So I Started Watching “Carnival Phantasm”

So I Started Watching “Carnival Phantasm”

Hey gang! Since I’m getting some much needed downtime, I thought I’d try to pick up another anime series to knock off the list. Because I wanted to watch a comedy series, in the end, I opted for Carnival Phantasm.

So why Carnival Phantasm?

Well, back when I was watching Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, discussions of the series sometimes resulted in links to clips of the series on YouTube. The things I saw were absolutely hilarious.  I mean, take this clip from the story about Berserker being sent on his first errand to buy Ilya some batteries.


This cracks me up every time, more so because the narrator calls Berserker “Berserker-kun” throughout the clip (and the way it is told as if it is a child’s story). And thus we see another way the Holy Grail War could have been won. 😆

I plan to watch all twelve regular OVA episodes (which are shorter than I thought), the Special Season OVA, the EX Season OVA, and even Ilya Castle Special. I’ve watched a few so far. Since I’m not versed on Type-Moon’s Tsukihime franchise, other than visually recognizing the characters and knowing it is set in the Nasu Universe, where Fate/stay night is also set, it will be interesting to see how funny I find that.

Expect a full review once I get done. 🙂

Carnival Phantasm

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12 Responses to “So I Started Watching “Carnival Phantasm””

  1. Dorne says:

    Glad you’re having fun with series! The first time watching it I didn’t get much of the references, but after going through more of Nasu’s works the fanservice just works. You can tell it was made with love of the Nasu franchise.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, it has been pretty funny. I didn’t know the original manga was done by Kannagi‘s creator, Takenashi-sensei.

  2. I loved the Streetfighter II The Movie reference in one of the episodes. “What do you see in front of your fist?”

  3. jeffers says:

    haha yeah this is one hell of a funny and random set of eps. its a pity you havent read/watched/played tsukihime tho. theres just something about this series that cracks me up every time haha especially how you see sides of characters you would never see in the shows lol

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, I do wish I knew more of Tsukihime. It is a shame Farray isn’t around any more (I hope nothing bad happened to him) since he was the Type-Moon guru and a half.

  4. NullApostle says:

    ALERT! Two new Genshiken chapters are available for your reading pleasure. I repeat, TWO new Genshiken chapters have been released. Gotta read ’em all!

    (Yeah, not gonna step into a UQH post.)

  5. […] next is the episode that had the Berserker’s First Errand story in it. I shared that one one previously, but that episode had me in stitches on several fronts. First, the story is told as if it were a […]

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