Sailor Moon Crystal – 24 (Taboo Part 2)

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal – 24 Review
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SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Sailor Moon Crystal - 24Black Lady easily puts down Sailor Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus before summoning another Black Crystal to smash into Earth. She taunts Sailor Moon by making out with Chiba. Prince Demande rebels and is forced to kill his brother, Saphir, who’s under the control of Black Lady. Prince Demande attacks Wiseman, only to discover Wiseman is a corpse. Black Lady as Wiseman reveal himself to be the planet Nemesis. Sailor Moon uses the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal to thwart the evil as Diana races to Sailor Pluto to take her place so she can break the taboo of never passing through the doorway she guards. Sailor Pluto arrives just as Sailor Moon breaks and has her Crystal taken by Black Lady. Prince Demande takes them from Black Lady and is about to press them together to destroy everything.


You know, I put off watching these episodes for a good reason — they are mind-numbingly stupid beyond belief, so much so that my brain cannot comprehend how this manga became so darned popular to warrant lots of anime adaptations, including this reboot anime series.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 24

Once again, the Sailor Bimbos are worthless. The whole laughable backstory of them being the reincarnation of the guardians of Princess Serenity is beyond laughable. These girls couldn’t protect anything if their lives depended on it. Apparently, they are there just to be there and to shout out, “Sailor Moon” or the like from time to time.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 24

And then there’s Sailor Moon, who’s equally worthless, but since you can’t have your main bimbo be swatted like the supporting bimbos, lest there be no one to “win the day,” well let’s have her do something unbelievable ’cause she’s the MC, and MC’s should be allowed to do, well, whatever is needed. Ah, but then we’ll swat the wench away!

Sailor Moon Crystal - 24

I will give the episode a positive mark for having Demande kill his brother, Saphir. I expected Demande to rebel, but I didn’t expect for him to actually kill Saphir. That being said, I didn’t understand how Demande mentioned Saphir not wearing Black Crystal earrings when he was wearing them in the episode. Clearly, I missed something, not that I care enough to go back and look and figure it out.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 24

With the episode going into three taboos that Sailor Pluto cannot commit, and her already committing one by passing through the door she’s supposed to guard, I presume that she’ll be the deus ex machina to get the story out of its predicament and get Black Lady back to Small Lady (or whatever).

Sailor Moon Crystal - 24

Speaking of ChibiUsa, as she snogs her father in apparent preparation to play cowgirl, why doesn’t anyone, especially Sailor Moon say, “You do realize Chiba is your father, right?” No, instead we get some blathering from Sailor Moon “understanding” Black Lady’s feelings. Really? You understand why your daughter would want to boff her biological father? Outside of hentai, I don’t see that happening EVER.

Sailor Moon Crystal - 24

In the end, as usual, I’m a few IQ points down. Nevertheless, the show must go on!

Sailor Moon Crystal - 24

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2 Responses to “Sailor Moon Crystal – 24 (Taboo Part 2)”

  1. mirouw says:

    I don’t know how they managed to do something that bad D:
    At least in the old animation, the other sailor were useful and had more time to shine. Here like you said, they’re useless D: and It makes me angry.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, it really makes no sense to have them around if they aren’t going to contribute anything.

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