Fate/Grand Order: Meltryllis Rank Up Quest Walk-Through

Fate/Grand Order: Meltryllis Rank Up Quest Walk-Through

Hey gang! Well, it is time for one of my “cheap”, Fate/Grand Order blog posts. The game is about to drop another event, after giving us a much needed few days of not having to event grind. I swear, if this game wasn’t part of the Fate series, I would have quit. ๐Ÿ˜…

That aside, I streamed Fate/Grand Order on Twitch the other night. During the stream, I decided that I would go ahead and do the Rank Up Quest for the character, Meltryllis. That’s because I am planning to use this Servant for next Monday’s stream.

Anyway, I edited the footage from the Twitch stream, then I narrated the resulting video to provide a walk-through for the quest. If you play the game, I hope you find it helpful.


In the meantime, I need to watch the next Babylonia episode as I’m behind there. Hopefully, I have a review for episode 19 up soon.

Fate/Grand Order

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