Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 543 Manga Review (Another Farewell w/ Plot)

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga
Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 543 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 543Nagi is home again and thinks back to her time with Wataru at the Tama river. Wataru talked to Nagi about canceling their betrothal. Nagi tells Wataru that she wasn’t concerned about it since her parents are dead and his parents fell into poverty. However, Wataru wants to make their break official. To that end, he gives her the King’s Jewel that his mother had given him. Nagi is surprised since the stone is supposed to be a guide to make one’s dreams come true.

Wataru explains that he no longer needs it since his doujinshi shop is doing well and he’ll keep working to make it the best with Saki. Since Nagi’s goal is further away than his goal, he wants her to have the stone. With that, he promises to run a promotion for Nagi’s manga once she gets it published. With that, the two part ways.

Back in the present, Chiharu asks Nagi about the stone. Nagi recounts the story she was told about the King’s Jewel and the Royal Power.

Hayate pays Mikado a visit to inquire about the Royal Power and discuss the situation of the Loto Key being hidden in the Garden Palace. Hayate expresses his concern over Hisui reaching the key first. Ah-tan demands to know how to regain her original form. Mikado won’t do that without being given a stone. Hayate gives him a stone, so Mikado tells Ah-tan that she needs to destroy her stone to regain her form as Athena.

Ah-tan gets a call from Isumi, giving her the bad news of what happened to Machina. Elsewhere, Hisui inquires about the Royal Power.


Well now. I believe Hata-sensei continues his farewell tour, but this time, he pushes the plot forward as well.

A Jacked Up 542 Review

When I took a sneak peek at the raw version of this chapter, I was ready to celebrate my prediction. For a while, I’ve been thinking that Nagi is the one that would open the path to the Royal Garden. The only missing element was her lack of a King’s Jewel. As such, I had written in my review of chapter 542 that in order for this to happen, Wataru would have to give his King’s Jewel to Nagi.

Then I went to my review of chapter 542 to quote myself, only to discover half of my review is missing. *_* I’ve no idea what happened to it, but the review just cuts off. I’m guessing it may have been my eagerness to get Amazon stuff back in that caused me to blow it away. 🙁 Oh well.

Regardless, it does appear that Nagi is now all set up to be the one to open the path. The other ingredient is for her to learn she has an unrequited, romantic love for Hayate.

Goodbye Wataru

I had not expected that we’d see a return to plot in this chapter. I did expect to see the farewell tour to continue, which it did. This time, I believe we’ve said goodbye to Wataru.

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 543

One of the plot threads from Wataru’s introduction is the betrothal between Nagi and Wataru. In chapter 542, we saw Wataru basically pledge to spend his life with Saki. That necessitated the betrothal between Nagi and Wataru be dissolved. By giving Nagi his King’s Jewel, Wataru provides a most effective method for accomplishing this. It is highly valuable, and it is an honorable method of breaking their engagement.

I also liked Wataru’s words to Nagi about her manga. When Hayate the Combat Butler comes to an end, I’d like to see Nagi getting her manga published and Wataru running that promotional he promised.

The Plot Continues

During Nagi’s recounting of the King’s Jewel story to Chiharu, we saw a quick flashback of what appears to be Nagi and Maria at Yukariko’s grave. I’m not sure why Hata-sensei would only show their feet. However, if it is Maria, then it is another clue that she will play an important role in the ending of the manga. I think that’s what’s most of us have expected for a long time.

Nagi’s exposition is not only a means to educate newer readers on the plot with the Royal Power, but it also allows Hata-sensei to finally delve into the question of what the Royal Power actually is. Naturally, we don’t get an answer this chapter. But we may get one in the near future.

One thing we did learn was how to get Athena back to her normal self. Boy, I hope that plot thread comes through sooner rather than later. It isn’t because of my own Athena x Hayate shipping (though Nagi realizing Hayate loves Athena may play a role in Nagi getting crushed), but because I’d love to see a fully powerful Athena working with Isumi to battle Hisui and company.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

With Hisui apparently asking Yozora about the Royal Power, we may finally learn exactly who or what Yozora is. Even though Hisui may be a decent fighter, I don’t think she’s a powerful being like Yozora is. I still think Yozora is directly connected to the Royal Garden and Palace. She may even be the daughter of King Midas, which would be a very interesting development.

In the end, Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 543 manages to combine the farewell tour of characters while pushing forward the plot. As such, it ended up being quit enjoyable.

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8 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 543 Manga Review (Another Farewell w/ Plot)”

  1. federico says:

    I had Athena in mind in Nagi’s flashback because of the black dress and shoes.

  2. KaNishiki says:

    May I know why you think Yozora is the daughter of King Midas?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Her remarks to Machina (Makina) seemed to indicate that she’s a Royal and attached to the Royal Palace. If so, then following the legend of Midas (which has numerous, sometimes contradictory elements), Midas had a daughter. I know in some of the stories, he turned her to gold, which caused him to repent. However, the King Midas here is just taking the myth stories as a basis, then Hata-sensei is adding his own elements (such as the giant, skeleton entity). With that in mind, Yozora could be the daughter of King Midas, looking to return to her home.

  3. I would like Athena to come back to full form too, But not because of the ship but because of her in all her Gilgamesh glory xD

    All Nagi needs to do now is break down at the Hakou Clock Tower and open the door to the Garden and we are set to go.

    Oh ya points for Nagi becoming my second favorite anime girl (after my dear Illya xD) for holding a Godzilla action figure.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I would like Athena to come back to full form too, But not because of the ship but because of her in all her Gilgamesh glory xD

      Haha! Yes. ^_^

      All Nagi needs to do now is break down at the Hakou Clock Tower and open the door to the Garden and we are set to go.

      Or at the least, get to the grounds of the school. 🙂

      • ah well my theory is the clock tower is the marker for the entrance to the garden, as its design is based on one of the pillars and Isumi’s comments about spiritual stuff going on there showing a ominous look at the tower and then there is the theory of the mysterious room at the top that supposedly holds the pool.

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