            Asuna, Konoka, Ku-fei, Makie, Mana, Eva in girls
            Yue, Haruna, Kaede, Yuna, Setsuna in boys (with other names of course, except Setsuna which is a mixed firstname it seems).

            This was examples.

            I AM for a better representation of the female gender in Japanim, but is not it counterproductive to go from one extreme to the other?

            2. Then far be it from me to force you to love UQ Holder, I am not brainwashing supporters thank you lol.

            However what I would like is that you stop complaining to each chapter comes out like UQ Holder was a calamity threatening the human race or a global tragedy (it also applies to over-master).

            THIS IS ONLY A MANGA!

            And please do not exaggerate my words express eh? I said that because when I read it: “a Cosmically incompetent, pitifully pathetic alcoholic ******* douchebag loser like myself” I really wonder what is your level of maturity. Already I have not called the QUART of insults you said about yourself.
            Then, if I really wanted to insult you I would not put quotation marks around “mental masochistic” and I would not have said that I did not mean it as an insult. I would also use words MUCH more violent believe me.

            (Oh, and Over-master, you’re no in position to criticize me. You who in a previous comment has compared the majority of those who continued to enjoy the work of Akamatsu to “sheep”, (unfortunately I do not remember on what topic), or who said recently “the MASS liked Naruto, she should love UQ.”.
            It is not condescending and attacks the person themself it maybe?

            Then you have no right to take me here I Me I WARNED my audience because I KNEW it could be interpreted as a gratuitous insult. But unfortunately I had no less aggressive words to express what I meant I would have liked to find, however.

            I could maybe speak of “wayward child” but I think it would have been just as bad took. Then left to be poorly understood …)

            ps: Dargor if you do not like the extended universe or the plots that take several mangas to resolve, I NO recommend you these mangas (so you do not come screaming on the forums who talk about it : “this plot should have been resolved in the previous manga is a scandal! “:

            -Any Manga of studio clamps (especially the saga Tokyo Babylon and X / 1999 or the saga Card captor sakura tsubasa chronicle and xxxholic.

            I also NO recommend you Jojo bizarre adveture. Yes I know has a unique manga, not a set of several manga, but as the story unfolds over several generations and more immortal enemies (Dio Brando) reappear sometimes and characters which we are attached DIE tragiquely and violently sometimes I imagine it would be a horrible manga for you if you read it lol.

            These examples are just to show you that the principle that a same story takes place over several manga or a single manga but with quasi-independent arcs of each other, have not been invented by Akamatsu “to drown fish of his (alleged) mediocrity “as you seem to think.

            On the contrary, is a technique that has already proven itself in terms of improving its quality of universes where it is used and allows agrendir the possibilities and prospects of that universe

            And it does not work only for manga!
            Or maybe the creators of the univer of marvel comics are incompetent idiots and without imagination?

            ps (2): Hold Dargor and Over-master, a small definition of the term “hater” for you. Read here and dare tell me it is not you:

            Astro: you’re right, I think we should both (or all three if Over-master account) listen to your advice me to start. but it makes me despair of seeing people who not only confuse criticism and bashing but increasingly lose their time hooting because a manga does not go as they wish. If you, or Ragna me, it had made every time a manga (or his sequels) disappointed us, we would not have vocal cords to speak or hands to write I think.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            You have to learn to just not read comments from folks who’s opinions are going to get you riled up. It isn’t easy, but it saves a lot of stress, anger, and general bad feelings. 🙂

          • Seimei says:

            Incidentally quandtu répondaos to “NT” you did not say by chance : By the way when you answered “NT” you would not say rather: “Not only That Would mean COULD NOT exist without Holder Constantly being white Compared To Negima”?

            Because I’m not sure that everyone understand the meaning of your sentence

            Because I’m not sure everyone understand your sentence

          • cold_menthol says:

            Please let me be a bit of an a** for a while (I know I’ll regret this)

            Because I’m not sure that everyone understand the meaning of your sentence

            Because I’m not sure everyone understand your sentence

            I think you just dug your own grave here.

