Macross Delta 24 Review (Racing to nowhere!)

Macross Delta 24
Macross Δ 24
マクロスΔ 24

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Macross Delta 24Mirage, Freyja, and Hayate are given a show trial, where King Heinz presides over it. After he asks a few questions, those running the trial convict and sentence the trio to death. Elsewhere, Berger shows Arad, Kaname, Makina, and Reina the VF-22 of Hayate’s father, which is in working condition. They rescue Hayate, Mirage, and Freyja. The four Walküre members start a concert at the Protoculture ruins. However, thanks to Roid’s influence of Mikumo as the artificial Star Singer, she counteracts them. Makina gets shot, but the group gets the portal open to allow them to be rescued, sans Mikumo.


So, the writer’s whole purpose in putting the main characters on Windermere is so Mikumo can be captured and manipulated by Roid the almighty. 🙄  Oh yeah, and to sell some music CDs.

Macross Delta 24

Cliche Trial and Rescue

I had hoped that since the little girly king insisted on showing up at the trial, we’d have a different outcome than what we got. Instead, we got the cliched villains spouting their crap. We got the cliched spouting from the heroes. And we got the cliched death sentence that allows for an easy rescue. Yeah, let’s just walk the plank with the prisoners hands unbound.

Macross Delta 24

And speaking of that rescue, boy, it sure is fortunate that when King Gramia built his VF-22 shrine to Hayate’s father, he made sure the VF-22 could be fully fueled, armed, and flight worthy. How delightful.

Macross Delta 24

Then there is the rescue of Hayate, Freyja, and Mirage. One just to love that awesome timing whereby the execution of the trio happens to take place at a time and place where Arad and girls can save them. Not only that, but they can get back to their fighters with no problem and the status quo between the villains and the heroes returns.

Macross Delta 24

Paying for a Concert in a Battle Zone

I’ve long griped about the stupidity of having magical idol babes in a combat zone. However, that trend continues as the four members of Walküre set up shop and start a concert. Yes, I know they needed to open the portal, but I still cringe at these moments.

Macross Delta 24

The difference this time is that Makina got shot. I hate to say it, but I was actually glad to see this happen. This is a token gesture on the part of the anime production team, but in reality, the whole group should be dead. I had thought that the anime might let Makina die, which would have been surprising. However, it appears she’s going to live, which I’m fine with.

Macross Delta 24

Mikumo and Him-Roid

You know, whenever I see Roid and his glasses collection, I can’t help but wonder if this bozo has some bukake fetish. It has gotten to the point to where I think that whenever I see him wearing glasses. 😐  Yeah, I know that’s disgusting, but Roid is a disgusting dude. I really can’t stand the guy.

Macross Delta 24

As for Mikumo, unless I misunderstood things, she’s an artificial Protoculture person. I still have no clue what this bloody Star Singer is supposed to be or what this entity is supposed to do. If I had to guess, Roid will control Mikumo a bit longer. She’ll eventually break free, possibly with help from her friends, then “swallow” Roid. But frankly, whether that happens or not, I really couldn’t care less.

Macross Delta 24

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

I know there are two episodes left, but by now, we should have some kind of information to understand what’s going on and why. Lady M springs to mind. Instead, because the writers have to focus on selling music CDs, in order to answer everything, the writers are going to have to do some massive info dumps. Of course, I’m assuming we are going to get a lot of information. There may have been a decision to leave some things up in the air for a sequel.

Macross Delta 24

In the end, Macross Delta 24 reveals that the only reason for having the heroes go to Windermere was to let Mikumo be captured by the enemy. I think we all know where this is going next.

Macross Delta 24

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8 Responses to “Macross Delta 24 Review (Racing to nowhere!)”

  1. ctrn says:

    You know? This turns hilarious if you think about the girls in Genshiken Nidaime fantasizing about Roid on the receiving part of a bukkake gangbang by the windermere knights. And there are material for all their fetishes: from girly little boys to old men. Now I see that not only the typical idols followers (mostly men I believe) are targeted. The fujoshis too! Sell! Sell! Sell!

    Just a little search on google with “macross delta manga” and there are several tittles and one of them is “Macross Delta: White Knight of the black wing” so…… yeah.

    If the product placement ( (bad)music in this case) is accompanied by a good story, with decent writing, even if the animation is worse than the one we are seeing (which is no good either)… and the mecha fights are similar to this (so really bad compared to other macross series), I wouldn’t complain so much. But this is really bad.

