UQ Holder Chapter 107 Manga Review (The tough girl enters the harem!)

ユーキューホルダー! Manga Review
UQ Holder Chapter 107

SPOILER Summary/Synopsis: 

UQ Holder Chapter 107Both Karin and Touta pay separate visits to Yukihime’s office, but since she’s not there, both take the opportunity of their visits to partake of the box of chocolates on her desk.

A large number of guests arrive; Karin is frustrated that Touta is performing his job so flawlessly. Her continued focus on Touta is causing her to make mistakes. During her break, she irritatedly seeks out Touta, only to find him playing with the orphaned (youkai) children housed on site. Jinbee asks her to let Touta play as it helps him.

When Karin finally starts talking to him, Touta gushes on the good works they are doing, then seems to propose to Karin as he asks her to join him to help him in his goal to help the world. He tells Karin he loves her and needs her, causing Karin to become flustered. Under Touta’s enthusiastic verbal assault about his love for Karin, she blushes and tells him he doesn’t know her.

Mizore interrupts them to say she knows how to save the world, but Yukihime stops her. Yukihime wants to talk to both Karin and Touta as Touta does a shundou to her, embracing her while proclaiming his love and proposing to her. Yukihime gives him a beating for this, then tells Karin that the candies on her desk were actually a dangerous drug which causes the consumer to speak whatever is on their mind.


Man, talk about your plot contrivances. What the heck would Eva be doing with a box of chocolates on her desk that are actually a powerful drug to force the person who ate them to speak their mind? I would say that she set them out there on purpose as that’s the only reason to do it. Whether this would be to target Touta and/or Karin specifically, who knows. But that’s just looking for a reason for the chocolates to be out there when there is no reason for it.

That aside, the Karin x Touta ship is now setting sail. Funny enough, I could sail that ship. For starters, I’ve always liked Karin. She may be “Useless-senpai” in many ways, but she’s still adorable, and she can kick arse when she’s not being made to be worthless. Plus, Karin was rather cute with all of her blushes. She really is like Motoko from Love Hina in that regard.

UQ Holder Chapter 107

(As an aside, I wish her remark on Touta not knowing her was a cue to get more of her backstory, but I doubt that happens.)

On the other half of that equation is Super Touta. I’ve noted for a little while now that even though he’s still Super Touta, he doesn’t get on my nerves like he used to. I guess I just can’t hate a character who actually works hard and has a good work ethic. I can’t dislike a character that works so well with orphaned children. There have been countless times when Touta has been worthless, which is one of several ways that Touta and Karin are alike. So I think they’d be a good pairing.

As I predicted from the spoilers, Touta was in for a beating when he glommed onto Eva to proclaim his love there. So while Super Touta may not annoy and irritate me like before, I still enjoyed seeing him take a beating. 😀

Anyway, some final points I like to make.

  • Great to see the inn in action, even if for a bit.
  • Were some of the visitors tied to characters from Negima?
  • Kirie got flustered over Karin mentioning Touta. Heh!heh!
  • No Kuroumaru. Bummer

In the end, I liked the chapter despite the horrible contrivance to get us a Karin chapter of the harem saga. Bring on the next Karin chapter.

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43 Responses to “UQ Holder Chapter 107 Manga Review (The tough girl enters the harem!)”

  1. NML says:

    I really liked this chapter. Nice to see some focus on Karin.

    I assumed that the immortals are gathering at the inn for some reason, maybe a meeting for the different branches of UQ Holder, and Eva had the chocolates to offer people so no one would keep anything from her.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I suspect the Senkyoukan is perfect for residents from Inverse Mars as well as youkai/mazoku types and other immortals due to the fact that the inn is run by those same kind of beings and thus caters to them in a way that a regular hotel, even a luxury one run by humans, could not. I’m glad to see a taste of the inn in action. I wish we’d learn more about how it got started.

  2. Dhdhd says:

    Thus chapter confirm that Touta is still very much in love with Eva and still want to marry her.

    Mother ship so strong!!!

    But this chapter is annoying in this suki/like/love japanese thing. All of Touta speech to Karin can be interpretate as just a friendly one or a loving one by changing one word love and like. Also it seems like Karin has nothing honest to say? Really?

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Also it seems like Karin has nothing honest to say? Really?

