Genshiken Nidaime Chapter 113 Manga Review (Don’t anger the harem!)

げんしけん: 二代目Chapter 113Manga Review
Genshiken Nidaime chapter 113 Manga Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Genshiken Nidaime Chapter 113Though the group is supposed to be paired off, they initially hang out with Rika, who’s explaining the temple sites. Realizing her mistake, Rika drags Madarame off to force the group to go off in their pairs. After getting some distance, Rika decides to check to see how the others are doing.

Kuchiki is displeased at being paired with Yajima, which annoys her. Kuchiki talks about how he’d rather be with Hato because he’d be at ease with him, even if Hato is wearing a dress. Yajima ponders this, then as they talk more about Hato, Kuchiki has a revelation, causing Yajima to think that Kuchiki suspects her feelings for Yajima, but he just thinks Yajima wants to be part of Madarame’s harem.

Yajima has been keeping an eye on Hato, who’s paired with Keiko. Keiko prods Hato to speak his mind, so he asks if Keiko actually loves Madarame. She concedes that she didn’t intend for things to go anywhere, but when Madarame came to see her at her hostess club, that changed everything and made Keiko happy. Hato doesn’t believe it, so Keiko recounts Madarame’s trip to the club, only leaving out the part about Kugayama accompanying Madarame. Keiko even tells of her attempt to seduce Madarame and how it failed. Hato still doesn’t want to believe, so Keiko tells her that if she were lying, she’d say she slept with Madarame.

To counter Keiko, Hato recounts how Madarame pinned him to the bed, even though Hato was not in drag. This irritates Keiko, so when she and Hato return for the next pairing event, both Keiko and Hato are cold to Madarame.

In the next pairing, Angela ends up with Madarame, so she decides to get serious by unzipping her jacket completely, revealing she has very little on underneath.


Yikes! I was late in realizing this chapter was long out.

One two real events happened here with a third set up for the next chapter. The first was Yajima’s chat with Kuchiki. We already knew that Yajima had feelings for Hato, but here, we are shown how much Yajima keeps an eye on Hato. I still say that when this comes to a resolution sometime in the future, it will be interesting.

I did get a laugh at Yajima’s panic attack when she thought Kuchiki had figured out she had feelings for Hato.

Keiko’s and Hato’s chat was the second event of this chapter. I liked this part because we got some additional insight into Keiko’s thinking. Keiko wasn’t really interested in Madarame until he came to visit her at the hostess club, at which point, she was unexpectedly happy by his visit and things went from there. Then while she is using her story to club Hato with, I found it interesting that she didn’t want to lie about her encounter with Madarame (sans not speaking of Kugayama’s participation).

Hato’s counter with his encounter with Madarame the night before made me chuckle. I can totally understand Keiko’s irritation with Madarame for nearly switching sides while Hato was not in drag. Keiko would probably have been OK with Madarame going for another girl, and would have been sorta OK with Madarame going for Hato in drag. Madarame going for Hato as a guy means to her Madarame will do anything that moves.

Genshiken Nidaime Chapter 113

We get the setup for Angela’s turn with Madarame. So far, she’s the only one who hasn’t had a chapter or more with Madarame. I’m not sure how this will work, unless she does the Sue maneuver and reveals that she actually knows Japanese. I’m actually hoping for that, though I don’t expect that to be the case. However, how Angela will be able to communicate with Madarame without Ohno is more of a mystery.

I got a big laugh at Hato’s, Keiko’s, and Sue’s reaction to Angela’s flesh revelation. Hato and Keiko may have been angry with Madarame initially, but that is clearly forgotten because of Angela’s bold move.

Sue’s reaction was funny because Angela is her old friend from the United States. As such, she had the look of, “I knew she’d do something like this even though I can’t believe she’d actually do something like this.”

I’m really hoping that we get at least a chapter or so from Angela’s and Madarame’s time. I also hope we get some insight into Angela’s mindset. Is she still in this just for sex with a Japanese otaku, or does she have true feelings for him?

Finally, I got a laugh out of Kio-sensei apparently taking a trip to Nikko for drawing research, only to discover part of what he wanted to draw is being repaired. The way he incorporated that into the chapter was clever and funny.

In the end, this was an interesting and humorous chapter. I’m looking forward to seeing where things go next?

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