Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 513 Manga Review (Lessons in gambling and finance.)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga
Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 513 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 513 Hayate and Nagi are in the Grand Canyon with the map from Kananiwa, when they find one of the contraptions she apparently set up. For a ¥10 million deposit, they will be able to cross a bridge to where the gold worth ¥10 million is. Hayate and Nagi discuss the notion of such a large deposit and if they’d get the money back. Conveniently, there’s an ATM machine there as well, complete with the instant loan cards.

Izumi, Miki, and Risa show up here too, and as the discussion of what to do continues, Hayate and Nagi realize this is a psychological game on the part of Kananiwa. No one has ¥10 million on them, so Izumi decides she’ll use the card to borrow the money since she’ll get her deposit back. Hayate is about to stop her, but Nagi stops him. Hayate is worried, but Nagi feels it will give Izumi a lesson on the frightening financial system. The five of them cross the bridge, but when Izumi looks to get her deposit back, the kiosk on the other side explodes, destroying the bridge as well.

It is then then that Izumi sees the sign that if the bridge is destroyed, the deposit won’t be returned. As Izumi laments the loss of the money, Nagi says that this is the trap of the financial system and that a deal too good to be true usually is, so borrowing money must be done with caution. Risa tells Izumi that should she win the ¥10 million, all’s well. Izumi is cheered by this and then becomes excited when Risa discovers another outdoor kiosk where they have a chance to double their money, and that if they play 10 times, they can get through the door to the gold. There’s another ATM with the option to borrow more money, but Izumi loses it all, though the door to the gold opens.

Izumi laments having lost ¥20 million, but Risa spots a 100x Leverage Roulette game. Risa thinks it is awesome since ¥100,000 could net them ¥10 million. Nagi explains that because of the leverage factor, if you lose the ¥100,000, you owe the ¥10 million. Hayate encourages them to move forward since this game has nothing to do with the gold. However, Izumi starts doing the payoff calculations based on the rules of Roulette. As she ponders a bet of ¥10 million paying off, Maria suddenly shows up to confirm what Izumi was about to say — Izumi’s ¥10 million dollar bet has a 50% chance of winning ¥2 trillion.

Maria is asked why she is there, and her answer is that she’s the final boss.


So we get this chapter in the Grand Canyon where a not so subtle lesson on financial terms like deposit and leverage is given as well as gambling and borrowing money.

The chapter itself is rather silly. However, I was happy to see that Hata-sensei brought in Izumi, Risa, and Miki to play the comic foils this time, whereupon Izumi loses all the money. I keep expecting something terrible to happen to Hayate so that he’s the one burdened with debt again. Not that I don’t feel a bit bad for Izumi, who’s the nice girl of the trio of friends (Miki and Risa living to stir up trouble), but the debt is at least covered by her family’s wealth (even if her father may go nuts and make Izumi be a maid again to pay off the debt).

Maria showing up at the end was unexpected. It is amusing for her to be like a pit boss and a Roulette croupier (though they are called dealers in gambling establishments, even though they aren’t dealing anything). Her calling herself the final boss is Hata-sensei of saying he knows that there are fan theories out there that state that Maria may be the final boss of the manga. It is tempting to try to read more into that (and in the end, there might be more to it), but for now, I’m passing on that. We’ll see where Hata-sensei goes with Maria being in this chapter.

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 513

Otherwise, not a lot to say. The chapter was silly, but it was still enjoyable for what it was.

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10 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 513 Manga Review (Lessons in gambling and finance.)”

  1. I liked Nagi being the voice of reason here (a rather harsh one), but at least it shows that she’s not as “incompetent” or “immature” as the manga often makes her out to be. It’s just more of a running gag or an informed trait at this point, IMO. Personally, I’d say she’s a lot more mature than most real 12-14 year-olds I know IRL, but maybe that’s just me.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      When it comes to financial acumen, Nagi has been established as being good at this from one of the earliest chapters. When the topic of the inheritance came up, she told Mikado that she could get by without it, thanks to the skills he taught her regarding finance.

      At times, Nagi is very immature and acts her age, but at times, she’s also very mature. That’s what makes her an interesting character. 🙂

  2. arimareiji says:

    I’m glad Hata-sensei let Izumi be the one to think “out of the box” and realize there’s no limit specified for the 100x leverage, after he let her “friends” kick her around a bit for the first part of the comic. She’s too much of a sweetie to feel okay with her just being the butt of the jokes.

    Two nitpicks:
    (•̌_•̑) Does anyone know why Maria says 2 “trillion” instead of “billion”? Given the assumptions they explain (more about that in a moment), 10 million * 200 = 2 billion. My best guess is that it was a “braino” (like a “typo” but the fingers aren’t the culprit) in the editing or translation.
    (•̌_•̑) And if I correctly understand the concepts of leverage and betting, you’d actually wind up with 1.01 billion* instead of 2.

    * – In a normal bet, you’re putting down the amount you would owe if you lose. If I bet ANB $1 that Hina will win the Hayatebowl, and he gives me 1:1 odds (as with red or black on a roulette wheel), one of two things will happen: Hina will win, in which case ANB owes me $1 and I take back the $1 I put down. Or she doesn’t, in which case I owe ANB $1. He takes the $1 I put down, and I owe him nothing.

    Let’s say ANB offers to leverage it 100x. I put down $1. Because of the leverage, it counts as if I put down $100 – but I only actually put down $1. If Hina wins, ANB owes me $100 and I take back the $1. If A-tan wins, I owe ANB $100. He takes the $1 I put down, and I still owe him $99.

    If Hata-sensei’s explanation were correct, the odds would be heavily against the “house” in this case. Who wouldn’t want to play a game where you could bet $1 on even odds and either owe $100 or win $200?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, I suck at math. I wondering about the amount, but then as I said, I suck at math. 😛

      • liz says:

        yup i breezed through the whole chapter did not get some of the scams so i never try to make fast money. all i got that poor izumi got ripped.

        and seeing as hata sensei is treating us with characters that have not appeared for a while i wish we see we could see kazuki . poor guy unlike hamster just disappeared. and there was also himoru the butler with lust for money wonder why he passed on his chance to win 150 million.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Yeah, Kazuki has all but been forgotten. When was the last time he was seen? The Shimoda arc?

          • Could RHS V2 have made a mistake? I read that as
            Maria: There’s a 50% probability of obtaining a 2 billion yen dividend, right?

            In the raws. I thought I’d made a mistake since the veteran translators said it was a trillion.

            Anyway, as for Kazuki, I think the last time he was shown was when the Hamster was worried about her weight sometime in the mangaka arc just before she joins the Violet Mansion.

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Seems like they did. Some folks were questioning the 2 trillion thing.

          • arimareiji says:

            Without qualification: I’m very glad some of the same folks have stuck around to continue Hayate, and that they’ve spent all the time they have translating it.

            But with that said, everyone makes mistakes. I still trust their translations in general, but some minor wording choices radically changed the meaning of page 4 in chapter 491 during the Hina/Hayate sauna incident.

            (If you’re curious, I posted about it here.)

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Nothing against the unofficial version, but I wish that Viz and Crunchyroll could work out a deal and allow Crunchyroll to simulpub this.

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