Ad Astra per Aspera Chapter 02 Manga Review (Not Sailor Moon!)

Ad Astra per Aspera chapter 02
アド アストラ ペル アスペラ ch 02

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Ad Astra per Aspera Chapter 02The miko and her robot-mecha unit Versailles manage to finally elude Imperial pursuit forces so that Versailles can recharge. Shinobu asks her name, so she makes a grand, formal introduction, identifying herself as Patty. He asks her if she fights against the Empire, but his grumbling stomach interrupts her answer. He admits to being hungry, but there’s nothing in the cockpit. Patty activates Versailles private mode, causing it to become like a luxury, business hotel room with food, fridge, dish washer, microwave, and more. She says the toilet and bathroom are below.

On cue, Shinobu steps on a floor plate that sends him to the deck below, where there’s a massive, luxury tub and a giant washing machine as well. Patty, still above, says the bathroom can become a sauna. Shinobu opens a cabinet, and discovers one of Patty’s brassieres and quickly closes the door, returning to the upper deck as Patty says food is ready. She says these amenities are needed for long journeys since Versailles can travel 50 light years a day. Shinobu realizes they can get to the center of the universe (the heart of the Empire) in just 600 days.

Shinobu hears a voice say that it won’t take him there, but when he asks Patty, she acts coy about it, causing Shinobu to see her as quite cute. Shinobu is taken aback when a voice starts narrating a lewd narrative. Patty tells Versailles to stop, then after Versailles insults Shinobu, Patty gets the robot to speak its mind. Versailles goes on a rant about boys who enter puberty, but when Shinobu tries to defend himself, Versailles points out Shinobu’s earlier discovery of Patty’s underwear.

Shinobu says he’s not dangerous, so Versailles puts up all the info on how Shinobu has been branded a terrorist and is sentenced to death. As such, the mecha-robot has determined that Shinobu will bring misfortune to those hear him. Patty agrees that it would be dangerous to be with Shinobu, leading Versailles to remind her that they have their own mission and having Shinobu on board will hinder it.

As Patty ponders, Shinobu says that she’s done enough and he’ll do the rest himself. He thanks all she’s done. Patty says that logically, she shouldn’t get close to Shinobu, but his earlier actions in caring for the friend who’d betrayed him to be beautiful. As such, she decides to help him.

Patty has a seizure, causing Versailles to explain that Patty has a disease and that she could die.  They don’t have the required Salicylamide Acid (to relieve the symptoms) medication on board and the closet location is Earth’s moon, 30 minutes away. Shinobu says he’ll get the medication despite the fact that the Empire’s HQ for the solar system is on the moon. She advises going to Pluto, but since she’s obviously in pain and might not make it, Shinobu orders Versailles to head to the moon. Patty tries to protest, but Shinobu is determined. Versailles decides to see what Shinobu can do and takes them to the moon.


So the groundwork for this new manga continues to be lain out, and so far, I’ve no problem with things.

Ad Astra per Aspera Chapter 02

After having shown Versailles as a powerful mecha unit, we are now shown the other two sides of Versailles. I still don’t know why Versailles wears majestic, Japanese clothing and can become some squat, stone-crafted mecha, but its AI seems to be based in party on Yukiji’s personality (Hayate the Combat Butler). That could make Versailles an interesting character.

If you are going to travel the galaxy, you may as well do it in style, and certain, the inside of Versailles is style. OK, maybe it isn’t as awesome as a Migaloo Private Submarine, but an AI mecha having the amenities that Versailles has is pretty sweet.

Ad Astra per Aspera Chapter 02

I noted the obvious avoidance of Patty’s true identity. As I said before, I think Patty will end up either being the Emperor (Empress), or the daughter of the Emperor. I don’t think we’ll end up learning more about her identity for a while.

What I don’t understand is why Patty and Versailles didn’t have a large store of Salicylamide Acid if Patty has a disease. It is a convenient McGuffin to allow Shinobu to prove himself to Versailles, more so since it is pretty common and can be purchased over the counter (BC Powder).

As to Patty, her disease aside, I like her because there’s a strong air of Athena from Hayate the Combat Butler. Part of that is how she uses the sensu (the Japanese hand fan) and part of it is her own highly positive attitude about herself. Further, she may have magical powers (at least Versailles appeared to use some, which I assume would be through Patty, but I could be wrong). So yeah, if she’s like Athena, then she’ll be an awesome character.

I liked the Sailor Moon parody element when Patty gave the speech about herself in a fashion that would make one of the Sailor Babes proud.

With Hata-sensei doing this and Hayate the Combat Butler, I’m not sure how he’s going to progress very far with either. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to reading more of Ad Astra Per Aspera.

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  1. Hata seem to breed nagi and hina on patty
    while shinobu is what I describe to be a young ikusa breed with when hayate was inocents

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