Over 2-million Served and Counting ^_^

Hey everyone.  Just got informed earlier that the blog has now received over 2-million unique visitors since its inception. Wow.  It seems hard to believe, but all of you great visitors keep coming. So, I guess I need to keep busy and make sure I get another 2-million, eh? ^_^

Anyway, thanks to everyone for coming by and participating with the blog. Hopefully, you guys won’t forget me when the 2nd round starts in the Aniblog Tourney. ^_~

Cardcaptor Sakura
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7 Responses to “Over 2-million Served and Counting ^_^”

  1. DeltaResilience says:

    Congrats! And lol Cardcaptor. Now I feel like reading that.

  2. evgenidb says:

    Congrats! Long LIVE ANB Blog! x3 (And ANB too!)

    Look, ANB, the whole Galaxy is celebrating this Entertaining Epic Event (E3 for short): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07M3waPg6DU

  3. Farray says:

    So as I pray… Unlimited Visitor Works. Well then, congrats, Astro. 🙂

    • evgenidb says:

      Better not: it will fry the server where the ANB Blog is and then… no more ANB Blog.

      I.E. Power… I mean visitors! UNLIMITED Visitors!!! (And server flambe.)

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Heh! Well, Blogger SHOULD easily be able to handle it. Should I move it to my own domain, well, that might be a different story.

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