UQ Holder Chapter 144 Manga Review (Expect the unexpected!)

ユーキューホルダー! 魔法先生 ネギま!2 Manga Review
UQ Holder! Mahou Sensei Negima 2
UQ Holder!: Magister Negi Magi! 2 Chapter 144
UQ Holder Chapter 144

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 144Touta races up the tower and has to be grabbed by Gengorou before he passed the staging location. Gengorou is impressed that Touta made it up at all, let alone be the second person to the rendezvous site. As there are three minutes until the missile attack, Gengorou rewards Touta by agreeing to listen to anything Touta says.

Touta asks why Gengorou was so opposed to saving 10,000 people. Gengorou explains that if they do it once, then they’d have to do it all the time, even to save one person. Otherwise, this action is arrogant foolishness. Further, if UQ Holder starts doing this, then they are attempting to “save the world” like Negi-Ialda. To Gengorou’s surprise, Touta agrees he has a point. Gengorou remarks that before Touta joined UQ Holder, Yukihime and Kirie would never get involved in things like this.

Santa, Jinbee, Karin, and Kuroumaru arrive, so Gengorou puts the battle plan in action. Karin uses a Thousand Bolts magic app cylinder, which Touta absorbs. They are able to get to the missile, where Touta dispatches the enemy agent riding it. However, their enemy has the missile deploy its warheads. Jinbee uses his Switcheroo to bring the warheads to Kuroumaru, who slices them all before Santa uses his powers to to send the remaining warheads safely away.

Gengorou has the enemy agent bound in a magic and uses his powers to probe the enemy’s memories. Karin marvels at Touta’s conflict over Gengorou’s words, but she smiles at tells him that this time, Touta was right. The other members in the operation agree, sans Jinbee, who informs Gengorou that he’s on the losing end.

Gengorou discovers that their enemy apparently expected to fail and may have a nuke planted in the station as a fallback. This causes a lot of panic among the UQ Holder members, but Kirie reminds them that they can just reset and restart. However, she notices her save point has been destroyed, meaning they can’t go back.


In a weird way, Akamatsu-sensei uses UQ Holder chapter 144 to explore the notion of, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Just how far should you go to save the world?

UQ Holder Chapter 144

Gengorou’s Issue

The whole reason Touta wanted to save these people is that the members of UQ Holder have the equivalent of superpowers. As such, his mind has held the notion that they have to use their powers for a greater good. And who can argue with saving 10,000 people?

However, Gengorou points out that the whole reason they don’t go back in time and save everyone is that it would never end. You couldn’t just pick and choose whom you’d save. You’d have to try to save everyone. In the end, they’d be no different than MotB, who’s trying to save all of humanity.

Plus, Gengorou makes an excellent point about Touta wanting to save these 10,000 people. In reality, had Touta not heard of the attack, he wouldn’t have done anything. But as the attack directly impacted him (the debris from the destroyed station crashing down all around the Senkyoukan), Touta and those influenced by him want to save these people. As such, only saving these 10,000 is an act of selfish arrogance.

In the end, I think that should the manga continue, we’ll see UQ Holder do time resets to save people when they feel they should. They may have a great responsibility, but they don’t have to save everyone.

Cutlass’s Trap

As expected, having UQ Holder go back in time to save the 10,000 people was a trap. What I didn’t expect was that this trap would take a long time to be sprung. Gengorou stated it would take about 30 minutes for him to get the information from their captive. So why wasn’t the backup explosive(s) triggered almost immediately after the missile attack failed?

UQ Holder Chapter 144

That brings up the question of what Cutlass’s aim is? I thought she wanted to slay immortals. But if no secondary explosion was triggered immediately after the first one failed, then she has to have something else up her sleeve, right? Or maybe I’m overthinking this.

In addition, it is hard for me to believe that no one was prepared for this trap. After all, Cutlass was goading them on to do it. And they know Cutlass has a mastery of time and knows about Kirie’s powers. As such, I have to believe that at the very least, Eva was aware and somewhat prepared, though she didn’t act like it.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

You know the drill–I’m behind and so I need to wrap up my review of UQ Holder chapter 144.

  • Kudos to Crunchyroll for doing a great job on the 2-page spreads. In the new reader, the artwork is seamless. In the old reader, there is a white line, but otherwise it is good. I suspect Kodansha sent CR the 2-page spreads without breaking them up, thus CR didn’t have to worry about putting them back together properly.
  • I’m glad to see Santa finally involved in the action and using his (forgotten) powers.
  • Looks like we’ll get another look at Kirie’s powers. Akamatsu-sensei does need to address the fact that Kirie didn’t need save points to do her resets as a young child. So how the heck did she learn how to do save points in the first place? Also, shouldn’t Kirie’s natural ability to reset time kick in if she doesn’t have an artificial save point?
  • Even though we have Super Touta here, at least he’s part of the “Holder League” and not just doing everything on his own. Plus, he’s somewhat earned some of these abilities at this point. 😉 Also, Gengorou holding him in the “princess carry” was a hoot. 😀

UQ Holder Chapter 144

In the end, I rather enjoyed UQ Holder chapter 144, mainly because it did look at the issue of saving folks and how far UQ Holder should go in that endeavor.


