Happy July 4, 2019, America!

Happy July 4, 2019, America!

Hey gang! First, let me say to all of my American friends and readers, “Happy July 4th!” Granted, most folks have little understanding of what the day really is supposed to mean. For most, it is a day off from work, so time to fire up the grill and enjoy fireworks in the evening. But hey, far be it from me to be a party pooper. šŸ˜…

I have the day off, so I decided that I wanted to goof off. Since I’m working on losing weight (which can be read about in this topic on my other blog), I’m not going to do anything crazy today. Maybe I’ll have a steak and a salad, since that fits with my low-carb diet plan. And then on Friday, I’ll indulge a bit and grab a burger and fries somewhere for my carb splurge meal.

Since I’ve had a good streak of blogging of late, I decided to do one of these blather posts that can easily be written ahead of time. That way, the streak continues. (Its been a long time since I blogged this much.)

That said, for those who have the day off, enjoy. For the rest of you, I hope you have a great day just the same.

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2 Responses to “Happy July 4, 2019, America!”

  1. I fear you are correct in your assertion that most people have no idea of what July 4th is about. I have been reading the history of the Revolutionary Era as seen via the biographies of George Washington, “Young Washington” is especially fine as it recounts the influences of his youth and his straitened circumstances. How he served in the French and Indian Wars. Why he left the service of the British. Then The First Conspiracy about the earliest stages of the War and plots against Washington and his life with a bit about counterfeiting where we learn that even the Continental Congress was smart enough to use exclusive paper.

    Finally and I read this first, “Washington’s Return”. He resigned his commission after the war and went home to farm and think. He was in favor of the abandonment of the Articles of Confederation which only provoked anarchy on all sides. He went to the Constitutional Convention which started out as a convention to amend the useless Articles of Confederation and with his allies they managed to get the Constitution of the USA adopted with flaws of course but a much stronger government which could tax and therefore spend money on everything from roads, postal service, and military. In 1812 we became fully aware of the value of the new Union..

    Every freedom we casually enjoy today sprang from the blood shed and the hardships endured by the soldiers of the Continental Army, in the American Revolution and to win that war and get to Peace again was Glorious and that is why we keep the Glorious Fourth of July as a national holiday, We won the war and Celebrations were decreed, with illuminations and Fireworks, with concerts and parades, so continued until today despite the iron heel of the current office holder…


    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      The formatting of your comment was out of whack for some reason, so I fixed that.

      Anyway, thanks for writing. George Washington’s farewell address used to be required reading/learning in schools. Sadly, it hasn’t been taught in schools in forever.

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