UQ Holder Chapter 77 SPOILER Info (Update #2: More info; now with images!)

Here is some SPOILER info for the upcoming UQ Holder chapter 77, courtesy of 2ch. (My review of UQ Holder chapter 77 should come out Wednesday.)


The UQ Holder chapter 77 goodness begins.^_^

This looks to be chapter 77’s spoilers, but there did appear to be two spoiler posts this time — one small and one larger.


しかし…美しい…か いや 確かに古く遡れば
古代においては むしろぽっちゃり気味の女性が)



Just in case, I’ll post the earlier, smaller post too. (This appears to be fake.)



Dana may be an aristocrat vampire (might explain the clothing). She might be in charge of UQ Holder’s European branch (update: looks to be false). Looks like we may get something regarding Eva not being as powerful  as she once was (update: looks to actually be Touta finding a younger version of Eva).

Well, hopefully, ChaosProphet or the like can help sort us out. ^_^  Updates when more info or when images come out.

Update #1: From ChaosProphet.

The smaller spoilers seems fake. The bigger one is a bit more confusing than usual but from what I can gather:

Danna is a shinso vampire (真祖 = true ancestor a term first? introduced with Tsukihime, I believe) and seems really powerful, easily breaking Eva’s barrier.

Fate thinks(?) about how he can’t make light of the “aristocrats”, and apparently finds Danna beautiful (Fate like plump women!?).

Touta is killed(?) by Danna with just one fingertip. When he comes back to, he’s at an unfamiliar mansion. He avoids some really dangerous looking magic beasts and goes outside. There is an Eva looking even younger than back in Negima.

Man. You just never know what’s going to happen in this manga, presuming these spoilers aren’t fakes.

Thanks to ChaosProphet for this. I’d also like to thank Rikutan, who also provided info on the spoiler text.

More updates as I get them. ^_^

Update #2: Images! (Courtesy of MK.)

UQ Holder Chapter 77

UQ Holder Chapter 77

UQ Holder Chapter 77

Interesting. That appears to be Eva’s resort, which had been a castle somewhere before Eva put it into the bottle. Man, I so hope this is an exploration of Eva’s past.

UQ Holder Chapter 77


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34 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 77 SPOILER Info (Update #2: More info; now with images!)”

  1. chaosprophet says:

    The smaller spoilers seems fake. The bigger one is a bit more confusing than usual but from what I can gather:

    Danna is a shinso vampire (真祖 = true ancestor a term first? introduced with Tsukihime, I believe) and seems really powerful, easily breaking Eva’s barrier.

    Fate thinks(?) about how he can’t make light of the “aristocrats”, and apparently finds Danna beautiful (Fate like plump women!?).

    Touta is killed(?) by Danna with just one fingertip. When he comes back to, he’s at an unfamiliar mansion. He avoids some really dangerous looking magic beasts and goes outside. There is an Eva looking even younger than back in Negima.

  2. rikutan says:

    Well, Astronerdboy’s right about Dana being a vampire (you don’t say) and being in control of UQ’s Euro branch.

    The longer spoiler post: seems like Fate goes on a long comment on how strong and….beautiful Dana is (wtf?) because of idea on fertility in ancient times….

    Anyways, she interferes with Eva, kills Touta with a single finger, and abducts him. When he revives, he finds himself in an unfamiliar mansion. Trying to avoid some magic beast, he goes outside, only to see a younger version of Eva from pre-Negima! times….

    The shorter spoiler post: Dana is an aristocratic vampire and the boss of UQ Holder’s European branch. Dana has known Eva/Yukihime for around 500 years. However, Yukihime has lost most of her powers, and used to be a lot more stronger in the past. Touta is something from Eva from that time….(?)

    Before telling the relationship/story between Touta and Yukihime, the story regarding Touta’s parents needs to be told first.

    Finally, some info on Touta’s origins! Way to go, Mr. Akamatsu….

  3. Mattcgw says:

    Looks promising, if true then negi could’ve been in the European branch of uq holder, maybe as an ambassador to the Japanese branch.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Sadly, that part seems to be fake. That’s always the problem with 2ch — one never knows for sure what’s real and what’s fake.

  4. chaosprophet says:

    Just a warning, to smaller spoiler about European branch seems to be fake, from what the people in 2ch gathered. While the bigger one seems legit.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I hate it when they posts fake spoilers. They used to do that with Negima after there was a crackdown on spoiler images for a time.

  5. Seimei says:

    A younger than Eva Negima? An unknown Mansion?

    Warning big theory on my part! :

    Tota could have gone back in time (not necessarily physically, maybe a lot of vision initiated by Dana) and be in the castle where Eva became a vampire, the castle that belonged to life-maker in Scotland!

    Dana could therefore cast this spell to help Tota understand the pain of Eva (and make him understand that the life-maker has not talked to him until the time of his grandfather and his great-grandfather) .

    Make the spoils are true and that I am right please god please!

    • Mattcgw says:

      The only problem is that it could’ve been Ireland as well, it was the one important element to Eva that was never made clear because Mac and Mc have no definitive affiliation to Scotland or Ireland, unlike O’ which is definitively Irish.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’d LOVE for this to be the case because I want to see Eva’s life before she became a vampire. However, the magical beasts part doesn’t jive with what we learned about Eva’s past in Negima.

      • Seimei says:

        Not necessarily, Eva never said she was not aware of being raised by a magician.

