Happy Valentine’s Day 2019, Railgun Style (And some housekeeping.)

Happy Valentine’s Day 2019, Railgun Style

Hey gang! Happy Valentine’s Day, for all of you who have a special someone to celebrate with. And if not, well have a great day just the same.

Happy Valentine's Day 2019

I still need to watch the most recent Index series, though the official subtitles I saw when I glanced at an episode made my eyes hurt. 😬

After having a decent month this past January when it came to posting, February has returned to the normal “ugh” levels I’ve been at the last few years. Well, we are in prime tax season, so work keeps me very busy. And I think it has been a month since I had a decent night’s sleep. So it is really hard to write when I do have a bit of free time. Doing something mindless like FGO seems to be about the best I can manage. 😭

Still, I hope to get some stuff out this weekend. I certainly want to do more Tonikaku Cawaii. And I want to do part 1 of Those Who Hunt Elves.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great day today and a great weekend to come!

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2 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day 2019, Railgun Style (And some housekeeping.)”

  1. Missingmoney says:

    Ugh don’t remind me of Index III
    Its one of the worst adapted novels.

    Even the most die hard fans were dissapointed by it.
    So bad that even in other media and sides stories, it gets mocked.

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