Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 539 Manga Review (Misunderstandings.)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga
Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 539 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 539 Nagi remembers a conversation with her mother about why Yukariko married Nagi’s father. Yukariko states that he was after her money. Nagi is bothered by this, so Yukariko states that he also fell for her nice body. Nagi asks about love, to which her mother states there was a lot of love. As such, Yukariko says that as long as one has money, they can bring happiness to someone as useless and hopeless as Nagi’s dad.

Nagi doesn’t think Hayate is like her father. However, after also remembering Chiharu’s words about the importance of money, she now realizes she needs the inheritance for her future with Hayate.

Hayate walks to the mansion, thinking about Maria’s plans to quit. This makes him more determined to get the inheritance for Nagi. Hayate enters the mansion and apologizes for not getting chocolate. He asks for permission to leave to pursue the Sanzenin Inheritance. Nagi wants to know why he’s so eager, so Hayate tells her it is for her future. Nagi and Chiharu hear this as Hayate wanting to prepare for his future with Nagi in marriage. With that, Hayate leaves the two blushing girls.

Elsewhere, Ah-tan and Isumi discover Yozora’s broken visor and know they have a problem.


Welp, the path to continue setting up Nagi for the heartbreak to open the path continues.

When I snuck a look at the raw for this chapter, I noticed that Nagi and Yukariko talking about Nagi’s dad. So I am so glad to finally get to read the discussion. Yukariko is always amusing and this chapter is no different on that account. I lament that we don’t know more about Nagi’s dad, but it is clear here that Yukariko loved him dearly. I really want to learn more about him, but with the manga ending, I doubt that happens.

The flashback basically served to put Nagi into more of a mindset of getting the inheritance. That’s clearly needed if Nagi is going to be the one to open the path.

Hata-sensei brings back the misunderstanding element to the max. This time, Chiharu is along for the ride, having witnessed Hayate’s speech and taking the same misunderstanding that Hayate is wanting to marry Nagi instead of just protecting her future without Maria. While this is amusing at a certain level, knowing that Nagi is being set up for the fall depresses me a little.

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 539

Finally, Isumi and Ah-tan working together could lead to some interesting things. I wonder if Hayate ends up meeting them and going from there.

In the end, Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 539 is pretty enjoyable, but seeing the setup of Nagi’s eventual fall is kind of depressing.

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8 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 539 Manga Review (Misunderstandings.)”

  1. ctrn says:

    Well, when I watched the “Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” anime (thanks google XD), I thought that Hata-sensei was doing it as a canon complement to the manga, as it happened on the future (relative to the manga chronology at the time it aired) and it didn’t tell anything about the main plot or the inheritance race…. but then some things changed and when Tsumugi Ruri appeared as a different character that idea completely collapsed.

    Looking at it now, with the manga ending, I think it could have been a good idea to leave that anime season as canon, as it tells more of Nagi’s parents past. And I think that the general plot and characters were created by Hata-sensei himself (maybe I’m wrong) so…

    Maybe a pair of oneshots telling the abridged plot of the anime could explain it, I don’t know.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I believe the original plan for CTMEOY was to have the story elements about Nagi’s father and the Kurotsubaki to be canon. What folks have told me is that for some reason, Hata-sensei ended up not having the rights to use the story from the anime. Clearly, he had the rights to use the character designs and Ruri’s name. I’m guessing he changed Dolly’s nature once he couldn’t use the story and changed her name accordingly. This is also why the Kurotsubaki isn’t in Las Vegas, but is at Mikado’s mansion.

      • ctrn says:

        Oh. If it is like that I kind of understand why Hata-sensei wanted to end the manga when he reached the part when the anime should overlap, as it is like ruining his original plot (I think that Nagi’s parents past was something he already thought years ago, as it is part of the characters background). If it is true I think he sure was irritated…

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Yeah, I’m betting he wasn’t happy. That being said, I think the main reason he wants to quit is that he’s been doing this manga for over ten years. His dabbling with the Ad Astra Per Aspera series shows that Hata-sensei wants to write something new, even though it will likely be in the same universe (howbeit, the future in the case of AAPA).

  2. federico says:

    Hayate get trap in The royal Garden and get out after a 3 year time skip

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Ha!ha! Well, we know time doesn’t pass very quickly in the Royal Garden. 😀

      • federico says:

        Hayate staying 16 while Nagi age to the right age and then they meet after 3 years
        thst could be interesting

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          If Hayate is stuck there, three years would be an incredibly long time. After all, time barely moves in the Royal Garden. If this happened, I’m sure Hata-sensei would have a time-skip.

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