Aoi Santa-san Comes Early — Because She Can! (Ai Yori Aoshi Love)

Aoi Santa-san Comes Early — Because She Can! (Ai Yori Aoshi Love)

‘Tis a very busy time for old AstroNerdBoy, made more so because of all the fun that happens at year end when it comes to my line of work (that “fun” being added to by Big Brother “caring” for you but that’s another topic) and to make it even more fun filled, I’m not even home.  But, one has to pay the bills and with money so tight, one works where one is told.  ^_~

Still, I didn’t want there to be nothing on the blog for today, so when I peeked in at my image stash, Aoi-chan from Ai Yori Aoshi dressed in her Santa-san atire kinda leaped out at me and I thought I’d share the love as it were.  ^_^

Ai Yori Aoshi Aoi-chan Santa-san

I’ve no clue how I’m going to get much blogging done this week, but I’m going to try.  ^_^;  Also, even though Negima! is on a 3-week break, there’s a weak possibility of spoiler images appearing well before then.  So, I’ll try to keep an eye open for those.  And, I know there are comments which I’ll try to get responses to plus I haven’t been to FUNimation’s forums in several days.  Then, there’s my e-mail backlog.  ^_^;;;  Man, I need a raise!  *lol*

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5 Responses to “Aoi Santa-san Comes Early — Because She Can! (Ai Yori Aoshi Love)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    that “fun” being added to by Big Brother “caring” for you but that’s another topic

    Now I’m curious.

  2. Ultimaniac says:

    Sounds like someone is in need of some Ako-induced doping XD

  3. AstroNerdBoy says:

    @Anon — Whenever the governmental makes more hideous regulations or laws, there can be massive impacts that aren’t seen by the general public. They are seen and felt by those of us in the trenches though.

    @Ultimaniac — Very true!

  4. mastermack0 says:

    Actually a christmas-like tradition DID occur on December 6th. It’s the Hungarian celebration Mikulas. Santa comes earlier and leaves gifts. It’s Jesus that leaves presents on the 24th.

    So you were off by a day only

  5. AstroNerdBoy says:

    Heh! Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info. ^_^

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