Macross Delta 07 Review (Magical hacker idols, attack!)

Macross Delta 07
Macross Δ 07
マクロスΔ 07

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Macross Delta 07The Aether is dispatched to Planet Voldor, which has a blockade in place. Reina begins her magical, idol hacking, assisted by Makina, allowing them and the rest of the infiltration group to land. Makina, Reina, Messer, and Kaname are on one team. Freyja, Mirage, Hayate, and Mikumo are on the other team, all disguised as the cat people of Voldor, but Mikumo quickly disappears. Kaname’s discovers the soldiers have Var, so Kaname arranges for to covertly get a blood sample, confirming they have Seidznole in their blood, which helps bring about Var Syndrome. Hayate’s group discovers a couple of children, the girl singing a Walküre song to a giant mecha, where their famous pilot father Captain Alberto Larrazába has Var and assigned to tedious tasks.

Macross Delta 07Mikumo shows up to stop them from going to the children and reveals she’s planted bug drones all over. One records a meeting between the Voldor leader and Windermere leader Roid, which informs the group of a Protoculture ruin nearby. The group heads there, where Mirage believes Windermere has uncovered another dimensional weapon like the one they used seven years earlier in a war of independence against N.U.N.S. Freyja reveals that officially, they are taught that humans did that. They meet up with Kaname’s team, where Reina and Makina hack in.

Macross Delta 07Inside the ruins, they find a giant underground cavern filled with massive canisters of water and tons of Windermere apples, as were sold in the local market. As Mikumo explores more of the ruins, the two test negative on their own, but when Hayate suggests putting them together, they test positive for Seidznole. With the connection made on how Windermere is so easily able to control the N.U.N.S. military forces, the group flees as alarms have gone off. Freyja realizes they’ve forgotten Mikumo and stops. Mirage and Hayate stop to get Freyja, but are cut off from the others when a door slides shut. Attempting to find another exit route, Hayate, Mirage, and Freyja run into the Arial Knight’s trap.


Although this episode was still filled with “buy our music CDs” plugs with the inane singing ’cause “reasons,” this is the first episode where I actually found the story catching my interest.

Macross Delta 07

Hayate actually has a smart thought for once, questioning his being part of an infiltration team when he’s a pilot. That’s certainly true. In reality, you’d have trained folks doing this. At least Freyja claims to have gone through training when she wasn’t rehearsing with her fellow Walküre members.

Macross Delta 07

Speaking of the Walküre, this episode has the group showing the other magical skills they have.  So we get to see Reina’s magical hacking and Makina magically assisting whenever Reina ran into a block. If I shove the magical part aside and look at Reina as a proper hacker, then it makes her more interesting.

Macross Delta 07

Mikumo being the aloof, “I’m going to go off and do things on my own” bitch is further proof that she’s the perfect girl for the “I’m going to do things my own way” Hayate. Seriously, spare Freyja and Mirage from Hayate’s stench and just make it so that Hayate and Mikumo live happily ever after.

Macross Delta 07

Regardless, Mikumo has her magical skill of building drones that look like bugs. It is a shame we weren’t given clues about this before hand. At least with Reina and Makina, they were shown having made modifications to Hayate’s fighter to accommodate his whining.

Macross Delta 07

Still, Mikumo is somehow drawn deeper in the ruins and naturally must sing another song from a “still in development” CD single. Does this mean she’s Protoculture?

Macross Delta 07

Although cliched, at least we got an explanation of the energy hole on the surface of Windermere. Ironically enough, an episode of Star Trek: Voyager that recently streamed while I worked late in the night was about this whole topic of revisionist history, where aggressors in a war who did evil things against others are later portrayed as innocent victims of aggression by evil others. Windermere appears to be playing this card.

Macross Delta 07

We also got an explanation of how Var started spreading initially, via Windermere apples and water creating something called Seidznole.  Well, now that the secret is out, I presume Kaname’s team can get this info to the folks at Chaos and thus to N.U.N.S. to produce an antidote. Oh wait. If they did that, then we wouldn’t need more magical songs from Walküre.

Macross Delta 07

Regardless, it appears Windermere are cool with sacrificing the folks on Voldor in order to carry out their war. I base this on Roid not denying the Voldor leader’s remark that the Windermere folks will destroy friend and foe alike.

Macross Delta 07

In the end, while this episode has its flaws still, it at least was much more interesting to me, enough so that I’m almost tempted to not go to bed and watch the next episode.

Macross Delta 07

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6 Responses to “Macross Delta 07 Review (Magical hacker idols, attack!)”

  1. Charleston Ho says:

    Not cure as Walkure song are only cure. At least they found the source of the Vars so NUNS can imposed banning Apple and water to act as prevention for wide spread mind control

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      At least they found the source of the Vars so NUNS can imposed banning Apple and water to act as prevention for wide spread mind control

      That’s true.

  2. ctrn says:

    Well, maybe the water can be banned, but as the apples are from windermere, it’s probable that they already sold them to every enemy military force before declaring war (as I doubt a closed country like them will have commercial exchanges with enemies during conflict). The remaining apples (food reserves) can be banned then, but it looks like they are part of the Spacy soldiers regular diet so…

    …The question is if both things need to be consumed together or the contamination resides as a tissue deposit or something like that an permits a long time for reaction with the other reactive.

    Also, I believe that they choose apples as an homage to Sharon Apple haha.

    I still don’t like both Hayate and Mikumo. If this is a Macross anime, the trait indicates there must be a love triangle, a war, and some cool secondary character must die. I think the last one can be either Shinigami pilot or Mikumo (she is not cool to me but anyways..)

    • Charleston Ho says:

      I assume you do not like Isamu as Isamu are very similar to Hayate

      • ctrn says:

        Well, certainly not, in fact I didn’t like much either of the male protagonists, but as a whole, they were functional to the story and I really liked Macross Plus. It has been many years ago that I watched it (so maybe It’s better to watch the movie to refresh my memory), but I think that Isamu had a more interesting context, as he was not favoured by others in the way that Hayate is. Isamu was an irresponsible man who went confronting the world, but Hayate is a spoiled kid protected by his surrounding people.

        I’m not going in detail to avoid spoiling the plot (and the fact that I don’t have a very good memory)

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I still don’t like both Hayate and Mikumo. If this is a Macross anime, the trait indicates there must be a love triangle, a war, and some cool secondary character must die. I think the last one can be either Shinigami pilot or Mikumo (she is not cool to me but anyways..)

      The love triangle seems to be Hayate x Freyja x Mirage. I predict it will probably be Messer who dies. It might be Kaname as a second choice or Mikumo.

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