      The honesty comes from her obsessing over Touta. 😉

  3. sanchi says:

    Ditto. Good chapter. First frame should add some points for fan service. Very much liked Karin’s expression when Tōta gets pounded by Yuki. In fact all of her reactions. Tōta is connecting with each of the girls in different ways, and too, we begin to see more of Tōta’s character and motives. Mizore seems to always be in the background just at the right time.

    But there is some intrigue here — as Astro pointed out, who was the candy for? Obviously for now Yuki knew exactly what was inside it, and left it opened on her desk, on a separate plate, and only two were taken out of the box, as if prompting anyone or expecting particular persons walking in would try it.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Mizore seems to always be in the background just at the right time.

      Yes, she’s certainly keeping Touta in sight. I like the fact that though she’s chosen Touta as her husband, she doesn’t get jealous when he’s around other girls. That’s really refreshing.

      I’m really hoping she takes Touta home to meet Ayaka and Chachamaru.

  4. Mattcgw says:

    So apparently Karin has one of Eva’s shirts. Would seem likely that Eva wouldn’t stay the night. Wonder if the drugs are used as a dominantrix persona for Eva, it does fit the stereotype.

    It would also seem that Emily and Beatrix got married and had two children, is it subtle or does the editorial not care?!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      So apparently Karin has one of Eva’s shirts.

      That’s not one of Eva’s shirts. It is part of her Japanese-style maid outfit. Karin wears a kind of kimono with an apron over it. Under it, she wears a hadajuban. 🙂

      It would also seem that Emily and Beatrix got married and had two children, is it subtle or does the editorial not care?!

      What, together? Two women cannot produce offspring as that is a scientific, biological impossibility. 😉

      I won’t discount the possibility of clones though.

      • mattcgw says:

        We have laws of thermodynamics being broken as a requirement to be strong and a space elevator in Japan, despite physics dictating that it should be at the equator as well as hundreds of magical species like Yatagarasu performing biochemical marvels as apart of puberty, along with 80 years of magically accelerated development; I’m certain more options have been made.

  5. sanchi says:

    The two images – I first thought of Albireo Imma who could have sent Eva that candy and wanting Eva to react as such, and the other is a older Jack Rakan with a beard. Maybe it’s just drawn similar — his nose is what caught me, but different hair, beard…dunno…

    Anyone seen/read the short 34 chapter off-shoot called Negia!? Neo? I’m wondering if it was Akamatsu or someone else.

    • sanchi says:

      Negima!? Neo – bad typo

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I think Akamatsu-sensei’s limited character designs are coming to play here. 🙁

      Anyone seen/read the short 34 chapter off-shoot called Negia!? Neo?

      Negima!? Neo was not illustrated by Akamatsu-sensei, but I think he may have written it. I’m not sure though.

      • OverMaster says:

        Akamatsu was credited as the writer, but he probably just supplied the overall plotting– the pacing, scripting and overall writing seemed ‘off’ compared to his usual style. I suspect the artist did most of the actual writing from the general guidelines Akamatsu gave.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          I think that’s generally how these types of manga are done. Usually, I see them with light novel authors being credited as the writer of a manga. So I can see them (Akamatsu-sensei in this specific case) doing what you stated, but the illustrator does the final version along with the manga magazine editor.

  6. LoneWolfx03 says:

    Deja vu again… The chocolate induced with drugs. Except in Negima, it’s a love potion. Unlike Asuna who ate it and can still withstand it (Karin might withstand it?), KONOE Konoka blurted out directly. (Just like Touta :’D )

    Deja vu… deja vu…

  7. Clyde says:

    Drug chocolates ?
    Looks like a Nisekoi chapter to me…lol

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      I haven’t read it since I did that look-see review. Was there such a chapter in Nisekoi?

      • Clyde says:

        Chapter 99–> Weakening Candy.
        Chapter 111->Love gummy.

        It starts in a room with “Oh? What is this? It Looks delicious!”, then “Oh sh***!”.

        But why were there 2 chocolates out of their box anyway ?

  8. exof954 says:

    Kirie’s still best girl.. but if nothing else, this mini-arc will be entertaining.
    On another note… it was only for a panel or two, but Mizore did start talking about “how to save the world” and such before Yukihime stopped her. Admittedly, it’s probably just a false tease, but we now know she at least THINKS she has the answers to the Negi dilemma.
    But… sigh. Like I said, at least this mini-arc will be entertaining.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Regarding Mizore, I noticed that as well and the convenience of Eva showing up to shut her up. Considering how Akamatsu-sensei has been of late, it may be a false tease, but there’s a part of me that hopes it isn’t. After all, Ayaka is still alive, as is Chachamaru, and they are no doubt still working on whatever Negi wanted.

