Pizza Hut Loves Anime (at least, in Japan)

A couple of days ago, I showed how the Japanese had some fun with a Pizza Hut promotional image for Angel Beats! So, I thought I’d share a few more anime promotional images from Pizza Hut that I’ve picked up in my travels.

First up is one of my favorite anime titles, Kannagi. Yep, pizza from Pizza Hut makes these girls the best of friends. ^_^

Next up is Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha the MOVIE 1st. Yeppers, time for a pizza party and don’t scrimp on the cheese! ^_^

Macross Frontier (aka: Macross F) gets into the act with some fanservice to boot. They didn’t scrimp on the cheese. ^_^;;;

Finally, some promo images for anime titles I’ve never watched but am aware of (hover cursor over image for anime title).

I’m sure there are tons others but you get the point. ^_~

If you’ve never been there, take a look at some of the menu items from Pizza Hut Japan. To see more menu items (and some repeats of course), the two rows of blocks directly under the words “Menu & Order” take you to other menu pages. Check them all out ’cause there are some interesting items sold at Pizza Hut in Japan. ^_^

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11 Responses to “Pizza Hut Loves Anime (at least, in Japan)”

  1. junior says:

    As a Macross Frontier fan, there are so many things wrong with that promotional image that I’m of the opinion that whoever crafted it screwed up.

    You probably should have mentioned the series ‘Code Geass’ in your list. I’m not aware of any promotional images used for that series incorporating Pizza Hut… but they were hardly needed given the fact that the company’s product turned up repeatedly within the series itself.

  2. denbeste says:

    If that’s not beer that Fate is drinking, I’m not sure I want to know what it is.

  3. Kirbstar says:

    A little surprised that the two most well-known examples, Code Geass and Rebuild of Evangelion, are missing. (I’m sure there’s a picture of C.C. from Code Geass with the Pizza Hut mascot “Cheese-kun” floating around somewhere.) I’m guessing a lot of the anime movies in the future will have this tie-in promotion, then.
    (If this is a double-post, I apologize.)

  4. Derek Bown says:

    Funny how they exaggerate how sticky melted cheese is. Heck, I see pretty much the same thing in american animation. Where can I get my hands on this cartoon cheese? Regular cheese bores me now.

  5. gotta love pizza hut 🙂

  6. hughroe says:

    1100 Yen for a medium cheese pizza…and Mayo pizzas!

  7. Garik says:

    I’d love to see you review Bakemonogatari. It’s a very polarizing series with opinions usually situated at either extreme love or total disinterest or hatred.

    As for me, it’s one of my favorite titles of all time.

    Also, I think it’s kind of funny to have Pizza Hut considered real American food when it’s awful mass-market crap that sweats grease like a teenager meeting his prom date’s parents. I guess it’s always that way with food imports. ^_^

  8. Kirbstar says:

    @Garik: Bakemonogatari is a Studio Shaft work, though, and I know ANB has had problems and complaints with Shaft’s series before (see Natsu no Arashi for his example). I personally think Hidamari Sketch and the current Negima OVAs are the only Shaft works I trust (haven’t watched the two Ef series yet however), and the abstract OPs of some of Shaft’s series (e.g. Pani Poni Dash, Zetsubou-sensei) can be enough to discourage viewers…
    I might give Bakemonogatari a shot myself, though, providing it isn’t a very fanservicey show.

  9. arimareiji says:

    Some of those pizzas look really interesting, but almost $40 for a large pizza? Pass.

    And… mayo potato? XP

    One of my coworkers (he’s half-Japanese) is fond of saying “There’s just something wrong with Japanese people!” every time I show him something like this site or this one. Wonder what he’d say about Mayo Potato Pizza. (^_^)

  10. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Junior — I didn’t have any Code Geass images. Actually, when I did a glance-through for additional large images, no Code Geass images showed up. ^_^;

    I saw that Author jabbed me about the missing Code Geass images too. *lol* However, I’ve never seen that anime so I didn’t know it was so closely linked to Pizza Hut. ^_^;

    @denbeste — Wouldn’t be the first time an underaged anime/manga character has drunk an adult beverage. ^_~

    @Kirbstar — I was sure I had an EVA Pizza Hut image, but none showed up in my archives. So I either imagined it, it is in some other directory, or I deleted it. ^_^;

    @Colin — for chain pizza, I like Pizza Hut best. However, there are better pizza places locally owned (though WAY more expensive). If I make it back to Japan, I’m going to try one of those weird pizzas. ^_^

    @Hugh — Mayo makes everything better. *lol*

    @Garik — Bakemonogatari eh? No promises on that one, especially considering how absolutely nuts my life is right now (oh for a better economy).

    @Kirbstar — SHAFT is SHAFT but I could always give it a look-see. No promises though. ^_^;;;

    @arimareiji — Everything is more expensive in Japan. ^_^;;;

    As to Japanese commercials, you know, I used to have a couple of video tapes full of silly commercials. Sadly, those tapes no longer survive.

  11. StickyFingas says:

    When I viewed this there was a domino’s add in the sidebar.


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