A Tale of Woe. (Break out the tissues, y’all!)

Hey gang!

Well, things certainly have been “fun” for me for a while, and last night, things came to a crash or two. Or more like, quite a few crashes. 😉

Yep, my main PC is down for the count. The Alienware Aurora R4 machine I bought 2.5 years ago has all but stopped working. Well, that’s what I get for having a RAID 0 setup. Thankfully, I was able to get all my documents, images, movies, etc. off to a new drive before my machine gave up the ghost.

To add to my first world problems, I had purchased a Samsung SSD drive to replace the RAID 0 setup, but I had been unsuccessful in cloning my original C-drive.  Last night, when it became clear that my machine was pretty much unusable, I unsealed the Windows 7 installation disc that came with my machine. Sadly, it did not have a DVD device driver, therefore I couldn’t even do a clean install of the O/S and all the Alienware stuff. 🙁

Looks like it will be tomorrow before I’ll find out if Dell/Alienware will send me a flash drive from which to try to reinstall my machine. (They may or may not charge me for this since I’m out of warranty.)

So, why am I boring you with this?

Well, there may be some reduced postings here for the next couple of weeks. (OK, there will be some reduced postings.) I can’t stream anime from my work laptops. I can do it from my personal laptop, but I need to bring it back up to specs before I can do it properly. Under normal conditions, this would be an easy thing, but I’m in the middle of a massive work project, which includes travel on my part, so my time to do such a thing is limited. (Which is why I’m already a bit behind on my anime reviews.)

I’ll still do the UQ Holder spoilers and chapter reviews. I may fall further behind on the anime reviews I’m currently doing, but I’ll catch up eventually.

Hopefully, I can get my main machine back online before the end of the week. In the meantime, those of you who are regular visitors, I thank you for your indulgence.

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13 Responses to “A Tale of Woe. (Break out the tissues, y’all!)”

  1. projectarms says:

    maybe it’s time to build your own PC. pre built pc has it’s own charm, but has bad maintainabliity. and it’s exactly now because there’s transition from ddr3 to ddr4, which some of the hardware parts gets a lot of discount. still, i pray for your pc.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      My brother-in-law built PCs for not only himself and my sister, but he built them for my parents and other relatives. I know he’s a big fan of that, and certainly, it is cheaper to build a machine than buy one ready made. My problem is that I’m just not much of a builder. I prefer taking what someone else has built and just improve it. 😛

      Still, once I can get the O/S installed on the SSD drive, my machine will be much improved. 😀

  2. arimareiji says:

    Ouch… (>_<)

    My sympathies. I'm glad you have more than one computer to rely on, but even so I hope the story ends happily and soon. I'm old enough to remember when computers were mostly a curiosity which schools had, something that could crunch lots of numbers or play simple games… but these days, going without a computer can feel crippling.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      these days, going without a computer can feel crippling

      Yeah, that’s the truth. Plus, I used my PC as a music box, and I seriously miss getting to have awesome tunes coming from my PC’s speakers. Laptop speakers stink, and I did have some space speakers for my personal laptop, but they are only a small step up from the laptop’s speakers. 😛

  3. D-Omen says:

    Sucks to hear that, man. I recently had issues with my own computer so I know how it feels.

    Sort of unrelated, but I wanted to inform you that the Rinne anime is getting a Season 2: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-09-14/rumiko-takahashi-rin-ne-manga-gets-2nd-anime-season-in-spring-2016/.92909

    You might want to do a little article on that as a placeholder for the episode reviews.

  4. highfirex says:

    I think it’s a good idea to think about getting backup operating systems in the future.

    Get a good size usb drive and install linux on it: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows

    Most likely you’ll be able to use Chrome/Firefox; you can play most video/media streaming, but not all. It’s better than nothing though.

  5. WMC says:

    Sorry for your loss. I will chant a space/time anti-gremlin for you. Where DO these gremlins come from? I’ve encountered them before and they never seem to be any fun.

    We will watch for you.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Where DO these gremlins come from? I’ve encountered them before and they never seem to be any fun.

      As Bugs Bunny learned in the 40s. 😉

  6. WMC says:

    Ya. I remember a Bugs Bunny film made about 1941-2 for basic training for pilots and ground crew. Very funny, but instructive stuff. Gremlins are everywhere and they will get you when your common sense is off duty. However, current IT gremlins don’t seem so dependable. Their favorite trick is the preemptive strike, in spite of our careful, common sense procedures. My instinct tells me it’s not random.

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