Genshiken Nidaime Manga Chapter 82 Review

げんしけん: 二代目
Genshiken Nidaime Chapter 82 review

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis:

Genshiken Nidaime 82Rika wishes a slightly late happy birthday to Yajima and are discussing the recent school festival, where Rika enjoyed being able to legally drink, leading she and her friends to shout that they wished they had male sexual organs. Rika thinks it is natural for female yaoi readers to ponder having one, and she envies Kenji for living the dream, as it were. With that, Rika decides it is time to start engaging him in “fastball” talk in order to be honest with each other, especially now that they’ve been in college for six months are are reasonably close.  Of course, Rika only wants to ask perverted stuff of Kenji.

Yajima finds a small device on the clubroom table which Rika believes is an enemagra, used for prostate manipulation. Yajima drops it and is upset that she may have been holding something that was inside someone’s rectum. After washing her hands, Rika and Yajima talk about why that thing was there. Since only men have prostate glands, the suspects are Kuchiki, Madarame, and Kenji. Since Rika doesn’t want to think about Kuchiki using it and Madarame doesn’t come by that often, that leaves Kenji, who just happens to show up in drag and a short wig.

The three head to the club room as Rika decides this is an opportunity though Yajima doesn’t want to go there. Inside the club room, both girls are surprised when Kenji has a gift bag for Yajima for her birthday and apologizes for being late with it. Rika also has a present for Yajima, which is a sanada-himo ribbon. Kenji’s gift is a set containing facial cleaner, perfume, and lotion, all of which Kenji as tried.

This causes Yajima to think to the present her friend Mimasaka gave her at the festival, which was manga artist materials. That night at Yajima’s apartment, Mimasaka is staying the night and they discuss Yajima having seen Kenji naked. Mimasaka thinks that this means Yajima has to take responsibility and marry “Hato-kun,” but Yajima doesn’t want  to think about it.

Yajima then recalls her conversation with Rika from moments earlier about the device and what some men would use it for. As such, Yajima contemplates becoming a man, marrying Kenji as a girl, but then that wouldn’t be BL because Yajima isn’t going to grow a member.  Rika is about to wind up for her fastball question regarding the enemagra, but Yajima punches Rika. Instead, Yajima asks Kenji to put the device away. Kenji is puzzled and wants to know where to put it away. Since it is not his and he doesn’t know what it is, Yajima and Rika are at a loss.

Ohno comes in with Sue, both in Monster Hunter cosplay, and Ohno is happy to see the device on the table. Picking it up, she hands it to Sue, who installs it into Ohno’s costume, as it is an underpinning used in cosplay. Now properly repaired, Ohno says that she and Sue are having a photo shoot in a nearby wooded area and invites them to come over if they want. Once gone, Yajima uses the legendary strong ribbon present of Rika’s to beat Rika for causing this mess. Yajima asks Kenji when his birthday is, which happened to be September. Rika suggests she and Yajima buy Kenji a gift, leading Yajima to beat Rika again.


Well, this wasn’t a chapter that I cared for that much on a personal level, but stepping back a bit, it is a chapter where the three newbies do manage to hold their own.

The humor vehicle of misunderstandings is a fairly common one, but it is used effectively in this chapter to carry the story.  I didn’t laugh, but then that’s because there wasn’t anything funny for me as I just didn’t care for the whole subject matter of an enema plug that was in fact a piece of Ohno’s outfit to keep her top secured.

Rika is such a colossal pervert. After all, she sees a cosplay item and just immediately assumes it is some sort of sex toy. Also, her getting drunk at the festival and screaming with her high school friends that she wants to grow a wiener just goes to show not only how much of a pervert she is, but she’s also shameless.

In conversations about Genshiken Nidaime, someone mentioned to me that they thought that Yajima might have a thing for Kenji (it may have been comments on the blog, but I haven’t looked to find out for sure). At the time, I didn’t think Yajima really had any special feelings for Kenji beyond a certain level of sexual stirrings at seeing Kenji’s naughty bits. However, in this chapter, we see Yajima imagining herself as a man in a tuxedo marrying Kenji in a wedding dress. That strongly suggests that at some level, she is attracted to Kenji at the level that had been mentioned to me.  I don’t know if that will go anywhere or not, but we’ll see.

I wish we could have seen more of Sue in her cosplay outfit. the one side image of her was quite adorable, and I would have liked to have seen more. Unfortunately, the splash page with Sue back at the festival was what we got. I would have preferred that to have been Sue in her cosplay from this chapter. Well, there are always other splash pages where Kio-sensei could indulge me.

This may not have been my chapter, but the second generation gang held up. Next chapter looks to be an Ohno chapter, so I’m looking forward to that. ^_^

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    You’re much more charitable than I would have been. (^_~)

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