  9. Setsuyume Edenfault says:

    That’s interesting!

    1- The mercenary of Canis Niger, Chikotan… ahem, Alexander LOL

    2- The girls from Ariadne! The school nurse who treated Yue, Emily and the black haired girl whose name I forgot! But wait a moment! Isn’t Blackie a human? At least she looks like one… Negima happened around 2003, and UQH is set in 2086, no way a human would still be young! Emily obviously belongs to a different race, but what’s Blackie’s?

    3- Yeah, no reason for the chocolates whatsoever LOL

  10. sanchi says:

    I’m hoping that the Konoe twins/clones? has finally arrived from the tower too, and has yet to be revealed, and are hidden in the crowd of girls in school uniforms registering at the Inn.

    Another guess is the guests are arriving could be for the Mahora Tournament? As spectators or participants in the matches? That Inn as mentioned would cater to those involved with it and don’t fit well in a regular ‘human’ resort hotel or are staying away from being recognized, and Senkyokan can provide for their special needs. A possible reason for the drug candies too as a subtle way of finding or getting information. Seems Eva was smart to employ the Tōta team as workers, having the fore-sight of people staying there.

    I’m wondering if Tōta’s bill is growing with each time he gets pounded, and has to pay for the repairs?

    • sanchi says:

      If the twins are there — another ship to set sail too!

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      ’m hoping that the Konoe twins/clones?

      Yeah, who knows when they will come back into play.

      Another guess is the guests are arriving could be for the Mahora Tournament?

      Yeah, that’s possible. It did look like at least one, maybe two school trips were at the inn.

      I’m wondering if Tōta’s bill is growing with each time he gets pounded, and has to pay for the repairs?

      That’s another element that seems to have gotten lost.

  11. Aki says:

    Possibly chocolate for Negi to get him to reveal his true love

  12. OutOfCuriosity says:

    Hello everybody ! I check these topics about UQ Holder from time to time to see in which direction the serie is going (I actually don’t read the scans) but today I would like to know your opinion. Since UQ Holder is obviously becoming harem-tagged (I actually find this expression very disturbing), do you think that we will have an open ending in terms of romance, as we did with Negima ?
    I can’t deny it would make me very frustratred. I’m one of these people who need a precise conclusion made by the author, especially when it comes to romance. I know that it enables the fan-base to create his own stories, but I don’t find it satisfying at all.

    I’m asking you because I have only read two series of “harem” mangas (both by Akamatsu, but at least Love Hina had a true love story) so I thought you would be more reliable than me to guess how the plot would evolve.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      …do you think that we will have an open ending in terms of romance, as we did with Negima ?

      In harem titles, going the open ended route is usually considered safest if no specific partner was in mind from the start.

      • OutOfCuriosity says:

        Ok, thanks.

        • AstroNerdBoy says:

          You’re welcome. Mind you, I prefer it when they actually pick a partner. I only know of one series where the harem end actually works for the big picture of the universe it is told in, and that’s Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki!.

  13. Neo says:

    Actually to be honest, before all this harem business went into full gear, I was pretty much waiting for this ship to happen. XD

    Ever since Karin and Eva’s conversation in the very beginning about immortality, I was like, “Okay…? Besides talking about how powerful Touta’s immortality is, what are you trying to imply Eva? Only Touta and Karin surviving…yeah, totally just fillers right? :V” Lol.

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      Heh! I hear ya. And yeah, I’m with you expecting the Karin x Touta ship for a while. Hints of it have been around for a while, but this is where it should set sail.

  14. SteT says:

    Regarding inn’s guests, I think that two of them are Beatrix and her ojousama, not son or other kind of relatives:

    Negima V23 Ch 211 Pg 3
    UQ Holder Ch 107 pg 4

    • AstroNerdBoy says:

      The links you used had to be removed.

      The problem with this being Bea is that she was human. As such, she should be very elderly, like Ayaka. So unless she somehow became immortal, I don’t see how it could be her.

  15. mattcgw says:

    As I thought akamatsu is to Germany, to the Leipzig Book Fair 2016, now how far from Berlin is it?

  16. cold_menthol says:

    Tied? I almost thought there is some kind of class reunion taking place there. lol.

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