    Think about this: They really didn’t need at all this windermere arc fiasco. If you want to capture mikumo to make a motive for a rescue fight, they just needed to leave her to be kidnapped or something like that when the protoculture ruins collapsed, then Roid could be the one to discover the truth about leelo mikumo with some sadistic mad scientist experiment of sorts and then solidifying his “evil antagonist” status for the show as he grows on greed for power.
    With the NUNS/CIA wanting to kill mikumo (as not leaving a war asset like her to another possible enemy force) they launch a massive attack agains windermere. (All the crap about hayate’s father could be addressed on the last chapter too, revealing the conspiracy an turning him a hero as I’m sure is what is going to happen).

    With that you can have a massive confrontation between NUNS and Windermere with Walkure as the underdog going against those two forces, wanting to save the clone singing bitch.

    I think that we will not have a nice mega battle like other iterations of this universe. It like that meme comparing the final fights of LOTR and Twilight

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Heh. It must be Genshiken that made me think my ugliness. 😉

      I’d write more in response, but it is way late, I’m a walking zombie, and I rather doubt I get a post out tomorrow. Man, I’m looking forward to when my project workload gets a bit lighter. ^_^;

  2. Rob C. says:

    Disappointment continues. Sabotage mission goes “south” to failure, with one left behind captured. What were they suppose to do be doing? Seriously.

    I do wonder how the economy on Windermere functions. I get impression that they don’t have large population, due to their short life span. Concentrating either farming or their fledgling military.

    I have agree, that there likely not going be a massive battle, but that’s be utterly stupid. It won’t be Macross at ALL without it. One thing they seem their trying to do is focus on that makes Macross “great”. Music, Fighter duels, and possibly fighting.

    I think we’ll get semi-battle, but how it’s resolve when music nerfs everything is another thing.
    I do expect that galaxy will be left in a coma with super-ubber magic singing abilities of Protoculture music amplifier. Only way is likely Frejya and Mikuma getting into a sing off and end up trying to save the universe from brain death while likely of prematurely killing one or both of them. Then Hayato will handle the military side of the show, with his improved skills of fighting while listening to Freyja singing and then he ends up with Mirage due to Freyja’s possible death.

    A Side Note: Any noticed we’ve almost never see much fights with Variable fighters in Mech mode? Its almost always in fighter mode or Gerwalk

    • ctrn says:

      “Make Macross great again!” hahahaha

      No good dogfights, No good fights in general, No good music, and maybe just one “Itano circus” on 24 episodes? And clearly, as you mention, the inability of the studio animating mecha is what leave us with subpar jetfighters scenes. Even the thing about hayate “dancing” while piloting (In clear reference to Alto from Frontier) has been left out.

      This is insulting Ghost in the Shell in the process, but if you compare the CGI of the tachikomas from Stand Alone Complex (from 12 years ago) with this idol selling show, they have a better choreography and smooth animation than Macross delta, and that even wasn’t where the budget went on that show (I never finished it because reasons, but is good, far more entertaining than the movies).

      And, considering what delta wants to be, it doesn’t have at least one nice choreography scene of dancing with the music, which is present even on Evangelion.

      • Rob C. says:

        Well, ANN doesn’t even list them but that’s because it’s not streamed by CrunchyRoll.
        However, I’ve yet to see them listed on other sites how well it does.
        It’s actually i think hard to tell how well it really is. Its trying to appeal to somebody out there.
        I mean this generation of shadowing/CGI with real animation is bad. I wasn’t fan of it when i saw it in Macross Frontier, but it did semi better in Frontier than here.

        Is there any way tell how bad shape the company who did this is? I know funding is hard to come by. Let’s be frank, this isn’t golden era of Anime, especially when it comes to viewership. The original Macross was toy seller, which all reality is something like this but it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. It had the music but it didn’t at least DOMINATE the premise of the show which is my chief complaints about Delta. It did have good moments like episode 14 when the water world fell to Windermerers.

        Future of the franchise, least under this model of raising money and trying drum up viewer ship is bit bleak i think. Scifi isn’t as popular as it used to me, never mind space opera/military. I remember reading manga what did a blend of idol(military) and scif/military.
        They refer to the hard core manga/animes that are like old Macross/Gundam/Crusher Joe/Legends of Galactic Heros as “old men” genres.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Yeah, I pretty much agree with you here.

      A Side Note: Any noticed we’ve almost never see much fights with Variable fighters in Mech mode? Its almost always in fighter mode or Gerwalk

      I have noticed that. Probably costs more to do that.

  3. Rob C. says:

    Astro, are you going to do Episode 25 soon? It maybe perhaps a more EYE opening episode to be watched.

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