Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 545 Manga Review

ハヤテのごとく!/Hayate no Gotoku Manga
Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 545 Review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 545 In the past, Yukariko is with Himegami when the ghostly figure of the goddess Orumuzuto Nadja appears above the coffin. Yukariko vows to save her.

In the present, Nagi recounts the tale to Chiharu. After Yukariko died, Orumuzuto visits Nagi, telling her the secret of the Royal Garden. At the same time, Ah-tan is telling Hayate things, including that while in the Royal Garden, you can use the Manuscript of Orumuzuto freely, providing you have King’s Jewels. This is also due to the place existing outside of time. However, you can no longer use a King’s Jewel to leave, meaning you are trapped.

As Nagi tells this to Chiharu, she adds that the King’s Jewel is a Stone of Bond. As such, it represents the bond that leads someone to sacrifice themselves to save another. This is a bond of love. Chiharu thinks Nagi and Hayate will be fine since they love each other. Maria overhears this and knows she has a problem to resolve.

Meanwhile, Hayate and Ah-tan have arrived at Hisui’s mansion. The two discuss how they should enter the residence when Isumi shows up and blows the gate up. She denies having blown up the gate. Further, she claims to know a spell to gain entrance to a place without permission and without angering the residents. With that, she announces to Hisui-chan that she’s there to play.

With Isumi there, Ah-tan figures she won’t need to temporarily restore her normal form, but then Isumi disappears. Ah-tan and Hayate enter the mansion. Hisui decides she’ll meet her guest, but she grabs a sword, promising not to leave them unharmed. As such, she greets them from the top of the stairs, sword in hand.


It is nice to see the plot continue, while at the same time, Isumi gets to be awesome and funny. Hurray for Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 545!

Yukariko and the Goddess

We’ve known for a while that Yukariko went to the Royal Garden to save someone. Or rather, this is what has been strongly believed. This chapter reveals that Yukariko is in communion with Orumuzuto. Not only that, but Yukariko has vowed to save the goddess. I’m not even sure if Himegami could even see Orumuzuto. Whether he could or not, it is good to know who it was whom Yukariko wanted to save.

Since I can’t imagine Yukariko being the type to have the explosion of negative emotions to open the path to the Royal Garden (though anything is possible), I have a theory on how she gained entry. I suspect she sacrificed 50 years of her life in order to save Orumuzuto. It would allow her to make her entry without following the normal rules.

The thing that troubles me a bit about this theory is Nagi. However, Yukariko may have felt that Nagi would be OK without her. Plus, it does appear that Yukariko is watching over Nagi. If that’s the case, I can actually foresee Nagi getting to see her Mom once more, especially if Nagi is the one who ends up opening the path.

It is interesting that Orumuzuto paid Nagi a visit after Yukariko died. I suspect we’ll see Orumuzuto in the present time before the manga ends.

Mikado and Athena

With this latest revelation in the plot, my theory that Mikado wants the Royal Power to bring Yukariko back to life gains some traction. With the Manuscript of Orumuzuto in play, I can easily see Mikado using the power to bring Yukariko back, even at the cost of his own life.

As to Athena, we now know why she was trapped in the Royal Garden and could not escape on her own. I suspect that she obtained her impressive skills in magic and sword via the Manuscript of Orumuzuto. I don’t think we’ve been told what her connection to the Royal Power is and why she worked with Mikado to obtain it. That will be interesting to learn.

I had wondered about Ah-tan’s ability to fight, should the need arise. Since she has the sealing device for her curse, I don’t think it is a difficult prediction that Ah-tan will use it to become Athena for a time. Hopefully, she can restore her normal form.

What I didn’t like is that the chapter seems to be pushing an Athena x Ikusa ship. It doesn’t surprise me since I’m 99.9% certain that Hata-sensei wants Hayate to end up with Nagi.

Isumi and Hisui

Once again, Isumi comes in and steals the manga. I love it! While Ah-tan and Hayate debate on how to enter Hisui’s residence, Isumi just cuts to the chase, then denies having destroyed the gate. I laughed out loud because of that.

Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 545

Assuming this confrontation at Hisui’s mansion turns into a fight, I’m looking forward to Isumi’s revenge match. I love it when Isumi becomes a serious, Eastern mage. 😀

As to Hisui, I got a laugh out of her deciding to hear out Ah-tan and Hayate, but not without cutting on them a little. (Well, harming them in some fashion, but with a sword, cuts are likely to happen.) I’m looking forward to whatever happens.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Finally, there’s Maria. I don’t envy her task. However, this has been a long time coming, ever since the start of the manga. Her telling Nagi the truth is what could easily set Nagi on the course that opens the path to the Royal Garden.

In the end, Hayate the Combat Butler chapter 545 is a really good chapter, bringing in more plot, back history, and comedy to boot.

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10 Responses to “Hayate the Combat Butler Chapter 545 Manga Review”

  1. Strong bonds…. proof of love…. (whistles a tune~)
    [spoiler]Well, Athena won’t be needing that power meter ever anywayz and we also see why she used that power…[/spoiler]

  2. Ohh in case ya may not have noticed but doesn’t Ah-tan’s coat there look similar to Illya’s in FKL 3rei 😀

  3. federico says:

    What servant class can Hayate be summoned
    Hayate’s fighting style is a contradiction to common shounen protagonist, most protagonist fight with might instinct and come up with a plan latter on. Hayate seem to fight like an old man letting his opponent strike first then conservatively evade and then when his opponent show fatigue he finds an opening and then finish the fight with one decisive strike. when that doesn’t work he’ll just go all-out

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