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One Piece Season 1, First Voyage

One Piece – Season 1, First Voyage (Uncut)ワンピース Review: While I’ve long known about the One Piece series, I basically came into this first DVD set cold. I knew that it is an anime about pirates. I knew that the idiot in the straw hat is actually a pirate captain named Luffy. I knew the

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"One Piece" — Viz vs. FUNimation

Once upon a time, there was an infamous Japanese production company named Toei who decided to create an anime adaptation of the manga known as One Piece. They created a very popular anime title which now has 317 episodes as of this posting and rising. As was bound to happen, fansub groups in the U.S.

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Random Thoughts 01

Been a lot of things going on, so I haven’t had time to review the manga or anime titles as normal. Sorry about that. But I have a few minutes before I see the doctor so here goes some thoughts on recent anime events (or maybe not so recent). Item 1: ADV has the 2nd

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