Paradise Residence Chapter 10 Manga Review (Summertime wackiness to cure loneliness!)

Paradise Residence Chapter 10 Manga
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 10

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 10With class over, marking the start of summer vacation, Hatsune is very excited to do all kinds of summer activities, which she hopes to do with Suzuka. Her happiness is interrupted when various sports clubs grab Hatsune and drag her away to make a choice.

Suzuka comes home alone and is still alone come evening. The other dorm girls ask Suzuka where Hatsune is since the two are always together. Suzuka gets into the bath and is joined by Komatsu, who asks if Suzuka is OK since Hatsune is not around. Suzuka denies being lonely, so Komatsu admits that she did get lonely without her partner.

Hatsune comes home briefly, but only to get a change of clothing as she’s going to be attending a volleyball training camp. Suzuka finds she’s unable to sleep that night, but denies being lonely. Three days later, Komatsu and Tachiarai see Suzuka sitting in a window, strumming the A-minor chord on a guitar. They get the girls in the dorm to dress up as Hatsune, complete with wig, but everyone who tries to fool Suzuka fails to do so, especially since the initial girls are too developed in the chest.

Hatsune, who’d returned to the dorm after turning down the Volleyball Club, is a bit offended by this small chest remark from Suzuka.


This turned out to be a rather cute character story for Suzuka. Between Hatsune and Suzuka, Hatsune has always been the wild, unpredictable character while Suzuka has been the dependable, smart character. Despite their differences, the characters fit well together, thus are good roommates and best friends.

While Hatsune has no problems saying how great things are when she’s with Suzuka, Suzuka probably has never considered life without being with Hatsune now that they are roommates, classmates, and friends. Once Hatsune was gone, suddenly Suzuka missed her friend and that was unexpected to her. As such, it was cute and sweet for Suzuka’s character.

I was amused by Dorm 1’s residents coming together to try to cheer Suzuka up by pretending to be Hatsune. I laughed at Suzuka pointing out that Mitsuho’s chest was too large to be Hatsune, as well as Steph’s. It is a classic gag moment to have the person you are talking about hear everything because they are standing right behind you, but it still works as a way to close out this chapter.

Paradise Residence Chapter 10

It is interesting that so many (apparently) athletic clubs wanted Hatsune to join up. Hatsune has been shown to only be so-so in academics, but she is apparently pretty good at sports stuff.

While Fujishima-sensei uses Hatsune going off to the Volleyball Club’s training camp as a plot device, the thing that gets me is why Hatsune felt compelled to say yes to any of the clubs. I suppose she was somewhat interested in volleyball, which is why she chose that, but to then turn them down after spending days at their training camp seemed contrived as well. It isn’t a big thing, but that stood out to me for some reason.

On the fanservice front, Fujishima-sensei gives us a side-boob shot of Suzuka, and a full on view of Komatsu, with that convenient steam cloud covering her “very naughty bit indeed.”  I think Sensei is really enjoying being able to use the seinen format in a way he never did with Ah! My Goddess.

Still, this series continues to be fun and enjoyable. Nothing to do but wait until the next chapter comes out.

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3 Responses to “Paradise Residence Chapter 10 Manga Review (Summertime wackiness to cure loneliness!)”

  1. WMC says:

    Having no sisters and a reticent, but intelligent mother, I lagged way behind my friends in school and afer in comprehending female emotions. “Why are they so wired on minutia?” I thought for years. I don’t get it. “Why do they value closeness so highly? Clingy-ness is ridiculous.” Clueless certainly described me in several encounters with the opposite sex, including the canonical quandary over an imagined slight. However, after about five years as a high school teacher, which I loved by the way, some faint inkling crept over my horizon. They’re different. I realized this during the bogus feminist-era dictum that men and women were completely the same. I never did buy it. Now, the psychologists tell us that women really are different from men. Surprise, surprise. Consequently, as a fully hetero male and embracing natural equality but difference between us I peeked at certain manga about love between girls. Tardily and reluctantly. Only in curiosity, you understand.

    I picked up “Citrus” because I liked the cover. To my surprise I took to the protagonist, Kuzu, easily, although she starts out as the usual blonde, glamorous ditz in the story — the type of girl I disdain in real life. The “bottle blond bimbo,'” say other, jealous girls in the story. The natural antagonism between Mei and Kuzu leads to Kuzu’s very intense, but unfocused and confused emotions about Mei. Excellent stuff! Mei’s motivations are mysterious and suspect. Why does she French kiss Kuzu “in order to shut you up because you were annoying me”? This leads to Kuzu’s lost-in-the-forest emotions. Kuzu agonizes over why she thinks constantly about Mei. The plot develops naturally from Kuzu’s mother marrying a relative of Mei’s family and inviting Mei to live with them as little sister to Kuzu. I’ve already ordered the second volume.

    Okay, I thought, that’s fun, what about things like “Girl Friends?” So I bought “Kisses sighs and Cherry Blossom Pink” by the same author, Milk Morinaga. It gives the reader a huge, delightful dose of love-motivated propinquity between girls. Closeness is everything. Things are sacrificed to be close to your lover. Constant, intense, overwhelming awareness of your partner fills the story. I love it.

    “Paradise Residence?” Next on my list.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      “Paradise Residence?” Next on my list.

      It is cute, fun, and has naked teen girls. ^_^;;; It is interesting to see Fujishima-sensei use the seinen demographic in this fashion.

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