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Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016! Hey everyone. Happy New Year 2016! Man, did my year end with a bang — a 23 hour work day, then zombie-like mode for New Year’s Eve. ^_^;;; Ah, but I’ve got time to recover now, and I’ll celebrate the new year in my own special way. 🙂 (And just maybe,

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Carnival Phantasm Review

Carnival Phantasm Review (Blending wacky comedy, “Fate/stay night”, and “Tsukihime” into one.)

Carnival Phantasm Review カーニバル・ファンタズム ***SPOILERS*** Since the time that I initially watched the first Fate/stay night anime adaptation, I have become a fan of this franchise, more so thanks to the excellent commentary from fans Farray, Garik, and other fans who are very well versed in not only the Fate/stay night franchise, but the entire

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Carnival Phantasm

So I Started Watching “Carnival Phantasm”

So I Started Watching “Carnival Phantasm” Hey gang! Since I’m getting some much needed downtime, I thought I’d try to pick up another anime series to knock off the list. Because I wanted to watch a comedy series, in the end, I opted for Carnival Phantasm. So why Carnival Phantasm? Well, back when I was

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