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21 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 144 Manga Review (Expect the unexpected!)”

  1. damage3245 says:

    If my theory is correct then if Kirie dies then time will reset to the last time she was asleep. However I feel like this will have some drawback to it like Kirie won’t have perfect memories of the events before her death. After all part of the conditions of her save points are that they bring back her mind and soul, yeah?

    So let’s assume that if she dies now, she’ll wake up in bed and barely remember the current events. That could potentially be a huge drawback.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Ah! That could well be. She might not remember events, but as she experiences them, gain that sense of déjà vu. That would work.

  2. Yue Ayase says:

    Gengoro channeling his inner Archer with that speech.

  3. dominic says:

    Today i bought vol 12 in Austria

  4. magine says:

    I was wondering what would happen to Kirie’s save point, in the end Cutlass destroyed it and now they can’t go back (when you are about to face a strong boss and the next day you are going to play but someone deleted your game save) the talk of Touta and Makabe about saving people, it reminded me somehow of Shirou and Kiritsugu.

    Another month to wait… xd By the way, where is Dana? She was with them but is no longer there now, did she return home? Maybe she appears in the next chapter and she helps them.

    PS: I found these videos made by fans:



    And this ‘chapter’

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I figure Dana is there, just “somewhere” out of sight, indicating she’s not taking action. But then again, Akamatsu-sensei could have had her return off-screen.

      And this ‘chapter’

      Yeah, I wish we could get that translated into English. It seems a much more interesting chapter than what we got, but without the text, it is hard to know.

      As to the videos, that second one reminded me of one of the Shakugan no Shana series OP songs.

  5. Robert says:

    The only way for UQ Holder to defeat Cutlass and her allies is another master of Time magic. Dana is refusing to help. Kirie needs time to set up time point. When Cutlass thinks that she has won, she is about to face another descendant of Negi Springfiend.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, with Touta at the tower and Kirie at UQH HQ, it would seem that their ability to stop time isn’t there. Unless they teleport Touta back, which I don’t think is likely.

  6. Rob C. says:

    This is certainly nice change of pace, with action pack arc.

    I wonder if this event is almost a object lesson / test for the team. To finally go to this extreme seems out of step almost way events were going. I mean Negi / MoTB wanted Touta come up with something, that they had more time. Why did he have his crew start attacking in the first place if he was allotting him that time to consider a solution. It maybe their rushing the plot more, but Touta being on the tower alone is big shift in the plot since it was one of his goals.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Well, Touta isn’t at the top of the tower, his ultimate goal. 😜

      The thing that was nicest about this chapter is just the team effort here. It is just nice that it isn’t just Super Touta doing stuff. It is the entire team.

  7. dominic says:

    when i saw the Image of touta with Gengorou on this site i thought it was negi

  8. nt122 says:

    This is the part that Chao will show up. Pretty sure at this point her skills with Time manipulation surpass every else with time abilities with the exception of Dana…

    • Rob C. says:

      Question is when does she come into the picture? The timeline is the “Bad” Time line, but not same one she came from. At least as far it’s been established. Chaos came from the timeline that Mar’s magical environment collapsed. As far we know, the magical world’s real world mars was terraformed and has regular contact with Earth.

      She would have been one of Negi’s failed Clones if she was even remotely related to him.

      • AstroNerdBoy says:

        She would have been one of Negi’s failed Clones if she was even remotely related to him.

        I suspect this will probably be the case.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      If Chao shows up, I’m going to be thinking the manga’s days are heavily numbered. But that’s just me.

      • Rob C. says:

        How depressing. I wonder what Sensei will do with free time after that. I can’t imagine he will want have confidence to jump on the saddle again. He may have try something radically unremotely related to Negima to be able accomplish that. Heck taking alternate pen name maybe way clear decks for him. It’s like his typed caste now. He could on dare, have someone ELSE write Negima see how it flies. Negima!? seem to have reasonable run, but how much longer can you run on nostalgia?

  9. Kumiko Watanabe says:

    Wouldn’t Kirie go back to a earlier lit candle if the latest one was turned off and no longer effective? I can see the candles as stop points so she doesn’t go to the very beginning and she has to relive her whole life over. it just takes her longer to get back to the current time. But if she did it daily the hop isn’t that bad.

    Sorry needed to change my input info. Changing phones and computer locations too.

  10. sanchi says:

    Not sure if last comment posted

    If Kirie’s candle was wiped out wouldn’t it default to her earlier candle? It just would take longer to get back to real time ?

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