Fate/Grand Order Game Nonsense

Fate/Grand Order Game Nonsense

Hey gang! Sorry I don’t have a proper post for you today. I wanted to have the last episode of Fate/EXTRA done. But I’ve been wrapped up in the utter nonsense that is the Fate/Grand Order game. As I discovers on Saturday morning’s stream, much of my recent progress in the current Himeji Castle War event for Halloween was blown away. The bug hit a ton of people. Oddly enough, Reddit is mostly silent about this. It seems the sycophants are OK with taking one up the oshiri ’cause “FGO!”

I was asked in today’s stream why I still play the game. I did rage-quit for a time last year. And the recent move by the developers to try to squash players on emulators really took the wind out of my sales.

So I guess the main reason I play is that I still like the role play fantasy of having an army of Servants from the Fate franchise. And since I’ve started streaming the game of late, it has been fun interacting with other people in the game, whether on Twitch or on YouTube. (Click this link to subscribe to me and help me out there–thanks!)

That aside, here are some of my recent FGO streams, if you are bored. It might even help you fall asleep…or stay awake. Not sure which. 😂







Whew. And that didn’t even cover my latest stream. 😅

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