            If anything, I’m sure there are more people who understand Dargor’s said reply to NT than some of your posts. Whether or not those people agree with him or like his post is another matter, a matter which I don’t want to discuss.

      • I’m okay with the breaks, since I have much less time than I used to, back in the days of Negima. And I got used to waiting because some of my favorite series are always having breaks or entering hiatuses(D.Gray-Man, I miss you so much… Hoshino-sensei.! *cries*).

        As for Dargor (and everyone else who dislikes UQ Holder with a passion), I suppose their opinions don’t bug me. At all. I mean, it’s not like they’re trying to force me to hate it as well, or even trying to convince me to have the same opinions, or think the same about UQ. They have their own perspectives, things that they like or dislike… And I couldn’t care less about trying to change them, it would be pointless: Both me and the other person would waste time trying to get a point across, and that could lead us to an unnecessary argument at best, or name-calling at worst.
        I’d rather talk about the series, the story and it’s characters than that: I come here for that purpose, not to try and change everyone’s point of view to be just like mine… It’s exactly because I want to see the different opinions that I come here. If the person enjoys the series like me? Great, we can talk about it!
        If the person hates it, and keeps making that clear in every comment? To me, that’s alright, too. It’s a history, after all: There will always be those who like it, and those who don’t.
        As for why they keep making comments, watching closely and reading something, even though they hate it that much… It’s one of the things I can’t quite comprehend either. Usually, when I hate any series in particular, I leave it aside in favor of things I actually enjoy. But then again, it’s their own time we’re talking about here, who am I to judge the way they decide to spend it?
        Whether they just want to make it clear that they hate the series, or whatever else… I don’t have the slightest interest in trying to argue about that.
        Now, about the upcoming chapter, Mana and 3-A: Yes, Mana is one of the veeeeery few persons I actually liked in that class. It’s good to see her again, and I’m interested in this. After all, UQ Holder IS a Stealth Sequel to Negima, but I wasn’t expecting to see her so soon. If Mana’s return has anything to do with the demons, maybe Zazie will make an appearance at some point, as well. On Holder’s side of things… I wonder when that vampire boy will make an appearance. Let’s wait and see.

      • OverMaster says:

        “(Nobody here sees an insult, I just give my feelings).”

        This is like throwing a rock at someone’s head and saying “I hope no one here sees an agression”, but then again, it’s not like I was expecting for anything better.

        “the loss of 3A (with some elected) is good and why this bunch of dumb schoolgirls were NOT “relevant persons” (again, exceptions)”

        By the way, nice showing of sexism, and sterling respect for those who lost characters they felt attached to to some degree or another. Fortunately, one does not need insulting you, since you already do a good job of portraying yourself the way you are.

        By the way, Astro, why does the article say “Here are SPOILER images” when the only image is the same old UQ headliner?

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          By the way, Astro, why does the article say “Here are SPOILER images” when the only image is the same old UQ headliner?

          (1) I have been VERY sick over the last week (starting last Sunday). So I did no proofing.
          (2) I used a tool I have to dupe an old post. Because I was sick and did no proofing, it had the old text and I forgot to correct.

        • Seimei says:

          “By the way, nice showing of sexism, and sterling respect for those who lost characters they felt attached to to some degree or another”

          Uh … Just to clarify something … I know I can sometimes be excessive in my words (that’s why I say when I answered that if Dargor was not to insult someone).

          However I have NEVER said Negima fans were sexist and I never will (besides having enjoyed Negima myself, I self-insulterais if I did lol).

          However, I said that the series Negima ITSELF could be considered as sexist as it considers that the only way for female characters to be highlighted is to a harem of 33 schoolgirls! As if this indicated that if there were more male characters, female characters are necessarily worthless. The cast of UQ Holder, is it good proportion to the genus level characters!

