Hayate no Gotoku! 28

Hayate the Combat Butler Episode 28

SPOILER Summary: The next fight with Hayate going against the mysterious butler (Klaus) and the mysterious tiger (Tama) ends when Klaus goes into battle mode which shreds his clothing and sends his tie to Hayate, meaning he lost. Hayate and Nagi head to an outdoor vending area to have a drink where Nagi remembers their first meeting at such a place — a romantic moment for her.

The roar from the stadium brings them back in time to see Himuro fight Isumi’s three body guards. Hayate is keen to see what Himuro’s ultimate attack. The bodyguards are keen to win since Isumi is always getting lost and thus missing school. So the 100 credits would help. This time, Isumi somehow wound up being lost in Paris, France. However, Himuro defeats them in a pile of rose petals and Hayate was unable to see him perform an ultimate attack. Hayate is next, but his opponent immediate surrenders.

In the next battle, Hina is supposed to face Risa-chan’s hired butler, but he quit. Risa offers Hina a job to fight for her as well, and as incentive, gives Hina a piece of paper. It’s Risa’s previous butler’s bill, since Risa spent all her money on a fight-series anime DVD. Hina rejects the offer which means that Hayate and Himuro’s match is next. Himuro uses roses as weapons, including a rose vine as a whip. However, just as Hayate is getting into the fight, Himoru’s young master calls with an emergency and needs rescuing. He’s being attacked by a little dog on a leash held by a young girl.

The final match has Hayate facing Hina. Hina is serious about taking down Kuzuha and her butler Shion. She gets the crowd on her side and is serious about defeating Hayate. Hayate avoids her attacks and when Nagi speaks to him briefly, Hayate goes straight for the “kill” and takes Hina’s tie. She decides to turn her fight against Kuzuha to Hayate, which means Shion and Hayate will now fight.

Nagi tells Hayate that even though she’s been pleased with all his wins, she wants to see him kick bottom against Shion. Shion uses her special attack that has Hayate within her zone. Hina, from the sidelines with Nagi and the Student Council Trio, advises him to go for her legs. Shion attacks, not wanting this to happen but a sweep-kick from Hayate removes her from her shoes. Suddenly, instead of being a blue-haired, tough, high school, female butler, she’s a pink-haired junior high school girl who doesn’t seem to have much ability. Kuzuha arrives, not upset with Shion and Shion allows them to flee in a puff of pink smoke.

Hayate the winner, he’s back at home playing a fight fame with Nagi. Nagi ends up returning the 100 credits since she often makes Hayate skip school with her, which Maria wonders if it is because Nagi was concerned for Hayate’s attendance. Back at school, Kuzuha finds herself attracted to Hayate and decides to abandon the tournament stuff. She reveals herself to be the head of a secret organization known as the League of Mysterious Dark Butlers.

Thoughts: OK, this went from yuri to yuri shoujo ai — very creepy. While having Shion suddenly turn into a young girl was humorous, the creepy relationship she has with the school superintendent Kuzuha got worse. I just don’t see any humor in an adult having some sort of romantic relationship with someone so young. I tolerated it when it looked like Shion was of high school age, but to have her suddenly in junior high (and I dare say, 1st year student from the looks of things) is over the line. Ugh. I wonder if this is the “jump the shark” moment for me.

On a positive front, I saw Jigen from Lupin III in the scene in Paris. And, when Risa-chan stated she’d purchased the Ikki***sen DVD, I knew that was Ikkitousen. Yay me for easy scores. *lol* I still say that Himuro’s use of a rose vine like a whip is very much like Kuruma’s “Rose Whip” attack from Yu Yu Hakusho.

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2 Responses to “Hayate no Gotoku! 28”

  1. HughRoe says:

    did you pick up from the “Butler Network” piece that the anime is now going on it’s own original stories?

  2. AstroNerdBoy says:

    That’s how it appeared to me. It is not unusual for a series that was slated for a 52-episodes from the start to do this. I know that “Full Metal Alchemist” did it. “Keroro Gunsou” started injecting original content ages ago since that publication is only a monthly one, meaning at best, only two tankoubons are produced a year. I believe that anime series is still ongoing, showing that original material can still be successful.

    Well, I’m glad this didn’t turn into a sole parody of school fighting anime titles such as “Ikkitousen.”

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