Some ‘KILL la KILL’ love (and a bit of site news)

Some ‘KILL la KILL’ love (and a bit of site news)

Hey y’all!  I hope the weekend goes well for you.

While traveling the web recently, I happened upon this nifty image from the ever fun series KILL la KILL.


I love how it reflects the state of character relationships, based on where they are sitting. Of course, Ira sitting next to Mako and eating Mako-faced food just makes me smile. And then you have Nonon sitting next to Satsuki, not really happy with Ryuuko nor Mako on the other side of Satsuki. Ah, good times.

Anyway, for a bit of housekeeping news. I don’t know if UQ Holder is doing a chapter this week or not. If it is, I’ll get spoiler info/images up as soon as possible. Also, I’d be doing a new chapter review.

Otherwise, things may be a bit light this week on the blog. I’m going to try to get a new Lupin III review up, but otherwise, my time is going to be spent getting my home office cleaned up and out. I’ll have new furniture coming in at the end of the week (I hope) and the old stuff hauled away. Then I’ll be working from home, which has been a dream of mine since 2000.  Oh man, will that ever be sweet. ^_^

So thanks in advance for your patience here. ^_^

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9 Responses to “Some ‘KILL la KILL’ love (and a bit of site news)”

  1. Aki says:

    Ironically it is a desire of mines to work at home as freelance but sadly i’m a jack of all trades and master of none which puts in me in a rather difficult position since I have no where to go when i’m done with uni =/

    Plus the level of criticism from your elders when you state I plan to work at home as a freelance and getting a part time job… when they all expect you to get some amazing office job just because you have a university degree…

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’m not freelance, but I am a contractor. And I did YEARS and YEARS of working in a cubical or in a command center. I was fortunate that the workload for the two companies I work for (who are in a partnership) has shifted from 50/50 to 75/25, the 75% part going to the side that actually pays my contract company (who then pay me), and they are 1800 miles away from me. So from their perspective, whether I’m in the other company’s office or at home doesn’t matter, provided I do my job. ^_^

  2. Seimei says:

    Astro : Just a small passage on my part to notify Astro-san, what mangakansou released the spoils of Chapter 67 of UQ Holder…^^

  3. D-Omen says:

    New desktop background set! Thanks for sharing, Astro! I love Kill la Kill. 😀

  4. mattcgw says:

    mako is pushing ryuko to commit, it’s hard enough to get a confession of love out MC’s.

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