          From then treat the fans of UQ Holder who rejoice at not having 3A in the paws in it’is majority (as Ragna or myself for exemple) of “narutards sexists”, as I read on the forum UQ Holder of TVtroops (which I did not participate, I just read the messages), seems VERY inappropiate,considering that.

          Well, I hope to have up a misunderstanding.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        Besides I have trouble understanding his state of mind: “I hate this manga but I still continue to leave comments above every-week.”

        Just ignore those comments. 😉

        • Dargor says:

          As I responded to NT, who politely asked why I talk about the series the first place, I don’t outright hate Holder. Anyone that does try to go around belittling peoples opinions just because they don’t agree and have no real intention of starting a conversation, I will respond in kind. If it bends them that out of shape, then that’s their prerogative.

  3. Kurusu Kimihito says:

    Nice to see more characters from Negima.
    I’m gonna go and guess that she’s on a merc job.

    • Kurusu Kimihito says:

      Oh and here’s just a little tidbit of information .
      She was also there in the battle against the Mage of the beginning in ch 24.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        The cameo with Negi’s crew? Yeah, she was there for that.

        • Kurusu Kimihito says:

          I don’t think it was just a cameo, since all the characters in that cameo are immortal.
          I think it was actually meant as foreshadowing of which characters we can expect to show up.

          • cold_menthol says:

            At this point, it is still a “cameo”. When (or if) she plays more role later, then those will no longer be a “cameo”.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            It was a cameo for that scene. That doesn’t mean the characters won’t show up again (as Mana has), but for that specific chapter, Negi and company’s appearance was merely a cameo.

          • Seimei says:

            You’re right Astro-san^^.

  4. NT says:


    Shes back. wait…. Why didn’t she deal with Sayoko? being a Half demon-folk she should have more than enough power to defeat her?
    I guess it’s something called progression.

    • Dargor says:

      Irrelevance, combined with the idea that Akamatsu is doing things as he’s going along and having no actual long term plan for Holder beyond an ending. As for whether or not she could take on Sayoko, its a moot point. The most logical answer is that she wasn’t close enough for it to matter, and it was Santa’s personal arc more then anything. Even if UQ Holder is about MORE ACTION(!), BIGGER STAKES(!!), BIGGER EXPLOSHUNS(!!!), if she was ever to fight with Touta around, she’d get worfed so the series can gargle Touta’s balls as it normally does. Her role will either be a set piece to show how a top tier fight, or get beaten up to show how strong the big bad is or something stupid.

      That and Sayoko still at the end of the day didn’t seem remotely top tier material, beyond the ******* pointless zombie apocalypse that added jack and **** to the setting beyond artificially ramping up the tension and action.

    • chaosprophet says:

      The scene where she appears is days later. So nothing seems to indicate she was around when all the zombification begin.

      • NT says:

        @Dragor; Without getting into an argument, I would like to ask;
        Do you just not like UQHolder! ? I can figure some reasons why you wouldn’t like it but you give me the impression that you hold a immense amount of scorn towards it.

        Yes, i also can say it’s very cliche and things that’s been in it make it seem pretty pointless, zombie deal, immortal Jack-of-all-Trades MC etc. Hell, i even agree with you on some points.
        But, do you hate this series as much as your posts seem to suggest? I guess a Negima series taking place just after the original series would have been a better move than this since there could have been more actual story, instead of a series about immortals.

        Anyway, not wanting to spark an argument, I just wanna know your opinions of UQHolder! so i can understand better.

        • Dargor says:

          Hate would imply that I have some level of investment in UQ Holder, which I really don’t. The word I’m looking for is disappointment.

