A late “Happy Valentine’s Day” (and some housekeeping)

A late “Happy Valentine’s Day” (and some housekeeping)

Hi folks!

Happy Valentines Day for those of you with sweeties. Although I’m not in that crowd, I do appreciate things for those who are. 🙂

As a result, here’s a lovely image from Fate/Zero, showing Iri, Ilya, and Saber, all looking very lovely.

Fate/Zero Iri, Ilya, Saber Valentine

It made me remember an old Fate/stay night Valentine images featuring Ilya and Saber.

Fate/stay night Saber Ilya Valentine

I can’t wait for that series to continue.

On the housekeeping side of things, this week’s blog may be a bit light. I’ve got old office furniture being moved out this week and new office furniture being moved in, so the main PC will be offline for a few days. Plus, I still have to do some work getting the office ready for this furniture exchange, including clearing out the old desk. ^_^;

I will still keep an eye open for UQ Holder spoilers, and will have a UQ Holder chapter review out for sure. Everything else after that is icing on the cake. So thanks for your patience.

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4 Responses to “A late “Happy Valentine’s Day” (and some housekeeping)”

  1. cold_menthol says:

    Um, you meant Illya, right?

    Me too. Still 1.5 month to go..

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I’ve seen her name spelled as Ilya and Illya. I think I’ve used both over the course of blogging the Fate/stay night franchise, but for some reason, I went with Ilya and stuck with it.

      • cold_menthol says:

        Oh, that’s not what I meant. I’m aware of the difference between Illya and Ilya romanization. It’s just that you wrote “Iri and Saber”.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          Oh mean. *sigh* Thanks for the correction. This is why I’m not a published author. My mind thinks “Ilya” but for whatever reason, my fingers type “Iri” and there you go. ^_^;;;;

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