        Already for me the “masquerade” is a system that, contrary to what one might think, is rather recent (for me XIXe or XVIIIe century). In Negima, Gondolfinie told to Chao that this system was established to “live with modern society,” not to escape persecution in the Middle Ages. In addition it is implied that in Akamatsuvers, the Church has always practiced his own form of magic (on the track with shakti sister in Negima and karin and kaito in UQ holder). In addition, although there had persecution (Eva has known a “witch hunt”), the Church of akamatsuvers was much tolérente against mages that the actual historical Church.

        Thus, according to encyclopedic fansite “Vetus” the only thing that the Church was condemned it was spells containing invocations to the pagan gods. It is this which led to the appearance of spells invoking the fairies, or those invoking the famous “elemental kings.”

        Short for me, it is not impossible that Eva has learned that her guardian was both a feudal lord and a mage. Perhaps he was known for it in the region. However we know she did not know clearly that he was the mage of the Beginning. ^^

        • mattcgw says:

          How would one be a Feudal lord in europe? Let alone in Gaelic countries, it would seem the term was properly translated. However, not altered/substituted for one that would be more considerate to the geopolitical climate at the time, thus the term Baron, Duke, Count, Earl. ECT. would have been far more appropriate.

          Being raised in a castle, being literate and being tutored in latin, is not particularly unique, for that time period.

          That improper translation, may risk giving the wrong impression, that the malevolent mage was a person with a wide sphere of influence/regional power, when in reality it could’ve just been some remote part of Scotland/Ireland thus, creating minimum disturbance, which could be likely since Eva never mentioned being persecuted or pursed for a witch hunt of sorts, in relation to murdering said “Feudal” Lord.

        • mattcgw says:

          Also it was only through the passage of time upon which people noticed she didn’t physically grew, consequently never aging. Also the Church was more than just overzealous with their Hearsay and witch trials. One of their methods of proving if someone was a witch was to drown them. With asphyxiation equating to innocence.

          • Seimei says:

            I spoke of “feudal lord” better fault because it is not clear what rank in the nobility had the life-maker.

            For witch hunts you do apprand me anything, it was also clear in the Negima Lexicum. I’m just saying several indices shows that the Church of Akamatsuvers was a little more than the history of tolerating Church (good-sister is magic in Mahora Negima professors and campus church is the “headquarters” mages.

            It is also clear that the Church pratiqque its own form of magic (shakti sister we briefly shows in Negima when “attack” misora) and karin and kaito confirms us in UQ, karin with spells and exorcisms kaito with the “seal of the coffin-crucifix”).

            The akamatsuvers is a historical-Fantasy world. It was not designed to scrupulously respect each historical and social details. If this were the case there would not even “Christian magic” and nune would not parts of the magic-teachers in Negima.

            Incidentally it seems that Eva was more burned for being a vampire rather than being a witch.

            I would add that, even historically, recent studies tend to prove that the witch hunts were rather the wrong-educated farmers and by some crazy fanatical priests, rather than a true institutionalized hunting (the inquisition rather hunted classic heretics (Cathars, Waldensians, ect) that witches). At least that was the case until the publication of “malleus Malleficarum”. And even then, the death sentences was much more frequent in the country that in big cities.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            As an aside, now I’m thinking of the witch scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

  6. shadow_s_writer says:

    I going to point out that we already knew that Evangeline took a major power hit when she confronted Nagi. If Danna knew Eva before that time, then of course she notice Eva’s change in power.

    Personal I hope it is another flashback.

  7. OverMaster says:

    Fate liking Big Beautiful Women comes right out of nowhere, but it’s still so hilarious a WTF concept I just can’t get mad at it, it’s great.

  8. NML says:

    The boy vampire in the UQ Holder colour spread is an aristocrat too so maybe he’ll be Tota’s sparring partner.

  9. Aki says:

    Sounds like a Eva backstory

  10. Seimei says:

    The likelihood that this is the past Eva increases day by day! Note that the creature seems derogated by magia-Erbea. What would be nothing surprising because Eva created this secret art from the works of the life-maker led to his castle in Scotland or Ireland.

    This is for me an extra confirmation Oh I saliva in advance! A flashback about Eva AND the lifemaker. I can not wait anymore! I doubt that Tota return to his time before we know everything (otherwise it would not be funny and too easy ^^) but nothing that early response and background would put me happy!

  11. dominic says:

    F*** the beast look like magia erebea.

  12. Mattcgw says:

    Okay that wolf, is most certainly a dog/inu/wolf youkai. Although it does raise the question of what is the difference between werewolves and Inu youkai.

  13. NT says:

    Okay, saw a little thing on here about Eva’s home/castle when she became a vampire. So, I decided to just put this in anyway;

    her Surname McDowell is of Scottish origins and it is recorded of being used in Ireland. Anyway, this link; http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/McDowell has the whole speal.

    So, it is safe to say that Evangeline is from Scotland. The possibility is higher anyway(she also seems to have more of a scottish accent kind of). Just haven’t looked up ancient castles from the Hundred Years War area yet.
    There now that that’s done… I am relived that the smaller spoiler is/was fake, because in my own mind if that was true then that would be very bland… yep. it would be boring, tasteless. Bitter Yuck. Anyway, I am betting that Eva actually split her powers in half and created a doppelganger similar to the Fake Eva from the M.E scroll because of something that happened in that fight with the MotB.

    I am betting that if there’s a flashback of any sort, it’ll be mostly to show why Eva is currently Weaker than before and Touta will come to some realization of what exactly happened with his parents and what the MotB has to do with it.

    Because My gut feelings is that Girl, who is another clone apparently, is either being controlled by the MotB, or she’s on her own and is actually trying to get touta strong enough to fight her, so she could use him(and other other clone of Negi) to either beat bac the MotB, join her, or whatnot.

    Oh well. three cents worth my time.

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