Paradise Residence Chapter 11 Manga Review (Tokyo Drifting in a VW Bus!)

Paradise Residence Chapter 11 Manga
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 11

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 11Hatsune wants to go to the beach, but Suzuka says they need (non-school) swimsuits. Mitsuho offers to allow them to wear a skimy swimsuit, but they decline. Steph offers an even skimpier swimsuit, which even Mitsuho declines. Komatsu appears, decked with beach gear, and reports how folks from Dorm #2 called to brag about how they are going to the beach. This gets everyone fired up to go to the beach, but an argument breaks out on what they should bring to the beach.

Ominato-sensei arrives, but she rejects the idea of taken the girls to the beach. When Komatsu mentions how Dorm #2 is going, Ominato-sensei briefly considers it, but still rejects taking them to the beach. However, when Hatsune says she was hoping to go with Ominato-sensei, the teacher recants and agrees to take them.

She brings a VW bus, which Hatsune notes doesn’t sound right and even has a boost gauge.  While at a stop light, a couple of punks in a nice car get irritated because they didn’t like how the VW bus stopped. They pass the bus and express their opinion, but seeing it full of girls, the guys get excited and accidentally hits the bus before racing off. Ominato-sensei gets ticked and pursues, the Porsche turbo engine kicking in. She catches them and forces them to pull over so she can give them a long lecture. Most of the girls got car sick as a result of the chase.


Heh!heh!heh! Well, Fujishima-sensei shows his two chief loves in this chapter — hot, young babes and fast cars, even if unusual.

I found it hilarious to think of how a VW bus would be used in a race like this. I’ve never seen a The Fast and the Furious movie, but I’m thinking a turbo-boosted VW bus should be used in one if it hasn’t been used in one to date. 😉

Paradise Residence Chapter 11

It was also funny how Ominato-sensei caved in after Hatsune expressed her honest desire to go to the beach with the teacher.

Other than the splash page showing some of the girls in swimsuits, I’m rather surprised that there was no other fanservice moments in this chapter. When I first started reading the chapter, I really did think we’d be seeing a lot of fanservice. I didn’t think we’d be getting a humorous “Tokyo Drift” chapter. 😉

Beyond that, there’s not a lot else to discuss here. These stories may not be much, but for the most part, they’ve turned out to be pretty fun.

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