Fate/Zero – 06

Fate/Zero – 06

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Fate/Zero - 06Iri is having a blast driving Saber through a mountainous road at high speeds during the evening when Saber as them stop as Caster is in the road, waiting for them. Caster identifies himself as Gilles de Rais and thinks that Saber is Jeanne d’Arc.  When Saber says she is Arturia, Caster assumes that she has forgotten her true identity and is devastated that his beloved Jeanne has been so cursed by God. However, as he retreats, Caster vows to have Saber’s curse lifted.  This is observed by one of the Assassin’s, who is delighted to finally have located Caster.

Fate/Zero - 06Caster returns to his hideout where Ryuunosuke is, angry at the idea of God doing such a terrible thing to Jeanne and telling Ryuunosuke that they have to start slaughtering more and blaspheming more, starting with the eleven kids they had kidnapped. Elsewhere, Kayneth is upset with Lancer for not having killed Saber when he had the chance and gets angry when Lancer promises to deliver her head to him since it is after the fact. A woman, Sola-Ui, comes in defending Lancer to “Lord El-Melloi,” criticizing him for not facing Saber’s Master head on.  However, Lancer stops her and defends Kayneth.  When Sola-Ui quickly backs down, Kayneth suspects she’s been charmed by Lancer.

Fate/Zero - 06Before anything more can be made of this, an alarm sounds and the phone rings.  The hotel they are staying at has a fire on the lower floors and a general evacuation is in order. Kayneth figures this to be Saber and her Master since Saber will need the curse on her hand undone and sends Lancer to greet Saber while the massive array of magical defenses and traps await Saber’s Master. Outside the hotel, Emiya poses as Kayneth when the staff check on their guests as Maiya waits on a nearby rooftop and observes. With that, Emiya sends a code over his cell phone and a series of bombs go off in the highrise hotel, causing it to come down.

Fate/Zero - 06Emiya is ordering Maiya to withdraw, thinking Kayneth could not have survived when Kirei shows up at Maiya’s location. He has her dead familiar and tosses it on the ground before attacking.  She manages to get to another spot with minor injuries, impressing Kirei.  When he goes in for the kill, a smoke bomb comes in and goes off, providing her cover for escape. Kirei does not pursue, satisfied in knowing there was another with her to save her when one of the Assassin’s arrives with news of Caster. With Caster and Ryuunosuke not interested in the Holy Grail and not bothering to hide their magic, Tohsaka, Kirei, and Risei agree that Caster and his Master must be eliminated immediately.

Fate/Zero - 06After Risei decides to use his authority to make a minor rule change to have all of the Master’s and Servants work together to eliminate Caster and Ryuunosuke, Kirei returns to his room in the church where he finds a casually dressed Archer on the couch, having consumed a vast quantity of wine. He is bored with Tohsaka’s methods and plans and wonders what Kirei wants with the Grail. When Kirei denies having a want or wish, Archer doesn’t believe it, which leads to an extended discussion of pleasure.  Kirei’s thoughts on the subject interest Archer, whom as Gilgamesh, knows a great deal about pleasures. Archer wants to add to Kirei’s observation duties, not only the strategies of the other Masters, but their motivations as well as Archer may find them of interest. Kirei agrees to this.


Whenever a character says, “there’s no way my opponent could have survived that, no matter what,” that is an immediate flag for said opponent surviving and showing up when the one character least expects it.  Emiya should have known better than that.

Fate/Zero - 06

I’m going to assume that Emiya would have been prudent and done some sort of “make sure” investigation after the bombing. Kirei showing up at Maiya’s location is what I’m going to assume takes Emiya off his game plan.  With Kirei attacking Maiya, it will be interesting to see what Emiya does now, especially with the Church targeting Caster and Ryuunosuke.

Fate/Zero - 06

As some of you stated, Caster and Ryuunosuke are getting more vile, but at least we aren’t having to witness them butchering innocent kids (so far, at least).  Both Caster and Ryuunosuke are insane to varying degrees, so it will be interesting seeing how they defend themselves against the forthcoming storm.

Fate/Zero - 06

I guess Sola-Ui is Kayneth’s wife based on Emiya’s remarks. They seem to have an odd relationship though since she actually addressed him as “Lord” (using the actual English honorific in the Japanese) initially. She had no problems belittling him and I think Kayneth might have been right to suspect she’d fallen for Lancer, even if Lancer didn’t do it on purpose with a charm.

Fate/Zero - 06

Regardless, it is interesting that Kayneth holds the Command Spells over Lancer but Sola-Ui supplies the Mana.  I wonder if that would have been the arrangement if Kayneth had been able to summon Rider as planned.

