Fate/Grand Order USA is Now Live!

Fate/Grand Order USA is Now Live!

Hey gang! For those unaware, the Fate/Grand Order game (or Fate/GO or FGO as it is also known as) is now LIVE for those of us in the US, both on Google Play and the Apple App Store. I have downloaded it for my Android tablet. Right now, I’m doing the tedious “reroll” process to try to get a 5* Servant, hopefully Saber Artoria. Not that the game bothered to spell the name correctly. The game is spelling her name as Altria for some otherworldly reason. (And EMIYA is Emiya ’cause “reasons.”)

Here are some items of note.

  • This game will NOT play on the Android emulator BlueStacks. 😡
  • This game will apparently not play on any rooted device.
  • There are spelling and grammar errors galore in the game.
  • Senpai is used by Mash to address you.
  • Other Japanese honorifics are not used ’cause “reasons.”
  • In my initial go through the tutorial, the music was massively distorted. When I cleared the game data for my reroll (meaning game data is deleted, forcing me to start over with the tutorial again), the music played fine.
  • All of the Japanese seiyuu voices are used. YES! Can’t wait for Saber Artoria (not using that other spelling) to be my 5* Servant! If you want to know what they are actually saying, you have to go to the Servant’s info page and play their various dialog lines for different actions. You’ll see the translated English text then.
  • Man, after watching Fate/Grand Order: First Order, I feel so bad every time Olga Marie says certain things in the cut scenes. 🙁  🙁  🙁 Glad I’m skipping those in the rerolls.
  • Speaking of the anime, for the preview part of the game, the anime adopted that spot on.

Seems like a fun game, not that I have time to play. In honor of it, here’s a cute slumber party picture with a lot of Saber-chan characters in it. 🙂

Fate/Grand Order

Finally, I know Fate/Apocrypha is about to start in a few days. If I can, I’m going to try to episode blog it.

Update: My full game review can be found here.

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6 Responses to “Fate/Grand Order USA is Now Live!”

  1. Rather then Artoria (or Altria) Saber, you should aim for a Servant whose Noble Phantasm deals a damage to a single target rather then to all of them like Excalibur does. I can tell you from experience that unless you have such a Servant, you’re going to struggle somewhat in the Boss Fights. Aim for a good Rider since all the Demon Pillars (Which are the final Bosses in most Orders) have the properties of Caster Class despite appearing as “?” Class. I recommend “Anne Bonny & Mary Read” Rider since it’s the best you can get as a starter – the others require you to have cleared some quests first or are from specific events.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Most folks were going for Waver (Lord El-Melloi II, also named Zhuge Liang for some reason) ’cause he’s the best support in the game. I had decided that since rerolling is such a tedious, time consuming process, I’d try for any 5* and be happy about it. Then yesterday, something happened in my reroll that caused a minor stir in fandom. Here’s the link (Twitter).

      With three 5* Saber drops, I bound the account and started playing as that allowed her NP to be at level 3. Having played a while, I like her. At level 3, her NP still does good damage in this early part of the game, especially when overcharged.

      • WMC says:

        More side step agenda: “A Certain Scientific Railgun” Vol 12 out now. Great stuff. Lots of panel skipping and time jumping, but that’s part of its appeal — the stories have to decrypted to understand. All of the clues, some very subtle and some VERY small, reside in the text for us to discover, but they’re all there. Lots of fun. After three readings I’m pleased that the plots now make a lot more sense, which they didn’t the first time through. There appear several new and interesting characters, like the girl who can reduce friction to zero, allowing her to speed skate barefooted.

        • WMC says:

          In Railgun 12 the first plot features Frenda, that cute little blonde psychopath who can pull rocket propelled grenades and bomb-loaded Raggedy Ann dolls out of her beautiful ass. She and Saten meet accidentally, appear on the cover a of the manga, and fight the newest girl hunter, who’s after Saten to get her Indian Poker card. Their adventure flies all over the place with very plausible scientific vagaries. As a science-math man I loved it.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I got the volume in and added to the massive stacks of unread volumes. 🙁

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