          Look, I don’t actually hate UQ Holder, and I actually went into it with a fair amount of optimism. I knew from the start that its not Negima, its never going to be Negima, and its a waste of finger-breath to try and complain otherwise. My hope for this series was that Akamatsu learned from his mistakes in Negima and actually made an effort to assuage the fanbase to some degree and make a decent character driven story. The most intensely pitiful thing about UQ Holder is that there was potential for this series! Okay, not everyone might not love the whole immortal angle, but there was a story to be told on different types immortality and how these individuals cope with such things. Instead, they’re only truly applicable as gimmicky powers that are only applicable to Shounen logic. Touta is the most abysmal character of them all, because his entire being is comprised of bad shounen cliches, and no matter how much the series might try to justify it, its a trite story convention that’s been beaten to death. Every other character (Except Santa, but he’s the only one in the entire series that has gotten real time to develop and a solid back story) is either stale and lifeless or only exists for their relation to Touta. If Touta was a a good deconstruction of the Idiot Hero character typing (Nagi was a decent one all things considered), or even better, a decoy protagonist, then the center of this series would greatly benefit from deviating from the norm even slightly. Hell, giving the Holders themselves some shades of grey and black would do things wonders. It doesn’t want to do any of that though, for whatever reason you could think of.

          Now, what I would hate to happen is if plot-threads and elements from Negima actually being dealt with in Holder. Not only would that mean Holder could exist without constantly being compared to Negima (Because lets face it, its at the point where Holder can claim to have nothing important to its own name beyond a cheap Negima cameo at this point) and grow into its own. The previous characters that appear thus far have lost all of the traits that made them good characters to begin with (Eva), or not only not have changed in any appreciable manner from the last series, but they’re role is exactly the same as before! Seriously, in Negima, Fate was out to try and “save” in his own warped way the world and free the master whom he has a slavish devotion to. In UQ Holder, he’s again trying to save the world and free his “friend” to whom he has a slavish devotion to. He’s already playing the anti-villain card! I guess the absolute worst case scenario for me is if the whole Lifemaker issue is touched up on. Not only should that particular plot been dealt with in the first series to begin with, seeing it done by characters whom I have no love for as opposed to the ones I’ve read for nine years would be extremely disappointing.

          TL;DR. UQ Holder, at its most base level, had the ability to be a decent if not good series, but has no intention of doing so. If it was horrible in its totality with no makings of a decent series, I wouldn’t feel as passionate as I do about the whole thing.

      • NT says:

        Whoops, accidentally replied to the wrong post lololololol

        so for this i was going to say; This seems pretty likely, she might have been in the magic world or something and heard about the zombie attack but then time rewound so we don’t know for sure where she was at the time.

        • Seimei says:

          I find instead that make a series about immortals was a very good idea and not just because I like the theme of immortality.

          If you look closely in Negima is mainly exploring the magic and humans with special powers. UQ Holder instead allows even “the other side of the coin”, monsters, magical beings, gods, demons ect. Is quite logical when you take an overall view in this way.

          Negima showed us an aspect of the supernatural world (humans and magic)

          UQ Holder reveals the other side (monsters, immortal beings ect).

          Negima was optimistic and hopeful.
          UQ Holder teach us that even if our projects are successful (because NO the Negi plan has NOT failed, we are likely in the timeline where Asuna is sealed and sleeps, nor in the timeline Chao Linshen nor in the timeline of epilogue of Negima. It’s not because the Akamatsuvers it’s note becomes the Carebears-land that is necessarily a failure huh ?).

          And I am not unhappy to have another group of heroes to a team composed of a harem of little magical-girls stupid personally (and I know that Ragna the Doomedge approve me ^^).

          And do not call me a sexist eh? On the one hand you do not know me, I am the first to regret the lack of major female role in Nekketsu. BUT I think Personally precisely the role that had 3A in Negima was a perfect example of sexism.

          Certainly they were “action girl” but think about it: 33 girls Renge behind a 10 years old boy and who become his “ministra” (because yes they are technically SERVANTS of Negi on the principle of pactio). And in addition more than 3/4 of the girls in the class are in love with Negi!?

