Negima Chapter 243 Reminder

Negima Chapter 243 Reminder

Since a lot of us forget and people are already searching, there is no chapter this week for Negima!. As such, there will be no spoiler images for Negima! 243 today either. Should there be an unexpected change or the like, I’ll make an update accordingly. ^_^

Negima Setsuna

Update: those images are now out –> HERE!

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7 Responses to “Negima Chapter 243 Reminder”

  1. With how amazing the last chapter was, this will be an easy week to wait. 😛

  2. Renzo says:

    There’s something fishy recent chapters (maybe..since Negi came into the Magic World?)..

    A lot of details were skipped out right? I mean.. the thing about Takamichi and Mana came to the Magic World.. There weren’t a lot of details about that.

    Then another thing about the Rooster head(forgot his name. He’s the manager of the arenas. Yeah, a friend of Negi and Kotaro.) having a hunch about Nagi’s(Negi in teen form)true identity being Negi(as he’s a wanted person.)

    Well.. I know there are other details missed out. I should comment about them again sometime.. Thanks! \m/

    – Renzo ( yeah, imma register soon)

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Renzo — I think Akamatsu-sensei did that one moment with Takamichi and Mana to establish their presence in the Magic World. Imagine later when they have a role to play in the story and he hadn’t done that. It would look and smell of retconning to have them show up all of the sudden, then show a flashback that they arrived. However, by establishing it very early on, no retcon issues. ^_^

    As to Tosaka, some people seem to think that he’ll make his move on turning in Negi after the tournament. Again, I think that when Akamatsu-sensei had Tosaka see “Nagi” turn into Negi, it was table setting for a future story.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Renzo, I agree with AstroNerdBoy, that will be a future story. But, if Tosaka reveal the information, who in their right mind dare take on Negi, remember he somewhat able to Jack on a even level (from the last ch. 242). Furthermore, if they do captured him, what chance is released quickly, since remember the world leaders have came into contact with Negi to help him train to beat Jack. Also, Jack had contact with him. Simple terms, it will become messy and remember the magic words, “Son of the Thousand Master,” will cause a panic or riot (fans of Nagi).

    Let wait until more chapters come out to find out the direction of the story. Interesting!

  5. orion says:

    @anon – Now that I think about it, you are right. Considering all the public appeal he has, not to mention he could at least go toe to toe with Rakan if he doesn’t win. And Rakan could pretty much destroy the entire army if he felt like it. Also, since he would be the thousand master, it would be arresting the son of a superhero with a ridiculously large fan base. Although I think the meeting between world leaders for Negi was supposed to be secret, he could use them as contacts in case they did decide to arrest them. So the whole “I need to be Nagi because I’m an outlaw” thing will be irrelavant, because not only is he now a person of mass destruction, he has contacts like Evangeline (who was compared to the real-life boogeyman) nearly all of Ala Alba, and the leaders of all three major governments in the magic world. Even if for some insane reason they did decide to capture him, there really wouldn’t be enough power from anybody to make arresting him worthwhile. So we can see that part of the plot finish.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If they do some how try to capture him, we know he has one ally that’s sure to make things complicated “Yue”. Since i don’t think Amakatsu-sensei placed her there simply to escape from pursuers once… Things are sure to heat up after Ako’s story. The calm before the storm if you will…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow, the spoilers are now out. looks like Jack’s beating on negi this time, as was expected.

    and we get to see Fate’s progress on Asuna’s memories?! (maybe)

    where the spoilers at:

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