FPS Game Series: Call of Oniichan!

Hey folks!

From time to time, I’m made aware of things anime/manga/Japan related which will make me laugh enough that I just have to share the love.

Apparently, some time back, someone made this parody game cover of the Call of Duty first person shooter series and named it Call of Oniichan: Modern Loli.

Call of Oniichan: Modern Loli

This made me laugh, although it was the second cover I saw. I can just hear this now. “I will kill everyone for Oniichan!”

The image that started this off was apparently made more recently (if I’m wrong, please correct me). This parody sequel is Call of Oniichan: Advanced Imouto.

Call of Oniichan: Advanced Imouto

This image made me laugh more because of the parody ad nature of the image. Plus, having the subtitle of “Advanced Imouto” just cracks me up. This imouto (little sister) is going to slaughter all who get between her and her oniichan. *lol*

I don’t know who made these parody covers, but my hat is off to whomever you are. You gave me a laugh and hopefully, my sharing this has given readers of this blog a laugh as well (or at the very least, a smile). 🙂

Just for fun, would any of you guys play a first person shooter game called Call of Oniichan? Let me know in the comments.

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8 Responses to “FPS Game Series: Call of Oniichan!”

  1. grep says:

    I laughed at the second one – the “quotes” from IGN and Homeless guy + doritos – did it for me

  2. jeffers says:

    haha thats pretty funny. made me smile at least XD:)

  3. Chii says:

    10/10 would play

  4. […] other day, I did a post featuring an anime-themed parody of the Call of Duty called Call of Oniichan.  Naturally, I’d accidentally find another game parody, this time featuring some of the cast […]

  5. mikaoto says:

    Heck yea i would play the games cuz i have a onii-chan and whoever hurts him has to get through me heh if you can

  6. lolol ESRB rating of “Incest”

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