          Not only was VERY sexist when you look at it closely, but was mainly ABSOLUTELY NOT credible.

          After I will not be a hater Negima no ABSOLUTELY NO!
          I’m just saying why to train the cast of Negima on a podium and do some bashing at a cosmic level with that of UQ Holder back from me to the absolute hypocrisy.

          After I can understand that some do not like Tota even if I am not of agreements with the reasons for it. Personally I do not like Tota not in reality. But this is not because of his rapid evolution, which not only is already quite logical if you read in detail Negima (notably the explanations of Eva about Magia-Erebea) but more will become even more sense once the story UQ Holder has progressed I have no doubt, several tracks appear already in history to explain the supernatural genius Tota.

          Not if I do not like it is because of his personality of idiot and appearance of delinquent kid. Seriously! For the same age Hitsugaya Toshiro from Bleach has ten times more charisma and poise than him! Yet he also looks like a delinquent kid!

          Anyway, as I said to Ragna on another topic, there are few heroes Nekketsu I like. I prefer the secondary characters or antagonnists.

          Currently my favorite characters are Fate, Eva, Kuromaru, Ikku and Santa. Just to clarify.

          So NO I am NOT a fan of Tota.

          meditate on it.^^

        • chaosprophet says:

          In current time the Zombie attack never happened, so Mana couldn`t have come to Mahora because of it.

  5. Dargor says:

    No matter how much you try to polish it, a turd is just a turd. Sure, I don’t hate Mana or anything, but her appearance here doesn’t do it for me at all, and just further emphasizes what I said in ANB’s last post, in that Holder is doomed to use Negima references to continually boost interest. So not only will this series ever come into its own (Not like that’s something to brag about, given the cast), there’s the horrible potential that plot threads that should have been dealt with in a previous series by relevant characters comes up here. That, more then anything about this series, would be bitter.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Sure, I don’t hate Mana or anything, but her appearance here doesn’t do it for me at all,

      I’m weak, so she does do it for me. 😉

      • OverMaster says:

        The men at charge keep making mistakes because those under them are too weak to reject them.

        • Seimei says:

          “The men at charge keep making mistakes because those under them are too weak to reject them.”

          And what right have you got a judgment on what readers should accept or reject? Do you think your opinion has universal value? If I said that should not have been 3A exist in Negima (Ragna and approve of me ^^) you will react how?

          If I understand what you say ca would be: “Oh my God People are happy reading a manga that I do not like ME!”
          Do you understand NOW FINALLY the problem I have with you or Dargor? My problem is not that you do not like UQ Holder, any way a manga (or any cultural whatever its format), that would be appreciated by everyone does not exist.we are agreements.
          I repproches you is that every time someone (or a group of people) seems to say that he liked the chapter of the week, or even that he is looking forward to the future you or Dargor come here, and there the festival begins Yay! We have here a perfect example “Oh heavens, it’s terrible ! People are contants of Mana appear! They delight to read! We must prevent that!” lool

          I asked you before: what can be disturbing in your life is that UQ Holder to be successful? This will do they seem so UNTHINKABLE that people appreciate what they read? People have the right to genuinely enjoy a manga only when YOU approve it? Otherwise they are “weak” or “mass” (I quote you huh)? Aah what a great mentality.

          You know, in my case, I am not a fan of UQ Holder just because is a sequal of Negima. I’m a fan of UQ Holder PRECISELY because it is the sequel of Negima that I really hoped. And it even exceeded my expectations! More focused on action and intrigue development as a pseudo-romance that I PERSONNALY consider poorly written even unhealthy.

          I rehearsals but 33 schoolgirls (good go I’m honest, 26 in fact, Eva, Setsuna, Chao, Mana and Asuna and perhaps Haruna, Zazie and Kaede do not count.) who fall in love with a boy 10 years old ?!
          I’m sorry, turn it what you want the sauce does not take with me! Yet I loved Negma for its epic storyline, fighting both “DBZ-like” and strategic somewhat reminiscent hunter x hunter even more daunting), its allusions to myths and legends, the numerous references to RPG ect …

          Repproches not to me or to others, to love UQ Holder because you don’t like it!
          And personally, I repeat it represents everything I was hoping for a sequel of Negima.

