Progress Report 03 – Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Progress Report 03 – Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Hey gang! Despite my limited free time, I still play the Princess Connect! Re:Dive mobile game. I only play casually, so it doesn’t take much of my time. Character events take a bit longer, but not too bad. While I do have problems with the game, on the whole, it is fine. As such, I thought I’d make a quick video to show what progress I’ve done in the game. Check it out below or on YouTube.




I plan to make a video reviewing the game sometime in the future. Not sure when. I do want to speak about the sandbagging problem in the game. However, there are good things in the game as well.

Finally, I welcome any tips from others who play the game. Even though I’m casual, I’d still like to “get gud”, so to speak. 😁

Princess Connect! Re:Dive

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6 Responses to “Progress Report 03 – Princess Connect! Re:Dive”

  1. Gourry says:

    Better to concentrate on a less characters than on many at once, or else your mana will run out. So that is defiantly a great choice you did.

    I totally agree about sandbagging, I usually try to use Min-Maxin. But its to easy to accidently press the Optimize button etc. But if you really only play causally, I wouldn’t really care that much about what level etc. Will only do a big difference at the really top players and top in PvP.

    Too bad about your clan leader just quit, but at least it’s better than all those players that stop playing and doesn’t leave then clan. 🙁

    I hope the gacha lords will help you with pulling coming units, with only 18k jewels at the moment.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I did some story stuff to help rebuild the jewels a bit. I need to do more, but it is tedious. 😅

      As to characters, I want to focus on a couple more DPS characters for Clan Battles. But what sucks is events where to effectively defeat a Special boss (in three turns), you need specific characters/teams. I’m not doing the Special boss in the current event ’cause it would take me multiple turns to do so.

      • Gourry says:

        I didn’t have 2-3 of the recommended characters (leveled and geared) for the SP event boss either (max level though). Still took it down in four turns with a some re-tries, without them.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I don’t like that the boss fights don’t have a “trial” aspect to experiment. I was barely taking down the Very Hard Boss in three turns and was forced to experiment on the risk of it taking four turns. I finally got a team that comes just short of clearing the Very Hard boss in 2 turns. The third turn usually has 4-6% left on the boss.

          But for the Special Boss, the first event I actually tried it, it took me at least 12 turns (maybe 15) to kill it, thus making the return on ticket investment quite poor, even with the rewards for doing certain things.

          • Gourry says:

            To late to tell you, but you can retreat and get back your tickets on the SP event Boss. 🙁

          • AstroNerdBoy says:

            Oh. I didn’t know that. I know they don’t allow retreat for the Hard Boss.

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