Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 532 Manga Review (The world is mine!)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga
Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 532 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 532Back in May, Yozora is tailing Hayate and reporting to someone (Hisui?) about the situation with the King’s Jewels.

In the present, Yozora continues to torment Klaus to get the information on the key. After teasing Klaus about his supposed missing pants, the doorbell rings. Hisui knows its for her and goes to answer it. Yozora decides to look out the window and sees Sakuya out there. However, she sees Sakuya talking to a tree, where she then spots Machina. As such, she’s sure he has a King’s Jewel with him.

Inside the mansion, Hisui sees Sakuya, who wants to know why Hisui would kidnap an old man. To this, Hisui informs Sakuya that she wants the location of Loto Key. Sakuya doesn’t understand why they all can’t share in the inheritance, leading Hisui to insult Sakuya. After Sakuya goes off on Hisui, Hisui explains that she just wants it all.

Yozora comes in to inform Hisui that she can obtain no information from Klaus. However, she believes she has something even better for Hisui. Hearing this, Hisui hands Klaus over to Sakuya.

Sakuya calls Nagi to inform her of the success of her mission. Miki also gets a call, whereby her people report they have news on the writings in the labyrinth. The group return to the library where they find the floor plans pinned on the wall, spelling out a clue as to the location of the key. Hayate reads this and wonders if he knows where it is.


After the last chapter’s gags, Hata-sensei has Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 532 return to the plot, and I’m glad for it.Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 532

Of course Hata-sensei has to get plenty of gags into a plot story. I couldn’t help but be amused by her antics in teasing Klaus about his supposed missing pants. Yozora breaking the forth wall by mentioning Klaus’s lower have being out of panel increased the humor levels quite a bit.:-D

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 532

In addition, Hata-sensei decided to pull out the old gag, whereby someone hides in a tree (or bush) with a couple of small branches to their head. The gag is stupid, but at the same time, it makes me laugh.

I liked the flashback at the beginning of the chapter. Not only did Hata-sensei give a nid to Ruka, but he also allowed us to see what Yozora was up to when she launched her bottle rocket attack on Hayate as he transported Tama. The thing I find most interesting about the flashback is the hint (presuming the English translation is correct) that Yozora might be much older than she appears. The remark she makes about cell phones and 2700 years is quite striking to me. This seems to suggest that Yozora was alive when King Midas was alive.

As expected, Miki’s people deciphered the rest of the message. There is a part of me that hopes the clue somehow ties in Nagi’s father. We’ll see if that comes about or not.

With Yozora having seen Machina, combined with her implying that she’d get his King’s Jewel and give it to Hisui, I wonder if this means the two will fight now. I also wonder if this is a way to bring Athena back into the story somehow.

In the end, Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 532 was an enjoyable chapter, mixing humor and plot.

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  1. federico says:

    Yozora is supposed to be a villain and yet I can imagine that Hayate can do a more brutal interrogation.

  2. I can vouch for the 2700 years comment. I saw the raws and translated it pretty much the same way.

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