          Is it a crime sir?

          This is THIS I reproach to you and Dargor. You ask what we respect, yeah, okay for me, but yourself when you have the opportunity you fall in the critical not to the work but the author himself or critique readers! (and even I recognize that your case has more than Dargor, I recognize that him, at least, try to do not that, even if his constant and repetitive criticism seem childish but … if he wants to lose his time and torturing his mind for nothing following the evolution of a manga he does not like … But you against you by using it quite often although sometimes subtle and has not called me otherwise!)

          You have no rights to judge the legitimacy of the tastes of people thank you!
          Me, I’ve never told that Negima was reserved for perverts eh? I said that I thought it was a good Nekketsu but a bad harem (I have read much better harems than that, in my humble opinion), after so many others like to do, it’s good for them ! No problem!)

          All I request is to stop this kind of stupid bashing (which in addition is useless because who enjoy reading will continue to enjoy with or without your approval, so go there, shout into the void if it’s fun for you. so keep you even as “enlightened elite” overlooking “ignarde mass”.

          If you are constants with that…

  6. NML says:

    Well this is exciting, Touta is about to meet an old comrade of Evangeline and Negi.
    It would be really cool if the Mahora Bodukai was about to take place. I love tournament arcs.

    I hope we get to interact with Mana next chapter and her appearance isn’t the end-of-chapter cliffhanger.

  7. Clyde says:

    I’m gladly surprised that Mana makes an appearance, I totally forgot that she was seen in the flashback of ch 24. I hope we will also see Zazie in the future.
    I guess she was on a mission during the Zombie apocalypse….

    • In Mana’s epilogue, back in Negima, there was talk about her participating in a war. Maybe we’ll get a chance to see said war at some point in the future of Holder?

      • chaosprophet says:

        I think there is a chance. Although it was said to happen on beginning of the 22th century, so still about 15 years on the future from now.

        • Seimei says:

          I’d say it’s 50/50. On the one hand, since the manga has héroes immortal, get the possibility to have huge timeskip is important. But nothing garenti it.

          Personally I think the end will take place:
          1. either in 2100 at the beginning of Earth vs Mars war lasted 30 years (until awakening Asuna, at least implicitly has said.
          2. Let in 2135, just before or just after waking Asuna (in this case, yes, we will probably see the spatal and magical war. Star Wars version of Akamatsu! Yeah! ^^)

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think there’s a good chance to see Zazie again.

  8. cold_menthol says:

    It would be nice if there is an option to hide a comment.. (Astro, Please don’t take this too seriously :p)

    Well well, it’s nice to see Mana. Too bad it looks like it will just be a cameo appearance, at least for this chapter.

    • Seimei says:

      Ah, I’m not so sure myself. I think on the contrary it is to play a role. I repeat myself but for every member of the team Negi in 2065(excludes Fate) is the head of a branch of UQ Holder.

      • cold_menthol says:

        You realized I wrote “at least for this chapter.” right?

        I’m not gonna say anything about her future role yet because there are way too many possibilities for now: working in in UQH, or still a mercenary, or just sightseeing, or visiting someone, or diplomacy work as a half-demon, or who knows what Akamatsu-sensei has in mind. Btw, I’m someone who take any possibilities into account, however small that is.

  9. Aki says:

    Mana going to teach tota a lesson or two oh god he won’t survive xD

  10. Daniel Frost says:

    I have a very good feeling that this is going to escalate quickly from now on, I remember Eva I think it was near the end of Negima, she mentions a war that was responsible for Asuna waking up late.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      You may be right. It is hard to say how long Touta has been with UQH, but it has been a few months at the very least.

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