Happy Thanksgiving 2017 (With Umaru-chan)

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 (With Umaru-chan)

Hey gang! For those in the U.S. or outside the U.S. who celebrate Thanksgiving, I’d like to wish you all “Happy Thanksgiving!” I hope yours is a good one. πŸ™‚

As for me, I’m taking some much needed time off. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually have a couple of reviews queued up for Friday and Saturday. Maybe I’ll find some time to do a few more, assuming family and friends don’t suck up all my time. But hey, at least I’m not working…officially that is. ^_^;

As an aside, I decided to go with Umaru-chan as a post image because originally, my plan was to episode-blog the Himouto Umaru-chan R series this season. Sadly, that won’t happen, but I kinda hope that at a minimum, I can series blog it as I did the first one.

Himouto! Umaru-chan Review

Be safe out there this long holiday weekend (for those who have it) and again, Happy Thanksgiving!

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2 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving 2017 (With Umaru-chan)”

  1. arimareiji says:

    Umaru’s back? Holy crud, I’m glad I stopped by! (^_^)

    Unfortunately, I have probably-sad news in return: I started chasing down Ad Astra Per Aspera when I saw it mentioned, because I remembered you thought well of it – so I was going to check it out. Found a bunch of nothing, then this. Sorry to hear it.
    Reddit thread says that Hata-sensei is starting new series, and says he hasn’t been drawing since HnG ended.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Umaru’s back? Holy crud, I’m glad I stopped by! (^_^)

      Yeah, but sadly, I’ve not been able to watch yet. πŸ™

      Unfortunately, I have probably-sad news in return

      Ugh. I liked Ad Astra Per Aspera. I guess Hata-sensei isn’t like Mashima-sensei. After Mashima-sensei stopped Fairy Tail, he frequently posts new Fairy Tail artwork on Twitter. Anyway, thanks for the link.

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