Paradise Residence Chapter 14 Manga Review (Time for an adventure.)

Paradise Residence Chapter 14 Manga
パラダイス レジデンス Chapter 14

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Paradise Residence Chapter 14 With Hatsune engaged in Tennis Club activities, Suzuka decides to have her own adventure and so takes off, catching a bus to her destination. When Hatsune returns, Suzuka still isn’t there, but when Suzuka finally comes home, she’s exhausted, causing Hatsune and Tachiarai to help her to the bath, where they bathe with her. She doesn’t reveal what she did to get so battered and exhausted, only that she was on an adventure. Her exhaustion catches up with her and she falls asleep in the tub.

Suzuka awakens in bed after midnight, famished from not having had dinner. She gets up and discovers Hatsune has made her some onigiri. The next day, Hatsune goes to her gymnastics club while Suzuka goes to class for her motorcycle license.

After some time, Hatsune shows off her motorcycle license to Hatsue, who’s stunned that Suzuka’s license allows her to ride medium sized bikes while Hatsune is only allowed to ride mini bikes. Further, Suzuka shows that she got licenses for a number of other things, including handling dangerous materials, being an electrician, driving small ships, and an amateur radio license.


For some reason, I had thought that Hatsune had declined joining all these clubs so she could hang out with Suzuka. I went and reread chapter 10, and the indication was that all of these clubs wanted Hatsune, so she chose to try out time with the Volleyball Club, then turned them down.  In this chapter, it seems that Hatsune is either in the Tennis Club and the Gymnastics Club, or she did the same thing with them that she did with the Volleyball Club. Either way, it was kind of confusing, based on how chapter 10 ended.

Regardless, it gave Fujishima-sensei a chance to allow Suzuka to have her little adventure. It made sense for Suzuka to get a motorcycle license since her best friend rides a mini bike. I kinda hope we get to see them ride together at times, and maybe Hatsune can upgrade her license to be able to ride a larger bike.

Paradise Residence Chapter 14

The other licenses that Suzuka got were over the top. I realize this was done as a gag, but somehow, I highly doubted that Suzuka could become a licensed electrician. After all, in the U.S., it takes years to do. However, I did a little research and apparently in Japan, you can get an entry level electricians license without having to go to school or be an apprentice.

Shockingly, Fujishima-sensei had a bath scene and didn’t show off any of the girl’s goods. Instead, we just got standard, bath scene fanservice. I’m not complaining, but considering how Fujishima-sensei has been showing off some of the girls’ “tracks of land” from time to time (especially for a bath scene), I expected that we’d see some goodies when the subject of taking a bath came up.

Beyond that, there’s not a lot to say here. A great many pages were dedicated to showing Hatsune playing tennis. We got to see other little slice of life moments around the dorm as well as it related to Hatsune and Suzuka.

In the end, the chapter wasn’t anything special, but I did like Suzuka getting more of the focus.

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