Fate/Zero - 06

It was funny seeing Archer in civilian attire.  His meeting with Kirei is obviously the groundwork for him to work with Kirei down the road.

Fate/Zero - 06

So, a very interesting episode, to be sure. I’m looking forward to seeing how Caster and Ryuunosuke are taken out.

Fate/Zero - 06
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7 Responses to “Fate/Zero – 06”

  1. Farray says:

    Just for the record: Sola-Ui is Kayneth’s fiancee. It was explained in that chapter that she is the daughter of Kayneth’s(what was her full name again? Something like Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri or so. Whatever, the Sophia-Ri is similar to the Archibald family a famous and aristocratic family) teacher iirc. And Lord El-Melloi is a title. Kayneth was called a prodigy who was praised for his talent, which is why Kiritsugu thinks he is one of the first targets he has to eliminate(episode 1).

    Oh and the scenes with Caster where you only get to see some pillars(lol) are obviously cut and will be added later with the bluray release. Wanna know what Ryuunosuke did? Don’t read the rest of my comment if you don’t want to:

    He’s playing with the intestines(her stomach was cut open) of a girl to make her moan out of pain. She’s supposed to be a living instrument. And if you’re wondering why she’s not dead – Caster used some healing magic to make her not die/faint out of shock/blood loss whatever. Then Caster comes back and crushes her head out of rage.

  2. Aumanor says:

    Hmm… They didn’t show what exactly Ryuunosuke was doing with his vctim, probably deeming it too much even for this show. I think i smell additional contend for the blue-ray *sniiff*. Here’a a quick briefing: The loonys captured some girl, tied her to a cross, Caster loon cast some regeneration spells on her so that she would stay alive and CONSCIOUS, cut open her stomach and pulled out her intestines. Then Ryuunosuke alternately pokes the intestines with a tuning fork and presses them with his hand, marking points where her screams match notes of the musical scale, trying to make a human pipe organ. This is, of course, an utter failure- she doesn’t scream the same each time she’s touched in the same place. The narrator also mentions something about a failed attempt at making “human canopy”. I leave it to your imagination how that was supposed to work. OH, and have i mentionned that Caster’s magic prevents her from numbing, so she FEELS ALL THE PAIN, NO MATTER HOW LONG IT LASTS? Such jolly fellows those two are. By the way, with this chapter we’ve entered the second(of four) volume of the light novel, The Mad Feast of Kings.

  3. Aumanor says:

    Damn ninjas…

  4. AstroNerdBoy says:

    That’s nasty, but it does explain how Caster’s hand became bloodied. *_*

  5. evgenidb says:

    We also saw Gilgamesh in civilian attire in the previous Fate anime.

    Also, Emiya can’t check if the Kayneth died in the explosion or not. Collapsed tall buildings leave too much debris… when they collapse. So, unless he wants to spend the whole night (and probably even longer) to search for one corpse and really draw a ton of unwanted attention, he can’t go and search. In my opinion, the best he can do is to hope for the best and to monitor the area to see if Kayneth has survived or not. Of course, there might be another reason, but since I haven’t played the game, nor read the books, I don’t really know – this is just my wild, but still educated guess!

  6. AstroNerdBoy says:

    We also saw Gilgamesh in civilian attire in the previous Fate anime.

    I didn’t remember that.

    Also, Emiya can’t check if the Kayneth died in the explosion or not. Collapsed tall buildings leave too much debris… when they collapse. So, unless he wants to spend the whole night (and probably even longer) to search for one corpse and really draw a ton of unwanted attention, he can’t go and search. In my opinion, the best he can do is to hope for the best and to monitor the area to see if Kayneth has survived or not

    Well, that does make sense under normal circumstances. With magic being in the picture, I wondered if he might have some other means of checking.

  7. evgenidb says:

    He could have checked with magic (in case he knows how!), but that would mean exposing his magic to others as well as exposing himself – it’s open space after all and a lot of people are there – anyone could be an enemy and attack him. It’s unlikely but I don’t think Emiya is someone who’ll willingly take risks unless he has to.

    Also, someone from the bystanders might notice that he is using magic, which is also not good. The bystander won’t know exactly what he/she saw, but in this case Emiya would definitely draw too much attention to him as well as the possibility of ending in the news.

    P.S. Also, I liked how the building went down. So realistic with those chain explosions and not in just one go, like usual. It seems some nice amount of research went into “how to blast a building” part.

    Although I still wonder how Emiya managed to sneak them inside and place them. And why didn’t he place them in the bottom floors of the building?

    P.S.2. (Off-topic!) Just went to the Commie site and found this: http://commiesubs.com/skyrim/
    And the music reminded me of this Flash animation:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9eGtyqz4gY

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