Google Does a JRPG

Google Does a JRPG

From time to time, Google has been known to put some game on their home page. Ususally, this is to celebrate some thing or other. In this case, Google has created a game called Doodle Champion Island. The game has been done in the style of an old school JRPG (Japanese Roll Playing Game). As I understand it, Google did this to celebrate the 2021 Summer Olympics in Japan.

I decided to play the game for a bit, just to see what was what. You can check that out below.

One day, I have to stream a proper JRPG. I did play one MANY years ago when my brother and I were roommates. The game was called Breath of Fire 2. I never did get to finish it. It is a shame that a console game like this doesn’t get a legal port to PC.

That aside, what did you think of Google’s silly JRPG parody? Let me know in the comments here or on YouTube.

Doodle Champion Island

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