Urusei Yatsura 06 (2022)(New Girls! #UruseiYatsura)

うる星やつら episode 06 (2002)
Urusei Yatsura 06 (2022) review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Ataru rushes home, looking forward to eating sukiyaki. However, Lum, dressed in battle garb, grabs him and takes him to take part in Setsubun celebrations on her planet. As such, Lum turns Ataru’s closet into a gateway to instantly travel to her world. There, Ataru sees the Oni ready for battle against the Lucky Gods Clan. Ataru is afraid until he learns the battle is the ball toss game Tamaire. He sees Lum’s friend, Benten, and starts hitting on her, angering Lum. As such, Benten decides to play along to help her clan win.

Urusei Yatsura 06

Sometime later, Ataru is sick in his futon, attended by Shinobu. Shuutarou and other guys show up as well, hoping to see Lum. However, Lum is gone. Ataru’s room fills with snow from the portal in his closet. A woman from Neptune named Oyuki arrives. She leads them through the portal to Neptune, where she puts the guys to work shoveling snow. Lum is here as well as Oyuki is her friend. And she’s not happy that Ataru hits on Oyuki.

Urusei Yatsura 06

Ataru flees, where Oyuki encounters her. She takes him to her bedroom, where she pulls him on top of her, all the while protesting forbidden love. The abominable snowman, B-Bou, bursts in, angry at Ataru taking advantage of his “sister”. Ataru flees back to Earth, only to be followed by B-Bou, who does a King Kong impersonation.

Urusei Yatsura 06

At school, Ataru announces his resignation. He doesn’t get to finish, so the class speculates he’s either leaving school or stepping down as the lead of Urusei Yatsura.  A frustrated Ataru states he’s resigning from his role as class president.

Urusei Yatsura 06


Sadly, as I write this, I don’t have access to my OG Urusei Yatsura collection. So I don’t know where these stories originally came from. However, the 2022 Urusei Yatsura 06 was pretty fun, though the post-credit story seemed to be out of place.

Urusei Yatsura 06

Introducing Benten

I don’t remember how Benten was introduced in the OG Urusei Yatsura. Maybe it was this same story of her helping her clan in their “fight” with the Oni clan. For some reason, I thought Benten showed up on a space bike. Regardless, the 2022 Urusei Yatsura 06 story was mostly pretty fun. I liked seeing Lum in her battle garb. And the whole battle thing was funny since it turned out to be a ball toss game. So while we didn’t get to see the Benten I was used to, I still liked her arrival.

Urusei Yatsura 06

The only downside to the episode is Cherry conning Ataru’s parents into making him a pot of sukiyaki. While the production team has kept Cherry’s more annoying aspects in check so far, this time, they let him ride. Oh well.

Urusei Yatsura 06

Introducing Oyuki

I didn’t remember Oyuki encouraging Ataru to have sex with her in the OG Urusei Yatsura. Kinda sucks that I can’t check this. However, she goes all out in a very erotic way in the 2022 Urusei Yatsura 06. 😅 While there’s no nudity, I’m guessing Google would slap an adult demonetization if I posted an image of it.

Urusei Yatsura 06

That aside, I found this story more amusing than the Benten story. I actually laughed when Oyuki only wanted the guys with Ataru to shovel the snow on Neptune. 😂 And naturally, Shuutarou would be the one continually sucked into doing more shoveling.

Urusei Yatsura 06

I also found the King Kong parody stuff to be pretty funny.

Urusei Yatsura 06

What seemed odd to me is Shinobu tending to Ataru when he was sick. I mean, she’s already infatuated with Shuutarou at this point. It seemed like the only reason to have Shinobu around was so she could be the “third wheel” Lum complained about to Oyuki. But even at the end of the story, Shinobu is there with Lum, attending the injured Ataru.

Urusei Yatsura 06

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In the end, the 2022 Urusei Yatsura 06 was pretty good. The only real weak spot was the story after the end credits, where Ataru attempts to resign as class president. I don’t remember that in the OG anime, but someone can correct me if I’m wrong. Also, if this was part of the manga, let me know.

Urusei Yatsura 06

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4 Responses to “Urusei Yatsura 06 (2022)(New Girls! #UruseiYatsura)”

  1. Shingo says:

    In the original anime/manga, Benten was introduced the same way, though she rode her space bike during the competition.

    In the original, Ataru literally pounced on Oyuki rather than her lightly pulling/leading him to pin her on the bed. In the original, she still expressed some interest in Ataru, which again we never see again. In the original, Ataru was more aggressively “flirty” basically.

    Oyuki still says “just when things were getting good” when Ataru is chased off in the original, but I can see why they changed it.

    The joke with the guys shoveling snow was the same too, but in both the manga and anime, Mendou hadn’t been introduced, so it was just the Stormtroopers whilst this one was Stormtroopers+Mendou.

    Oh and thats why Shinobu is still taking care of Ataru, because in the original, Mendou would come much later.

    Oh the retiring story was in the manga and anime too, though the latter story was different.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Thanks for the information!

      • Shingo says:

        Feel free to ask any questions about the information too? Or make any comments/observations of your own?

        In the original manga’s retiring story, rather than Onsen Mark think Ataru was quitting school, Mendou and the other schoolboys thought Ataru was retiring from being Lum’s boyfriend and eagerly offered to take Ataru’s place. When this was ruled out, it went to main character position and afterwards played like the story here.

        The original anime takes a different route with the story in which Megane takes a starring role for the first time, Megane had been becoming very popular with the fandom around this time, hence the focus.

        The episode begins with Ataru talks to Megane a day before over beef bowl about handing down his position. Megane is super excited, believing he’ll be Lum’s boyfriend, but a group of influential girls overhear and are horrified, reaching the conclusion that Megane won’t be able to keep Lum from Mendou and the balance of relationships will be ruined.

        The girl’s subsequently hire an army of over the top delinquents led by a Frankenstein monster to beat Ataru so senseless, he won’t be able to say anything. On the way to school, Ataru is waylaid by the delinquents, but Megane intervenes dressed as an armored superhero allowing Ataru to escape, whilst Megane gets pummeled.

        Back in class, a battered Megane struggles to stay conscious as Ataru begins his speech, but his delusion is shattered and he’s rendered catatonic once it turns out Ataru was actually giving up his class Presidency to Megane.

        Oh and in both stories, the Class President position hadn’t been mentioned for many chapters/episodes (Ataru even breaks the fourth wall by naming the chapter/episode where he became class president when the cast react with surprise that he was Class President).

        Whilst in the new Anime, the condensed nature, means Ataru bringing up his class presidency was less out of the blue as it as it was brought up only one episode ago.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Sorry for the delay…very busy at the moment. 😅

          Anyway, I do appreciate all of the information, even if I don’t have anything to ask or add at the moment.

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