Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

Happy Thanksgiving 2019!

Hey everyone! For those of you in the United States, I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope yours is a good one.

As you read this, I should be with my brother and his family. He makes a good Thanksgiving spread, so I’m looking forward to that. Plus, as those of you know who’ve followed my weight-loss this year, I’m doing a carb splurge. So that’s another reason to look forward to things. 😁

Lupin the Third PART4 02

I wanted to take time to thank all of you who read this blog, especially long time readers. I really appreciate all of you. I had some seriously long dry periods where I didn’t blog much due to job and other issues. I’ve been trying to be a lot better about getting blog posts up in the past few months. So thanks for sticking with me all of these years.

Also, if you’ve given me a subscription on YouTube (click here to subscribe to me and help me hit 1000 subscribers) or followed me on Twitch (click here to go to Twitch to give me a follow), or on Twitter, or on Facebook, I want to thank you as well. All of your support means a ton to me.

That said, once again, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all and to the Native Americans mourning the invasions and the consequences, “Remember! Custer had it coming!”


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