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Slayers Xellos Lina

FUNimation “Slayers” — CPM With a FUNi Logo

FUNimation “Slayers” — CPM With a FUNi Logo As I write this blog entry, I do so feeling very depressed. I am a fan of the Slayers TV series and own the Central Park Media (CPM) DVD releases for those series. I never watched the dub version (because by then, I quit watching dubs for

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Dragon Magazine - Slayers

New “Slayers” Movie!

Oh smeg yes! This is the scoop from Anime News Service (link removed as they are defunct–01-Apr-2020): 1-27-07 (7:52PM EST)—- New Slayers Movie To Become DVD BOX Exclusive According to the March issue of Dragon Magazine, buyers of all 3 Japanese R2 Slayers TV series DVD-BOX sets will get a disc containing a completely new

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